Laissez les coups bas continuent: Jiff takes another powder.

You just knew instinctively something else was going on here folks so I’ll toot my own horn a wee bit:

The possibilities here are delicious IMA as this entire Plaquemines Parish deal is rife with backstabbing potential.

So what do we now know besides the fact Jiff took a power and copped an early plea?

  1. He wore a wire on Aaron Bennett.
  2. If it is true that Aaron Bennett will be charged later via Bill of Information he too has taken a plea deal.
  3. This whole deal leads to Washington DC.
  4. Billy Nungesser is so fucked.

I would encourage Lee Zurick to keep digging. For my part I have been digging on former Jackson City Councilman Chip Reno who now heads the Talon Group, lobbyists that came up during Mark St Pierre’s trial.  Chip’s peeps populate the Phildo Bryant Campaign as I now openly wonder if former Thad Cochran staffer Ann Copeland took favors from more folks than Jack Abramoff.  This is fertile ground here in Mississippi too folks.

There are forces at work to white wash this whole deal as we speak. Thank goodness DoJ DC is running the show.


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  1. What is going on with the Camsoft case in Baton Rouge? If any case has opened up a can of worms it is the crime camera corruption scandal. Any new motions or info that Slabbed can share?

    1. There is stuff going on in the Camsoft suit and no I am not at liberty to share at this time. That said there are several motions that have been placed under seal and Slabbed is 100% against the use of seals as contrary to good public policy. All the dawgs need to be held accountable especially those that bedded down with those infested with fleas.


  2. Hey, but at least Paul Connick would still hire Joan Benge as an ADA. Then she would only have to wait 5 years in the DA's office before Paul anoints her again and her husband buys her back her robe.

  3. Hey Pres, maybe you can help me ?

    I'm looking to find out some info re Aaron Bennett:

    1) Where was he born, raised, schools, and so on

    2) Who is his Jefferson Parish contacts. I read that he had two Jefferson Parish contracts within the last 2 years. I saw the name Sisung mentioned relating to his bankruptcy.

    Hope to see some info soon.


  4. Benetech's current address is 2530 Lexington Avenue, Kenner, LA. 70062 and the phone number is 504-365-1119. Google that phone number and addresse and see who may be vying for the Benetech government contract sweepstakes.

  5. i wonder if aaron bennett is just some kind of bagman/patsy. he does not seem very bright at all. if you go back and look at bennett’s bankruptcy filing from 2001 you will see the first creditor on the list (i think it was $2 or $300k) says sisung #2 Cabak st 70130. you can assume it was a typo for Canal street as the lawyer, lightfoot is infamous for typos. bennett was a nobody pre-katrina then the guy started getting millions in public contracts after the hurricane. when i look at the guy i just think he was a small time grifter who someone used as a front.

  6. Pasted from Benetech’s web-site, in part:


    We pursue excellence with transparent integrity.

    We build client-centered teams focused upon best practices.

    We listen carefully.

    We plan effectively.

    We execute efficiently.

    Service Disabled Veteran Owned Business


  7. Jr : Did you just say Lightfoot was Bennett's bankruptcy attorney and that there was a possibility of another typo ?

    If that is true someone needs to investigate to see how accurate was the entire Aaron Bennett bankruptcy filing.Claude Lightfoot is already walking over burning coals before the La. Supreme Court and if the Disciplinary Board finds one more bankruptcy fraud Lightfoot gonna' definitely have a Hotfoot.

  8. lightfoot was bennets bankruptcy attorney. there was a typo regarding sisung's address. sisung had/has an office at 2 canal st, the world trade center, the same building sisung attempted to buy in some kind of scam if my memory is correct. anyhow, sisung was owed a few hundred thousand by bennett. the typo was "canak st" instead of "canal" not a big deal. but it was interesting to me that bennett owed sisung a great deal of money at one time.

  9. taking a few shots in the dark if i may. it is interesting to me that Camp Dresser & McKee was involved w/benetech in different projects. CDM sued benetch on an USACE contract they were in together where benetech ripped off CDM. hingle apparently got benetech to skim some money from CDM in the plaqumines jail deal. going back in time, one of sisung's partners in the wtc deal was a CDM vp, gilbert jackson. gilbert ended up doing time related to pay for play in cleveland. sisung was invested in the precursor to benetech. i am not insinuating anything, it just makes me wonder what, if any, current relationship sisung has to bennett.

  10. A Larry Sistung connection sure would make the Feds very happy "Campers" and he certainly has had his share of controversial partnerships over the last 20 years.

