Real Treme: James Gill does AROD

Anyone inclined to root for the underdog will have to rejoice that Ashton O’Dwyer has finally won a round. Dogs don’t get much more under than O’Dwyer, who before Katrina was a well regarded maritime lawyer with a leading New Orleans firm. Now he is on his own, bankrupt and banned from both state and federal courts. He has, though never convicted, been jailed twice. He is entirely responsible for his own downfall, but it would have been a punishment too far had the feds succeeded in their attempt to convict him of a crime that carries a maximum sentence of five years.

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2 thoughts on “Real Treme: James Gill does AROD”

  1. “…He is entirely responsible for his own downfall …”

    Well Sir James you couldn’t have been so entirely WRONG !!! What an absurd statement to make in light of the facts … ‘entirely’ … really ? What a truly non-empathetic and unsubstantiated statement to make considering all that we know about the O’Dwyer saga … and that’s a lot !

    Gill paraphrases the Federal Judge:

    “…What Walter termed the "coarse language" of the email is also an O'Dwyer trademark, and his habit of peppering court pleadings with insults and racist abuse is one of the reasons he is persona non grata at the bar. O'Dwyer admits to a taste for "hyperbole." That may be a severe understatement, but it was a mistake to make a federal case out of it.”

    Quite the contrary Jim, I believe legitimate anger is the root cause of Ashton’s “insults and racist abuse” and is understandable given the circumstances … that Ashton got what he deserved because these expressions did not appease your’s or any one else’s standard of political correctness is not only nonsense but an expression of inverse personal bias …

    Plantation Liberals never let you down …

  2. Great response whitmergate. Let's see the Feds took Ashton's family property on the batture andalong with the govern ment in Jefferson Parish & State have allowed illegal use of their property for friends and others that do not have title to the land & do not require them to follow Federal, State & local law concerning proper use of this area. They do even use the proper filing forms for this purpose but use outdated forms which in effect void what they approved. There is not one "camp" that meets the criteria of those applications and possibly no inspection was performed or possibly as they inspect the levees for protection.

    Then sitting in his side yard, not in public, with friends is removed from his property for not evacuating? Well where was the jail for all that did not leave but cried foul when they stated in various places in the city demanding others take care of them?

    How did these same illegal squatters sell portions of this land to a power company forplacement of their river crossing tower? At least 2 or more were paid for "their" property again without proof of ownership and the total payment was over $36,000 for land they did not own.

    Treatment of this vetran & taxpaying citizen was much worse than those crossing the bridge, except in his case he was not shot and killed, but he was shot at point blank range with beanbages and repeatedly pepper sprayed in the temp jail. Why hasn't this attracted the attention of the "people". Where is the cry for justice for all that was done to him. Where are the trials andconvictions for all involved in this wrongful act[s]. James Gill you are slipping in your writing to a point where Andy Ronny would cry.

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