We had an election Saturday……

I spent my day watching football both at the local stadium and on TeeVee.  That said I did peek at Channel 4’s election coverage and I was happy to see the citizens of Bucktown liberate themselves from the legislative idiocy of John Labruzzo in favor of Nick Lorusso.

Meantime the whoremonger Nunny lost to Jay Dardenne in a race that was closer than I thought it’d be.  As Mr NAAS remarked Nunny actually carried Orleans and Jefferson Parishes and that folks does not reflect well on the voters in greater NOLA as Nunny is a crooked self serving slob.

In Jefferson Parish Council races Mark Spears is in a runoff with Cedric Floyd.  Ben Zahn won outright over Skip “Wrinkled Robe” Hand and Walt Bennetti. Ricky Templett beat Michael O’Brien.  It will be interesting to see how the new faces fit onto a Parish Council at war with Parish President John Young.

Another race I followed though I did not blog on it was the St Tammany Assessor’s race.  Long time encumbent Patricia Core is in a runoff, no doubt due to the very unfavorable Lee Zurik reporting on her proclivities to live large on the taxpayer dime.  Her interview with Zurik was a disaster IMHO and frankly I’m surprised she wasn’t booted from office by the voters outright. Something tells me she’ll have a hard time increasing her level of electorial support over the next 3 weeks absent some really shit house double dealing.  I’ll be paying attention.

Finally Tara Hollis got trounced by Bobby Jindal.  Hollis was recently described in the news media as a “gutsy teacher from Claiborne Parish”. I was placed on her email list early and she leveraged the social media very well considering her campaign was on a shoestring.  I hope we have not heard the last of her.

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  1. Did we really have a honest election in District 4 or were the voting machines cooked as opined by Patricia.

    If I was Walt Bennetti I would be checking on those machines immediately if he has not already done so

    All I can say is the voting attitudes of Kenner did not correlate in Sat. election. What happened to all the Kenner voters that voted down the new Kenner taxes that Yenni and Ben Zahn endorsed and Walt Bennetti opposed..

    You would think a majority of those voters would have voted for Bennetti and against the tax and spent attitude of Zahn last Saturday.

    That's what makes me think that Patricia may be on to something here.

    As exposed on Slabbed many months ago the voting machines are stored on both the east and westbanks in warehouses owned and /or operated by ex- Jefferson parish employees. Furthermore, the westbank warehouse is grossly under assessed by the parish assessor's office.


    ‘Jingle Jangle’ Jindal is a FUCKING FRAUD, HYPOCRITE AND LIAR … BAR NONE … in all three categories he has no equal … putrid Pyush, ‘the ROADS SHYSTER’ …

    The majority of the few registered voters (only about a 34% turnout STATEWIDE) who actually go to the poll must have been driven there because their schizophrenic voting tendencies have made them the subject of a study on MASS STUPIDITY by political scientists across this country !!!

    Say what Nunny … Dardenne is a liberal ? … Then how do you feel about John 'The Man' Alario… one of the charter WestBank’s Soprano wannabes … the muscle man for the Jefferson Parish Politico Mafioso …

    Are all you teabagger’s choking on that cup of imported ‘Jingle Jangle’ Indian Kool-Aide yet … you say you’re tired of hearing about the whore-mongering of ‘Diaper’ Dave Vitter …I’m hoping so … maybe after you get that taste out of your mouths from throwing up, and clean your ears out, y’all might come to your senses and realize that there is no difference between Obama and Jindal or Pelosi and Vitter … all of whom should never have been elected to public office, Federal or State … all are amoral pure bred phonies … political parties do not define moral character to serve the public ..

    At least we know Booby believes in recycling … unfortunately it is this type ‘curve service’ that continues to cost the public … this waste should … What ? … what about River Birch and Alario ? They want a landfill next to the Capital …???


    “ … An Alario presidency would be politically significant, as it would align Jindal, who has built his reputation as a Republican reformer, with a former Democrat who served as House speaker under Gov. Edwin Edwards, a longtime GOP foil. Some Republicans, including U.S. Sen. David Vitter, have cast Alario, the longest serving member of the Legislature, as representative of the old-style Louisiana politics that Jindal has campaigned against. ”

    Senators: Gov. Bobby Jindal endorses John Alario for Senate president
    Published: Monday, October 24, 2011, 6:49 PM Updated: Monday, October 24, 2011, 7:02 PM
    By Bill Barrow, The Times-Picayune http://www.nola.com/politics/index.ssf/2011/10/se

    I AM TRULY EMBARRASSED FOR OUR STATE … and saddened for the state we find ourselves in …

    Without an all out push by the DOJ to seize and take control of the State and Local Governments, and proceed to prosecute these corruptive political gangs that have a stranglehold on the political process at every level here in the State of Louisiana we will remain smothered by their presence … and yes add our Federal Judiciary and US Atty, along with Senators Vitter and Landrieu …

  3. Man I can’t wait to read C.B. Forgotston's take his “ROADS Scholar” political faux pas … Gill should have fun with this too …

    And then there’s those ‘head in the sand’ conservative blogs around the state … up in arms about “The Deal” Jingle Jangle Jindal cut with THE Jefferson Parish Politico Mafioso’s enforcer, JOHN ‘The Man’ ALARIO …

    For example we read this from the Louisiana Hayride: http://thehayride.com/2011/10/the-deal-is-cut-on-

    “ … While Saturday’s elections generally represented strong progress for conservatives, particularly where BESE was concerned and in statewide races, the Senate was a disaster. The Senate is, if anything, worse than it was.