  11. Jr: That's exactly my point . The Bennett bankruptcy case file needs to be retrieved from the Dallas-Forth Worth U.S. Bankruptcy achieves and the Wash. D.C. investigators need to do a microscopic exam of the filing revealing the financial arrangement with Sisung,especially since we already have at least one known "classic" Claude Lightfoot typo.

    There maybe lots of other so called Lightfoot sympathetic "errors" in the case file. Lightfoot remember said because Ms.Porteous cried he did them a favor and did intentionally and fraudulently misspell their names on their bankruptcy petition to save them alleged embarrassment.

    Gee, I hope the Louisiana Disciplinary Board is also reading this.

  12. Jr: If you have a copy of the Bennett bankruptcy upon which you have commented about the Canal st. typo by Claude Lightfoot how about sharing it with the Slabbed Nation, Sop and other commenters who may have a personal knowledge of Sisung's past financial wheeling and dealing.

  13. The Aaron Bennett/US Attorney cooperation plan has already landed some future indictments and the Hammer lays is down with this article and several previous ones involving the Louisiana Office of Community Development and the Elevation Grant Scandal. This also has ties to American Zombie's enemy #1 Bob Ellis but expect indictments to come down against Courage Idusyui, Kurt Wilshire, and possibly the man at the top Paul Rainwater.
    Oh by the way in case you are wondering Coastal Shoring's attorney is none other than Aaron Broussard who is also "rumored" to be a secret investor in Coastal Shoring.

    One other sure thing is that former Coastal Shoring sales manager has given the Feds the dirty secrets on the entire scandal which with Bennett's cooperation will only lead to many more indictments unless the Feds disappoint everyone again by only going after the trophy mounts while leaving the other corrupt contractors, beaurcrats, and politicians alone. Let's hope the Times Picayune's editorial this morning puts pressure on the US Attorney to go after EVERYONE involved and not this selected prosecution we have witnessed in the past criminal investigations.

    It is clear the Times Picayune is putting pressure on the US Attorneys office to go after everyone involved.

  14. To gpisafelon: I'm not convinced of your allegation and in fairness to Mr.Peterson until more information is posted I will be a doubting Thomas and will not believe he is a felon.

    Further in absolute fairness what are the criminal records and sleazy deals of all the other candidates.

    In my mind Mr.Peterson is still unqualified until he apologizes to the CFGG and renounces and stops his clownish , pro attitude toward the existing, excessive campaign funding of the Council, especially Chris "The Special Man" Roberts.

  15. ——Original Message——
    From: George Peterson
    Subject: RE: George A. Peterson is a CONVICTED FELON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Sent: Oct 8, 2011 10:11 AM

    As we all know, when you're doing a great thing, there will always be others trying to pull you down. As early voting starts this weekend, and election day is in two weeks, an "anonymous" person starts sending out sound bytes and false information about me being a convicted felon. This is typical political-slandering nonsense. I would not be eligible to vote, run for office or own my own gun shop if this was so. Did I have a colorful past? Yes. Is it relevant to my campaign and what I would like to do for Jefferson Parish? Actually, yes. Let me tell you why. I am the only candidate who can relate to our number one issue, violent crime which is mostly correlated with drug use. Since my opponent would bring up events that happened over 20 years ago, I am more than blessed to share my past, present and future. After you have read my message, feel free to email me and ask any questions. I am not ashamed of my past because it has taken everyday and every experience of my life to make me the person that I am today. With God's grace and the 12 Step Recovery program, I have been a sober, useful member of society for many, many years, contributing to the betterment of the community where I live. I am a business owner and a civic leader in Jefferson Parish. As Vice President of the S1 Civic Group of West Jefferson, I have been a voice for the community to stand up to politically connected land developers; to exposed self-serving corrupt politicians who would serve themselves and their cronies instead of the constituents they represent. I have worked with various parish departments to protect and enhance the Quality of Life of the citizens in the community. I have worked with Public Works on water projects and drainage; Streets Dept, Recreation, Code Enforcement and Law Enforcement. Instead of "Preparing All My Life" to be something, I have actually accomplished many projects that I have helped people in Jefferson Parish. One of the most important planks of my platform is to introduce drug intervention programs into the neighborhoods that suffer from violent crime and drug abuse. My own experience can attest to the success of the 12 Step programs and the ability to recover and rebuild lives in these distressed neighborhoods. We can introduce these programs at no cost to the tax payers and use the community centers or churches to hold the meetings. In addition to this, as councilman, I am ready to go to work to be a presence in the district as a community leader to give a positive image as to what a councilman would do to actually help to recover and rebuild our community that has been sorely neglected by the elected officials for many years. My experience as a business owner, a civic leader and a person who has recovered and rebuilt his own life will give the 3rd District of Jefferson Parish a unique opportunity to grow, to build and to recover. I am ready to stand shoulder to shoulder with the citizens of the 3rd District and to be there when times are hard to help them through the terrible tragedies and to make our community a better, safer place to raise a family and build a business. I am ready to work hard to make the citizens of Jefferson Parish proud of their Parish Council and their government once again. Thank you for hearing my story. As my opposition will finish the next two weeks in a smear campaign, I will only focus on the issues that matter to our community and improving our quality of life in Jefferson Parish. Humbly, George A. Peterson
    Sent from my Verizon Wireless BlackBerry

