I could not lie to the gentleman….

This morning I was interviewed by a law student at an Ivy League school doing a major research project on alternative dispute resolution.  The idea that gave him the most pause was the notion that if both US Senators are corrupt pieces of crap exactly what kind of Article III judges would they recommend for appointment.  I hope I did not ruin the guy before he ever gets his law license.

I used to say the Slabbed Nation literally stretched from coast to coast but now that we’re international that no longer applies.  🙂

There is power in the good word folks as the eyes of the western world are upon us.


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  1. True dat!

    Regarding ADR, it's highly overrated. Also, more and more big companies are sneaking mandatory arbitration clauses into standard contracts like satellite TV, for example.

    Nothing makes litigants more honest about what a case is worth than a trial date.

    It is SAD that this nation's governmental agenda is to perpetuate a war on the taxpayers who work to fund them.

  3. The Louisiana Way

    "'It's New Orleans. They all do it, and if you're going to impeach judges in New Orleans for this sort of stuff, then you'll have to impeach all of them.'"

    Landrieu Recommends Nannette
    How much Money does it cost to buy a Federal Judgeship from the Landrieu Family?

    The Eastern District of Louisiana is loaded with Corruption influenced Judges who bought and Paid for the nomination to the Federal Bench

    Anybody who bought John Breaux prostitutes was a candidate for the Federal Bench. Look no Farther than the Porteous testimony to confirm this Fact.

    Lori Marcotte testified that John Breaux, while still a senator, was part of a group that enjoyed a BBU-financed limo ride and meal at Ruth's Chris, along with Porteous. So was this a gift for Porteous, she was asked.
    "And I guess for Sen. Breaux too," she answered, "If you want to put it like that."

    Mary Landrieu and David Vitter the Senators from Louisiana
    Votes bought and Paid for with Cash, Prostitution, Drugs and Human Trafficking!

    The Judges and entire Courthouse in the Eastern District of Louisiana have placed a for sale sign on ethics and Corruption.

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