Its a brother in law deal: The noose around Fazzio’s neck draws tighter

Something tells me Stephen London will not be the last attorney to end up DQ’d at the hands of Team Letten. Judge Berrigan isn’t especially known for following the law but I hear the pressure on her to adhere to the straight and arrow on this one is intense.  And why will London not be alone on the sidelines.  The answer to that is in the new Waste Management suit as I think he’ll be joined by Kyle Shonekas of Team Heebe.  At best these guys are witnesses and perhaps co-conspirators.

I bring this all up because we find out the scheme between Mark Titus and Dominick Fazzio to fleece Garner Services was a brother in law deal. “Gate will second this and it is the opinion of Slabbed’s organized crime task force that Fazzio is a Capo and he and Titus may well have stepped out with their Garner Services scheme. Think Henry Hill and the tail end of Goodfellas folks.

Pres IMHO has a good read on the behind the scenes with Team Letten and Fazzio.


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  1. It bears noting that the first lawsuit contesting the New Orleans East landfill was filed not by the Vietnamese community but by several individuals represented by Kyle Schonekas. Remson et al v. the City of new Orleans et al, CDC #2006-5829. Interestingly, one of the plaintiffs in that lawsuit was none other than Sherman Copelin. Coincidence? You be the judge.

  2. Fred Heebe's DAD (not step dad) is Senior N. O. Federal Judge Fred Heebe. Judge Heebe's past law clerks: Peter J. Butler, Sr., Aubrey B "Copper" Hirsch, Jr., Peter Butler, Jr., Kyle Schonekas. Kyle was an undisclosed River Burch lobbyist when the Remson law suit was filed, as was Kyle's law partner Joelle Evans(son of JP council person Evans).
    River Burch, i.e. Freddy Heebe is paying Dominick Fazzio's attorney fees. DQ for Schonekas and Evans need to be filed. Peter J. Butler, Sr. was Fred Heebe's law partner in firm Butler-Heebe the Hirsch. Butler – Heebe represented Al Copeland. Al Copeland had two hotel business partner's who were convicted of Federal Drug Crimes after 1987 arrest. Both convicted Federal Felons confessed to their Federal prosecutor Albert Winters, Jr. in the late 80's AFTER DRUG convictions but prior to being sent to Federal Prison that Butler-Heebe-Hirsch corrupted N. O. U. S. Bankruptcy Judge (now deceased May 1, 2011) for client Alvin C. Copeland and Al's two hotel business partners.
    Judge Feldman protected then N. O. Bankruptcy chapter XI Judge beginning with a filed July 9, 1984 civil Rico naming Al Copeland, et. al. In 2004 Judge Feldman again protected N. O. chapter XI Judge even AFTER U. S. Bankruptcy chapter XI JUDGE knowingly fabricated to the Fifth Circuit Judicial Counsel, during 2003 no time limit investigation of that chapter XI JUDGE. Written known fabricated denials of corruption by that JUDGE led to 2004 Judge Feldman filings to void J's by law.
    LAED court public records were sent July 2011 to LEE ZURICK. Records from different courts at different years with known fabricated no time limit pleadings, verifications, Butler-Heebe-Hirsch correspondence proved confessions by Al's two Hotel business partners back in the late 1980"s. BY LAW there is NO statute of limitations, NO prescription for Judicial Officer(s) y Butler – Heebe- Hirsch filed, mailed written and signed fabrications. STAY TUNED. .

  3. HEY THANKS, I thought the spelling was strange for a guy. Schonekas and Evans are co conspirators with Freddy and Peter J. Butler, Sr. and Jim Ward and Lawrence Chehardy the running buddy of Freddy knows about all of this first hand. I met there.

  4. Two people are really missing from this story line–Governor Bobby Jindal and the Louisiana Republican Party. Wait until you run the numbers and see how much money Heebe/Ward/Sneed/Fazzio/etc gave the Governor and the Louisiana Republican Party over the years. Louisiana media doesn't have so much as a clue because they don't know or haven't researched it. ASTRONOMICAL and it doesn't just end with payoffs to Jindal and the LRP but also Louisiana Supreme Court judges and Appellate Judges. LRP took in well over $200k from this crew alone and then look at who they funneled it two in 2006/2007/2008/and 2009.

    Where are the reporters on this story??

  5. Motherload : You sound like you possess a multitude of some interesting facts and theories but your post reads like a set of Chinese Cliff Notes- i.e. a brief, confusing outline and difficult to follow.

    Are you saying in your opinion Al Copland's bankruptcy case was possibly fixed by a recently deceased U.S. Bankruptcy Judge who later falsely testified to the U.S. Fifth Circuit Judicial Panel that he did not conspire with Copeland's attorneys; and that all this can be proven by some secreted confessions by Al's two former business partners.

