7 thoughts on “Mutt and Jiff make their court appearances.”

  1. Lee Zurik is not the second coming as the bloggers think on the TP website. There are many people in the MSM and bloggers, mainly, who have outed political corruption. Truth be told, Zurik has turned a blind eye to the whole cesspool of corruption in Jefferson Parish and the River Birch deal because he is friends with Fred Heebe. When he starts reporting on that, then, maybe he will deserve some praise and accolades.

  2. Val Bracy
    Val Bracy
    Val Bracy: The single mother heroine.
    Lee Zurik: the pampered prick suck-up.
    Truth will out.

  3. Dambala … now that BENNETT has made an appearance … we now know about the disappearance of ST. PIERRE :

    “In what Letten called a coincidence, Friday was also a big day for Mark St. Pierre, the Belle Chasse businessman who was convicted in May on 53 counts of public corruption, including for payments he received at New Orleans City Hall through a subcontract with Benetech. St. Pierre reported to a federal penitentiary in Fort Worth, Texas, to begin a 17-1/2 year sentence.”

    Aaron Bennett is to be sentenced Feb. 22 after bribery plea
    Published: Friday, October 14, 2011, 11:45 PM
    By David Hammer, The Times-Picayune http://www.nola.com/crime/index.ssf/2011/10/aaron

  4. Just looking at Dambala's TAZ site to look at the archives, but it looks like they're gone, which might have been a bloggerspot issue, and it's too bad, because somewhere in there there is a terrific mission statement [for lack of a better term]. He started posting on that site in September 2005, which says it all. This blog also to me seems inherently connected at its core to lessons from the hurricane. it is preferable to think that many have not lost the fire, unimaginable to think otherwise, isn't it? But someone has to keep it stoked, so thank you Dambala & SOP.

    As for Zurik – just my opinion but I think he has done much, much good for the city of New Orleans and tangentially JP and surrounding parishes. I cheer him on and I encourage all readers here to do so as well. If he has any connections social or otherwise to anyone involved in JP government or contracting then he would be right to remove himself. But he is not the only reporter at Ch. 8, Shaban and others could tackle what needs tackling. This problem of lack of JP, Tammany & Plaquemines reporting well predates Zurik on Ch. 4 or Ch. 8 and it goes across the media. It is not just a question of connections, it is just that the idea is Orleans is the center of everything – which, yes, it is. Dambala himself focuses on Orleans, and thank goodness. He is one guy – no corporate resources, little or no money – one guy and look what he has done, he has rambled through New Orleans corruption like Adrian Peterson in a scrimmage against the Tulane Greenie secondary. Just look at how much of what he does is just "out there" also, I can remember him drilling through the LLC maze just to show the circuitousness of the Meffert scams. And Zurik does more than enough on his part in Orleans, and he sure as hell nailed Jiffy in Plaq. And Woltering and Zurik have also gone into St Tammany – Patricia Schwarz Core would generate a flow of info by herself if anyone were so inclined (gold Gerry, gold I tellya), but do we dare say SOP has no interest in St Tammany or that he has a conflict? Hell freakin' no, the man has got tons on his plate and I am sure we are all thankful he has hit JP, Orleans and Plaq, not to mention MS north and south, the financial, insurance, legal and media worlds, and now travel (!), not to mention dealing with life itself. I mean come on. It's a team effort, or should be. Shaban shows little interest, so I can best hope that Perlstein gets into it. JP just seems like such a rich mine that we all have a great big "WTH" with arms held wide open, a huge question mark over our heads.

    But you know what, the possibility exists that people in Orleans tune in more. Look at the JP "elections", take a good hard honest look. Roberts, unopposed. LaGasse, basically writing checks for millions to the JPAS behemoth, unopposed to be Councilman AT LARGE 2. The Harahan rep, Johnston, installed after several withdrew. The Kenenr and west bank races are scarey in what I fear might happen. I mean, god bless Val Bracey, and I mean that, I think readers here would build a shrine to St. Val, seriously, but did her ratings go up? Who knows. The press societies did not recognize her work. Edwin Edwards was HOSTED by The Press Club Of New Orleans, led (chaired?) by the very hot Jennifer Hale. The press LOVES these miscreants. What gets better ratings – Edwin Edwards serving cocktails with his hot young babe of his wife at Molly's On The Market or Val Bracey drilling Aaron Broussard into a spider hole 6 feet deep? Are people in JP watching? Do they even care? On the other hand, the ethics, teh morals of doing what is right in this life compels those who have the power, the capability to report what is going on in government. Joe Caldarera gets $38 MILLION for a 1,000 seat (unneeded in the first place) ugly piece of construction which is still not nearly finished and will *any* tv station, even ONE, ask Elton Lagasse about it? Who's taking bets on that? I just thank Dambala and SOP, again, for at least trying to do what is right, what is good, what is decent in this life, because as to all the others, in the end, someone somewhere will ask, "Well what did you do?"

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