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  1. Repeat…I’m flattered your quoting me, and that you gave us an abbreviated history lesson … but what does it all mean aside from the fact that ‘the more things change the more they remain the same’ …

    I have some questions:

    Was this Fazzio the father or any family relationship of our River Birch Fazzio ?

    Was this Fazzio a coppo in the Marcello Family ?

    Was this Fazzio the same person who arranged the gambling junket(s) and line of credit for Garrison at the Sands Hotel in Vegas ?

    What was the nature of the business, FAZZIO-COURTRADE PRO SHOP, INC. ?

    Was there any existing personal relationship between this Fazzio and the James Comiskey who was listed as registered agent for the corporation ?

    Was (is) the Charles R. Ward, who was identified as an Asst DA for Garrison’s office during the Chandler matter, in any way related to Jim and Butch Ward ?

    And I have a lot more questions for later …

    However it is these tidbits from the linked article that I will leave you with:

    “Defendant Garrison, who has been District Attorney since 1961, denied in the public press Life's charges that organized crime existed in New Orleans, that he was personally acquainted with persons identified with the Cosa Nostra, and that a lieutenant of Carlos Marcello, the alleged ruler of the Cosa Nostra in New Orleans, several times paid his bill at the Sands Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada, and had arranged a $5,000 credit for him in the casino.”


    “On or about September 27, 1967, Governor John J. McKeithen of Louisiana, heading a delegation, which included the President of the Metropolitan Crime Commission, met in New York with the editors of Life Magazine, who made available to the delegation information in its files concerning the crime series. On returning to the State, Governor McKeithen declared he was "convinced" that there was "hard evidence" of organized crime in the State.”

    A great read !

  2. Old time politics here boys—


    Charter Number: 34400015 N
    Registration Date: 2/10/1992
    Domicile Address
    127 CAMP ST.
    NEW ORLEANS, LA 70130
    Mailing Address
    127 CAMP ST.
    NEW ORLEANS, LA 70130
    Status: Inactive
    Inactive Reason: Voluntary Action
    File Date: 2/10/1992
    Last Report Filed: 2/21/2003
    Type: Non-Profit Corporation

    Registered Agent(s)
    Address 1: 127 CAMP ST.
    City, State, Zip: NEW ORLEANS, LA 70130
    Appointment Date: 2/10/1992

    Officer(s) Additional Officers: No
    Officer: HARRY F. CONNICK
    Title: President, Director
    Address 1: 307 AUDUBON BLVD.
    City, State, Zip: NEW ORLEANS, LA 70118

    Officer: WILLIAM F. WESSEL
    Title: Director, Secretary
    Address 1: 127 CAMP ST.
    City, State, Zip: NEW ORLEANS, LA 70130

    Officer: JAMES A. COMISKEY
    Title: Treasurer, Director
    Address 1: 1100 CITY PARK AVE.
    City, State, Zip: NEW ORLEANS, LA 70119

  3. "what does it all mean "—It means the feds will have a hard time figuring out all the connections which the players have because—They don't even know who all the players are.
    Much less how they can derail a case.

  4. Repeat,

    That's not good, not good at all.

    Need another Rebel Yell now and 'Gate's tab is still open.

    Need to charge my IPad and will get back later.

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