    Seeing this, the Jindal administration has chosen to get in bed with the hacks and seek to co-opt Alario rather than wall him off from the levers of power.

    It’s a colossal mistake, and it invalidates virtually everything Jindal has sold himself as. He can’t consider himself an agent of change in this state if Alario is his legislative right-hand man. All he’s doing is surrendering his soul in an effort to get more cooperation in the Senate.”


    “ … Because if the public stink of having an Edwards crony and old-time Louisiana political hack running the Senate after all the hard work done to remove that way of doing business doesn’t kill this deal, for the next four years we’ll see all the same backroom deals we’ve always seen – just with new folks handing out the goodies.”

    “ …Somebody needs to save Jindal from himself. Selling out to Alario is one of the stupidest things he could do, and he’s doing it.”

    May I be so bold as to say, ‘STUPID IS AS STUPID DOES’ …

    PACHYDERM TEABAGGERS !?!? … Hmmm … What? Indian elephants snorting Indian Kool-Aide …

    ROTFLMAO !!!

  4. 'Gate, tell us how you really feel.
    No, seriously, tell us how you really feel because that rant is about as "schizophrenic" as the political BS you are railing against. I think there are a significant amount of people that agree with your general dissatisfaction with the political establishment on all levels, but the dissatisfaction cannot be claimed by one pigeon hole or another. I think that is where the true 88% are getting it all wrong. It's not the Wall Street banker's or the Welfare recipient's or the Tea Partier's or the dues-paying union member's FAULT and yet it IS. It's OUR fault. Each and every one of us. We need solutions, not more blaming. There is some serious brain power reading and writing on these pages. Could we start to explore some solutions – at least every now and then, between or even while enjoying cocktails?

  5. Vonzipper: I have a solution . The DOJ needs to investigate and tie Senator Alario ( a Fast Eddy wolf guy in pachyderm clothing) to the state licensing permit for River Birch and get him to voluntarily retire his ass in lieu of prosecution.

    Because of Jindal's Jingle Jangle Dangle with the Shaw Group & sand berms, association with Nunguesser, with Alario and with the corrupt Road Home crap, I voted a dissenting vote on teacher Tara Hollis for governor. Just to let the camel jockey know his camel's so-called honest government crap stinks to high heaven.

    As far as his vice-presidency or presidency candidacy, who in their right mind could tolerate his verbal, on and on repeating himself ,tirades.Remember his BP infamous tirades.

  6. Sock: Agreed. How do we make that happen? What did the people of Bell do it?

    Lock: That would be nice, but I'm not holding my breath.

  7. Here's a suggestion..one I just did…write, email , or call your respective Louisiana State Senator ( the one who represents your respective Senatorial district in Baton Rouge), tell him or her that if they vote for Alario for State Senate President, their vote for such will ensure your lack of a vote for them in their next Senatorial race for reelection. (Are you listening State Senator of District 9…?)..

    There's nothing more precious to these Louisiana Legislators than getting themselves reelected..they would sell their wives, children, and grandmothers down the river to get themselves reelected…

    So, make sure they know that their vote for Alario for Senate President will start the process of getting them unseated from their comfy seats in the Senate Chamber. How will they make it out in the real world..no Louisiana taxpayer money to spend..oh, the horror of it all.

  8. Vonzippa and Sock : We first need a local wild ass, cell phone induced spontaneous mob with clown hats to appear outside the Yenni Council chambers and sing " Clowns to the left , jokers to the right, this government is a circus and its time to fight.." And of course put it on You Tube for the rest of the State to see including the news media. We could use a few good jugglers to juggle white balls with green $ signs painted with on them.

    I don't believe it violates any parish ordinances to wear hats into the Yenni Bldg either after the singing performance or is it President Young.

    Hey Chrissy "The Special Man" Roberts, hope you have a few coulaphobic nightmares thinking about the coming mob while sitting on your giant 4 G terlit at 5AM counting your stinky campaign deposits.

  9. vonzippa,

    Not this blog or any other blog could handle the simple truths of how I really feel …

    With that said, and moving on about Bell, Ca. … can anyone tell me what law enforcement agency that has jurisdiction over Jefferson Parish is going to work hand and hand with the taxpayers to remove these corrupt Politico Mafioso Thugs …

    The District Attorney of Jefferson Parish, Paul Connick, Jr. ? NO ! … the Louisiana Attorney General, Buddy Caldwell ? NO ! … the US ATTY for the EDLA, Jim Letten ? NO ?

    So I ask again … WHO … WHAT GOVERNMENT AGENCY is going to step up and help us ?

    If my utter frustration reads like a schizophenic rant … so be it …

  10. 'gate – I feel your frustration, and I believe the root of it is embedded in a lifelong belief in essential values of law, order, justice, righteousnes…. We see no resolution through "working within the system" and we are philosophicaly opposed to the "jungle rule" of revolution. Our institutions have become cancerous: the very organs of society we cannot remove and survive; have perversely grown wild and disfunctional – threatening our existance.
    Yes. I feel your pain!

  11. Kidd..you HIT THE NAIL ON THE HEAD…(ie: our institutions have become cancerous)…example..Governor's office, State Insurance Commissioner's office, State's Attorney General office, the Louisiana State Legislature, and locally, (& also just as extremely cancerous..) Paul Connick – J.P. District Attorney, Jefferson Parish Council, & our distinquished U.S. Attorney Eastern District – Mr. Letten…

    We are so screwed .

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