  6. Butler-Heebe-Hirsch filings are proved no time limit fabrications filed in LAED court records and the 5th circuit. Al's two Hotel business partners confessed to "Butler-Heebe-Hirsch having chapter XI Bankruptcy N. O. Judge with Al and with them as Al's partners." YES, written filed denials, not testimony, by that chapter XI Judge were filed during the Fifth Circuit's investigation of that Judge. These are public record as filed in LAED court's and 5th circuit. LA. disciplinary counsel also investigated Butler-Heebe-Hirsch and client Al Copeland. Disciplinary counsel investigation is filed as one of many exhibits in LAED court and is public record. YES two partners confessed to their with Al and Butler-Heebe-Hirsch fixed their N. O. chapter XI.
    Two partners confessed to these criminal acts, this was not done in secret. Both went away for many years to prison for their drug conviction. Records prove confessions. Judge Feldman rulings have protected Butler-Heebe-Hirsch, Copeland and the chapter XI JUDGE. How close is Judge Feldman to Senior Judge Fred Heebe?


  7. You see when someone (DNC) wants to knock out a potential Vice Presidential Candidate all they have to do is investigate these companies: Oak Elm LLC, West Bank Blues LLC, Door Lock LLC, and Pasture Land LLC and their connection to that potential GOP VP Nominee. April 11, 2006 & 2007 = 10k hmmmm when was the River Birch scandal in full motion?

    Of course April 11, 2007 was a good day for this Particular prospective VP candidate because Adrian Bynum also contributed the same day? What does Bynum control you ask?

    B&C Contractors LLC, Ring Associates LLC, and Water Front Properties LLC = 15k

    Wait there is more….April 11, 2007 also brought the same candidate another 10k thanks to Anne Dangle and her companies: Big Bang Properties LLC and Dangle & Associates LLC

    If someone were to own less than 50% in any LLC then each LLC can give Max 5k per year but if they own 100% of one LLC and 50% in another LLC then they can give 10k. A nice loophole for those who know how to give to 35k in 2006/2007 and I'm sure there are other companies where this politician recieved more from the the suspects at hand.

    Door Lock LLC in 2007 gave over $81,500 to Louisiana politicians such as Buddy Caldwell, potential VP Candidate, Billy Arnold, Jeff Arnold, Walter Boasso, Pat Connick, Donald Cravins, Yvonne Dorsey, Gordon Dove, Ann Duplessis, Nick Gautreaux, Nita Hunter, Lydia Jackson, John LaBruzzo, Eddie Lambert, Rob Marionneaux, Danny Martiny, Billy Montgomery, Ed Murray, Taylor Townsend, Jim Tucker, Ernest Wooten, Julie Quinn, butch Gautreaux, Robert Adley, and Gary Smith. Oh wait they also gave another $12,500 to the Louisiana Republican Party in 2007.

    **Of course there was a another contribution in the name of "Dutch Connick-River Birch/Door Lock LLC" in the amount of $2500.00 in 2007 for the grand total of $83,750.

    Pasture Land LLC in 2007 gave a paltry $71,750.00 to Buddy, VP Candidate, Sharon Broome, Cedric Richmond, JP Morrell, Austin Badon, Regina Barrow, Gary Beard, Tim Burns, Roy Burrell, AG Crowe, Jean Doerge, Yvonne Dorsey, Hollis Downs, Syndie Durand, Noble Ellington, James Fannin, Rick Farrar, Hunter Greene, Elbert Lee, Mickey Guillory, Avon Honey, Michael Jackson, Kay Katz, Rob Kostelka, Juan LaFonta, Charmaine Marchand, Tom McVea, Mike Michot, James Morris, Dan Morrish, Ben Nevers, Donald Newton, Ken Odinet, Gil Pinac, Harold Ritchie, Joel Robideaux, MJ Smiley, Gary Smith, Jane Smith, John Smith, Mike Strain, Wayne Waddell, Cheryl Gray, Steve Scalise, James David Cain, Karen Carter, and Mack White. Oh also gave another $12,500 to the Louisiana Republican Party. And in 2009 they padded the pockets of Jody Amadee for another 1500.00 although he wasn't running for reelection.

    Westbank Blues LLC in 2005 gave 12,500 to VP Candidate, Mitch Landrieu, and Derrick Shepherd. In 2005 it gave 3000 to Terrell Harris & Charlie Foti who weren't running for reelection. and 2008 it gave 10k to Supreme Court Judge Greg Guidry.

    Oak ELM LLC in 2007 gave $5k to the VP Candidate, 5k to Mitch Landrieu, and to Jody Amadee for a grand total of $12,500 plus a little kicker of $866 to the Louisiana Republican Party. In 2008 it gave $5k to Supreme Court Judge Greg Guidry. And in 2009 it gave $1k to the VP candidate.

