15 thoughts on “From the reader mailbag: An old fool endorses the whoremonger”

  1. I actually have some news to share on the the Freelands that got lost in the shuffle last week. No word yet on when the appeal to the circuit court will be heard as I have not checked.


  2. He can't SIMMERDOWNNOW cause he's riding high on Viagra or its relatives and not getting any sleep at night which over time causes euphoric, delusional conclusions. Dr.Drew please help Mr. Gras come down in the Big Easy.

  3. Two things here, Billy is in the pocket of B.P. and B.P. must to have really f-ed up the Gulf big time. tight, wasn't it Billy who repeatedly said step up to the plate? No doubt he would know a lot bout that.With the Gulf's seafood all screwed up Billy wanted to dunk Toney's head in the oily water he wasn't mad just hungry. It was more like shrimp in butter.

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