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  1. We know he was personally injured, we know he was on his own property when they wrongly took him to the temporary lockup. We know he was blocked from working & unable to practice law. We know in trying to defend others & himself he lost all his money which resulted in the loss of his house.

    We know he was involved in Katrina litigation & he was blocked there, we know he was blocked in his litigation on his families Batture Property.

    The question still goes unanswered, why were those involved never proscuted & may never be. We know others walking across a bridge to leave the city were wrongly killed, but the outcry led to the ones responsible being rightly punished. When will Ashton get his day?

    We know that the Local Flood Protection projects were not constructed, maintained or operated according to the dictates of the Assistant Secretary of the Army written laws, Engineering Regulations or Engineering Manuals. We know they are doing better, but they received a 17% raise for their screw-ups this past year. We know that they knew of erosion problems on the 17th St. Outfall Canal as evidenced by their letter to the Local Sponsor in 1987. We know there was never any follow-up and no surveys were taken until after Katrina, even thought they requested them on an annual basis. We know the law says after every major flow of high water, or a maximum of 90 days. Direct disregard for written orders from Higher Authority w/o anyone being fired, imprisoned or any formal punishment taking place. We know the pump stations were n ot in compliance. We know the vertical control used haphasardly by the COE was another major problem causing protection problems. We have the "As-built" drawings which show impossible deeds of dredging underwater for that dredging and with that supposed criteria, the dredging was accomplished right against the stability control line. With the knowledge of the anticipated erosion and no monitoring as required portions of the bank sloughed off & weaken the levee such that it failed and without the levee material the I-wall flood wall failed. This was also not in compliance with the Army as the maximum stick-up was set first at 8-ft then at 7-ft above the levee crown and made sure when the water load became to great the steel would fail.

    Then we have these same people taking the O'Dwyers batture property for others to use without proof of ownership, the locals backing that play as well as the state and again nothing done.

    When did a retired vet. tax paying citizen become an object of abuse without others being prosecuted for all of this?

    Ashton really needs a part three.

  2. Ok I speak without cussing. I spear with documents. I ask the right questions & you have the power to ignore. Why can't you be enough of a person to post my comment and let others know & decide the truth?

  3. "I tell ya folks Professor Bernofsky and his wife do some great things with the video medium."

    I agree, Sop. You KNOW Scruggs is going to call them now.

    Great presentation, Ashton. Somebody who can help you is going to see this. Let's hope they do help you.

  4. Any lawyers out there want the facts can either find it all themselves on the web or contact me and see if they have sufficient material to sue for malfeasence or criminal action against many involved not only in the Katrina mess but the miss appropiation of others property for others use that have no claim to that property or be able to sell portions to LP&L for construction of their river crossing tower.

  5. Well every time I post it gets reveiwed before it is allowed to be read. Then as a civil engineer that worked @ NOD for almost 40 yrs I was partially involved with many projects during that time. As a trainee engineer I worked on the LP&VHPP in the late 60's and since retiring & the Katrina event, I searched the records for compliance. This was done since I was asked to comment on the HPDC investigation. I found most if not all shortcomings of the COE & Local Sponsor & furnished Ashton with my findings. I also wrote to the news media, local officials, Washington & the FBI. However, all must have wanted this to go away and make the insurance companies pay for what the responsoble parties for this project did.

    Then I read the article on the Batture suit & speaking with Ashton also researched that. Again the non-compliance to law by the COE & state & llocal officials. The COE issued permits using outdated authority to many of the camps. They issued permits without proof of ownership citing that it was not their responsibility but take the ownership problem to court. Again permits by the locals & state were issued w/o title to the land, again in violation of law. Then after squating there for some time LP&L needed a site for their tower. Purchased land from the squatters again w/o a title search and paid in excess of $36,000 for the land to these folk. Would you like that done to you?? Perhaps Ashton had good reason to be mad Dambala.

  6. Wayne….who the fuck is "We"? "We", apparently, is pregnant with insight. I'd like to talk to "We".

    504-975-3922….I'm available to rap at your convenience.

  7. The "We" is me and all that did wrong, or covered it up, or do not want it exposed. I am away from my documents & phone, but will call when I can. Never to busy to talk with someone who wants knowledge.

  8. Ashton,

    the right thing to do … IS THE RIGHT THING …

    the truth is just that … THE TRUTH …



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