    While we mentioned the Ann Dangle companies the big recipients in 2007 for Dangle & Associates/Dangle & Association were the VP Candidate, Royal Alexander, Jody Amadee, Shawn Barney, Buddy Shaw, Sam Jones, Nickie Monica, and Willie Hunter plus a little kicker of $12,500 to the Louisiana Republican Party for 12,500 for a total of 38,500.

    2009 for Dangle & Associates gave another $16,000 to Supreme Court Candidate Jimmy Faircloth, Appellate Court candidate June Berry Darensburg, Appellate Court Judge Marc Johnson, Jim Tucker, Jody Amedee, James Armes, Patrick Connick, and John LaBruzzo.

    Water Front Properties LLC in 2007 gave a total of $25k to VP Candidate, Royal Alexander, Jody Amedee, Ernest Wooten, and 12.5k of the 25 went to the Louisiana Republican Party.

    In 2009 Water Front gave $2500 to John Alario although he wasn't running for reelection to the Senate. And it gave another $5k to Supreme Court Candidate Jimmy Faircloth for a total of 7500.

    Big Bang Properties in 2007 gave $30k to VP Candidate, James Armes, Damon Baldone, Gary Smith, Ricky Templet, Ernest Wooton and 12.5 of 25 went to Louisiana Republican Party.

    Ring Associates in 2007 contributed $60k. The VP Nominee, Troy Hebert, Eric LaFleur, Mark Abraham, John Alario, Royal Alexander, Geri Baloney, Ann Duplessis, Nick Gautreaux, Bryant Hammett, David Heitmeier, Cameron Henry, Gerald Long, Charles McDonald, Neil Riser, and Taylor Townsend. 12.5 of the 60k went to the Louisiana Republican Party.

    In 2009 Ring Associates contributed a total of 5K to Joel Chaisson and Gary Smith.

    Oh and that's just a couple of the sham companies they used to funnel hundreds of thousands of dollars into the political and judicial system. One thing is certain and that is that once the Feds out of DC start digging the political aspirations of that VP nominee are cooked like a Goose on Thanksgiving in Rayne, LA.

    (Retreived from the spam folder and posted to the end of this post. ~ sop)

  8. Times Picayune needs to intervene in the new civil Rico filed by Patrick Talley and firm with soon to be added D.C. Baker Botts and Kress and Koons white collar experts. Picayune gets all filings by both sides. Picayune uses already filed LAED courts records and exhibits to "out" Fred Heebe, Peter Butler, Sr., Aubrey Hirsch, Jr., Peter Butler, Jr., Kyle Schonekas, Joelle Evans, Copeland ESTATE, Judge Martin Feldman in recorded known obstruction of Justice LAED courts conspiracy proved by those filed records. ALL will assist attorney's in the Civil Rico filed by Waste Mgt. and will assist in the criminal investigation to get the JP co conspirators.

  9. Finally someone has the balls to speak the truth !!!

    How refreshing to read these words:

    “After Berrigan brushed aside prosecutors' suggestion that Heebe be subpoenaed to settle the issue, Assistant U.S. Attorney James Mann sarcastically urged defense attorneys to get their stories straight about the legal bills.

    "Hell hath no fury like a prosecutor scorned," the ever-combative Cobb said as he left the courtroom.”

    River Birch landfill executive pleads not guilty in fraud case
    Published: Wednesday, November 09, 2011, 6:07 PM Updated: Wednesday, November 09, 2011, 6:09 PM
    By Paul Rioux, The Times-Picayune

    And lest we not acknowledge that Judge Berrigan, talking out of two sides of her mouth, refused to grant the defense any ground:

    “But Berrigan also said she didn't see "any inherent misconduct" in using the fraud case to pressure Fazzio to cooperate, and she handed prosecutors a partial victory by quashing defense subpoenas compelling government lawyers to testify about their handling of the case.”

    “Berrigan threw out defense subpoenas issued to six prosecutors to question them about the misconduct allegations, but she said Titus and two FBI agents will have to testify at a Dec. 7 hearing on the defense motion to dismiss the fraud case.”

    “Berrigan said it is "a little disingenuous" for prosecutors to say the two cases are unrelated. She also said she isn't sure the June 3 meeting between prosecutors and Fazzio "passes the smell test."

    "To me, it's pretty disturbing," said Berrigan, who used the same phrase to describe her reaction to transcripts of Titus' two recorded conversations with Fazzio.

    But Berrigan also said she doesn't see "any inherent misconduct" in using the Garner Services case to pressure Fazzio to cooperate in the River Birch investigation. She called the fraud case "one of those lucky things that sometimes happens when someone searches hard enough."

    Maybe Judge Berrigan, having been a law clerk to now Senior Judge Fred Heebe still sitting at the Courthouse, should recuse herself now that we read she has taken action that concerns Fred Heebe, Jr. … thinking out loud here ….

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