Crooked to the core: Kevin Costner blows Nunny.

That’s right folks, last year during the oil spill when the media was fawning all over Kevin Costner and his scam centrifuges, Slabbed was telling the real story of a shakedown that used our own Magnum JD as both front and promoter.

Today, Costner genuflects before Nunny’s campaign for Lite Gov and accepts the full load, going on camera for Nunny with his chin literally still glistening.  We’ll see in a few weeks how many weak minds fall for the fat asses propaganda.  Simply put a vote for Nunny is a vote for a lying sack of shit crook and it is just that simple.


6 thoughts on “Crooked to the core: Kevin Costner blows Nunny.”

  1. They claim they were deceived into letting go of their portion at precisely the moment that OTS was finalising a deal with BP to sell 32 of the cleaning machines to the oil giant for $52m. Baldwin and Contogouris sold their shares on 11 June last year and discovered a month later that BP had signed the deal on 12 June.

    Is there ANY WAY to find out WHO BOUGHT these SHARES?

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