  16. I don't believe we will be honored with Council Clown Want – to – Be,Mr.Peterson's, presence or anti – CFGG comments at the next Council meeting, as between campaigning and sniffing dump odors he seems to be on the go and might be overwhelmed.

    If he does show I'm sure people will be wondering if his PAST drug habit or close proximity to several dumps has affected his CURRENT acuity of smell just as many chronic rock concert goers are now deaf.

    Where there are hearing aids for the rockers i don't believe there are nose aids – Oh wait ,how about some BREATHE- RIGHT strips to help Mr.Peterson more accurately sniff out those most offensive dump odors.

    Hey, i think i might bring a box to the next Council meeting for him to try. Meanwhile, I would encourage Mr.Peterson to continue his regular facial tanning sessions and his advanced ebonic classes as he campaigns in Da District 3 HOOD.

  17. Wow… This site is just getting slanderous by the day. District 3 being a minority district by law and telling Mr. Peterson to "advance his ebonic classes" is a slap in the face to the community. In the words of one of the current councilman "lockemuptight is getting old and should get over themselves" lol… Sadly, I agree.

    Mr. Peterson, in comparison to Cedric "old news" Floyd, Donald "didnt do much" Jones, and Mark "whatever byron lee tells me to do" Spears, you are a candidate who will actually get things accomplished. Our office which I can not disclose commend you for what you have done in Waggaman and have an overwhelming support. Sometimes you say some off the wall things now but looking at your accomplishments, bravo. Ill take your actions of change over your words lol. More importantly, because of your past, you are more qualified then any other candidate to help District 3 because you can relate more to those in need of recovery, those who are trying to establish their businesses and those who won't change after 20 years of the same. FYI, every time gpisafelon makes a post, for some reason you get more supporters lol… Trust.. That foolishness make the opponents seem desperate, and for once, the people see that. Unfortunately, due to the new map, I can't vote for you, however, most of the office as well as my family can and have done so Saturday morning.

    Kudos to you and stay strong. At the end of the day, people like gpisafelon and others envy you and will only respond with lack of intellect. Believe me, all of us here are awaiting the response to this post.

    To Lockemuptight, in all fairness, you have valid points and I enjoy your post but some days you seem to wake up in a mood to attack versus talking to individuals maturely.

    And to everyone else, being in District 1, I am unsure if I should vote for Ricky Templet or Michael O'Brien? I'm leaning towards O'brien. Any factual reasons not to vote for one of them or factual reasons to vote for one of them? Maybe you can help me Lockemuptight…

    1. Well no one replied Jon so I guess I will.

      A slap in the face of District 3? The folks that elected Donald Jones and Byron Lee? Lots of self flagulation happening in District 3 Jon. Election season is called the silly season for a reason.

      I'm happy George found help and is now living a productive life.


  18. The Spears Campaign is doing everything in its power to win the election. Word is Byron Lee is trying to his best to make sure George Peterson does not get the seat because if so, Peterson will thoroughly investigate and uncover the illegal activities between Byron Lee and others including Chris Roberts. What is hidden in the dark will soon come to light. Despite, George continues to run a strong and positive campaign while Byron Lee and Mark Spears are trying to burn him. Spears will ONLY do as Chris Roberts and Byron Lee tells him to do. Seems like that is the will of the people in Jefferson Parish District 3.

  19. Wishing Pete be stuck by a Spear, roasted to well done and all HellsSpeed to his flaming doom in the District # 3 race.

    All Hail to Roberts, King of PaytoPlay, and his Perennial Parade of Eccentric Toys.

    George Peterson does NOT NEED to win this election to "uncover" ANYTHING!…
    Maybe he could blow Jim Letten …Just to make sure HE's STILL ALIVE?

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