Luckily for everyone while I’ve been out Dambala has been on fire over at American Zombie

While I’ve been away for a few days Jason over at American Zombie has been on fire with the latest news that Aaron Bennett is helping Team Fed. Also of great interest is his work on the oil spill’s impacts here on the Mississippi Gulf Coast that qualifies as a must read.  Our politicians here in Mississippi have been in bed with BP since the beginning, especially current gubernatorial candidate Phil “Phildo” Bryant, who has consistently downplayed the deleterious environmental impacts of the spill beginning with his now infamous lawn mower fumes remark last summer that was beyond ignorant.

Finally Jason’s post on John Georges property tax assessment in Kenner is the part of a story line that has not yet been fully developed. The general subject of Lawrence Chehardy era sweetheart property tax assessments in Jefferson Parish for the politically connected is a rich topic IMHO. Let’s take things a step further as I think industrial zoned properties, especially along the Mississippi River, would be where the big money is.

One naturally wonders how much lower taxation would be in Jefferson Parish if everyone paid their fair share.


5 thoughts on “Luckily for everyone while I’ve been out Dambala has been on fire over at American Zombie”


    Did anyone else see Young on TV speaking about Avondale becoming a container terminal in 2013 when the last ship will sail from Avondale.

    And who owns the major container storage property in NOLA. HINT: He was the most consistent lucrative campaign friend of Sheriff Lee and his son is currently running for the Jefferson Council against Ricky Templet.

    Sound a little like the genesis of another River Birch deal. But according to Boy Genius and Interim Council Clown Thomas we don't need the Inspector General cause all the bad guys and political backroom deals have all left government.

    Hello, Mr.Thomas- whoever said all of them were in Parish government.

  2. They called it Mousse and tried to make it sound yummy. Maybe Phildo needs to set an example and eat a few tar patties for us to prove there is nothing to worry about.

    You stay on this oil spill because it is down to you, Drake and the Press Register providing the last honest coverage of the environmental problems we still face.


  3. Maybe not. I think the tide is starting to shift. Sometimes it takes people a while to see through the bullshit but I think eventually the truth comes out. I see a lot of movement on my side to encourage that.

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