The Times Picayune rolls out more coverage of the Waste Management suit against River Birch

And the story written by Paul Rioux and Frank Donze advanced yesterday’s reporting by including quotes from team Willard-Lewis, who deny being whores for Team River Birch. But it was the comments to the story that really jogged my memory folks.

Jason Berry over American Zombie and I don’t personally visit nearly enough, but we’re taking leads from differing sources that appear to be pushing us both toward the same end game.  Along those lines Jason’s post from June of this past year, Let’s call it a rattlesnake rodeo is such an example folks and in light of current events it is a must read. Put another way we are not coordinating our coverage but it appears the bloggers have a pincer movement of sorts going with Slabbed coming in from Jefferson Parish and Jason from Orleans and both of us are closing in on 5531 St Charles Avenue.

In her column today Stephanie Grace tackles the topic of renaming the Danziger Bridge in favor of the innocent people who were gunned down in cold blood by the NOPD after Katrina. That event will go down as the one that changed local perceptions of the NOPD forever as citizens are demanding change and will accept nothing less than a complete overall of NOPD.  I mention this because at the end of what we call the Jefferson Parish Political Corruption Scandal I can easily imagine that perceptions of the people and institutions that are front and center in running this entire area will be forever altered as the puppet masters and the media outlets on their string such Entercom Communications WWL Radio are revealed as filthy accomplices to the systemic corruption that has plagued this area for generations. The institutions include the Federal Courthouse on Poydras Street too, which has produced luminaries like Thomas Porteous and the corrupt judge he replaced in Robert Collins as we find the past lives to this day in the present.

When you look at the enormity of this in respects it is amazing what Jim Letten has been able to accomplish and we should all pause to think what would have been if George Bush has gotten his way installing Fred Heebe as the US Attorney.

We have a lot of new readers these days such as the good folks from Nova Scotia that are browsing these pages trying to figure out why a 5 star lodge there is self imploding under the weight of very bad publicity.  I don’t know where to tell you guys exactly where to begin but I guess the search string Wrinkled Robe would be as good a place to start as any.

Finally the bombshells are not over as the names of public officials in Jefferson Parish are now being mentioned in more informed circles as speculation intensifies on who else besides Aaron Broussard will be revealed as a paid agent for the River Birch Landfill.  Some, such as Councilman Chris Roberts and Elton Lagasse are easily connected to Jim Ward and the landfill by following the campaign cash.  My own opinion is we need to think beyond the obvious as more surprises certainly are coming.


19 thoughts on “The Times Picayune rolls out more coverage of the Waste Management suit against River Birch”

  1. I was recently supplied a response page from a PRR to Jefferson Parish which shows Phelps Dunbar received $130,556.89 in Outside Legal Fees between the period January 2009 to February 2011 for a project listed as Parish of Jeff vs Waste Mgmt.

    Can this mean that even prior to the s__t hitting the fan and prior to Wilkinson's ill-timed filing of the lawsuit against WM that Phelps Dumber was 'advising' the Parish relative to breaching the WM contract ?

    Whatever were they all thinking?

  2. Is this correct? It would be very odd for Phelps Dunbar to be representing the Parish of Jefferson against Waste Management when Kim Boyle and Susie Morgan of Phelps Dunbar apparently represented Waste Management in the New Orleans East landfill injunction case filed by Kyle Schonekas. Remson v. the City of New Orleans et al, CDC #2006-05829. Incidentally, one of the plaintiffs Schonekas represented in that case was Sherman Copelin. This case was alive for 3 years after the last step taken on Oct. 25, 2006 which was the denial of the injunction, and I don't see on the CDC remote access a motion to withdraw as counsel of record filed by Phelps Dunbar.

  3. I think the hiring of Baker Botts maybe a sign that Waste Management's former law firm didn't protect Waste Management's interests or it could be that Phelps Dunbar saw a conflict and said they couldn't represent Waste Management or could we see the the 2nd amended petition include the law firm of Phelps Dunbar and some of its attorneys added as defendants in the overall RICO conspiracy?

    If its the third option I wonder how much coverage the E&O malpractice policy is for Phelps but does that even matter since RICO is typically exlcuded from coverage.

  4. Okay kids, for a loaf of banana bread it is time to play which is the fake review?

    Behind door number 1 we have:

    "Relaxation in the heart of the wilderness at the most superb lodge in Atlantic Canada, offering remarkable hospitality and designed for comfort." (Canadian Tourism Commission website)

    And behind door number two, the latest 1-star review entitled "BIzaare" posted on Trip Advisor:

    "I could go on and on. When we drove away, my husband and I just looked at each other and said "What the hell was that?"

    All entries must be postmarked by yesterday at the earliest and delivered by carrier owl.

  5. Yes Comeuppance, great word.

    Novelle, front desk clerks in pajamas, late meals, poor customer service. Did I ever mention they really like to drink at the Lodge. I mean really like to drink every night and heavily. I think that factoid explains the PJ's at the front desk and late meals.

    And no locks anywhere inside. Management said they had never ever had a problem with theft, that is until they were ordered to produce business records in court and then suddenly the safe was stolen according to Leary in sworn testimony. Yet on Trip Advisor management, defending the honor of their establishment said months after that safe was supposedly stolen there had never been a theft at the lodge. So who were they lying to, the courts or their would be guests?


  6. Sop, the one I want to see fall is the Godfather of Jefferson Corruption who schooled all the 24th JDC Judges and made many felonious land deals with and through his networking, yet is more teflon proof then Emeril's best frying pans.

  7. And while we're on the subject of the "conflicted" law firm of Phlips, Dungmore, and in particular that supreme POS Kim Boyle, let me review some other matters concerning their questionable representation:

    1) It was Phlips, Dungmore that represented the T-P in a lawsuit against Jefferson Parish concerning the production of PUBLIC RECORDS in September/October of 2009…

    2) It was Phlips, Dungmore who then flips 180 degrees and defends JP against AMV's lawsuit to produce PUBLIC RECORDS …

    3) It was Phips, Dungmore who defended JP against Lee in the infamous "Noose Case".

    So my question is: What is/was the nature of Phlips, Dungmore's legal representation of Jefferson Parish as it concerned River Birch during the period from January 2009 thru February 2011 ? We know from the original pleadings the Guadry Law Firm, along with then Parish Attorney Wilkinson, filed the petition on behalf of JP. Phlips, Dungmore's name does appear to date in any pleadings to my knowledge. Phlips, Dungmore has been paid $130,000 + dollars for what exactly ?

    I am sure there are more instances of this law firm's rather dubious representations as it concerns Jefferson Parish, and I feel certain more will come to light here on Slabbed as the AMV/River Birch litigations move forward.

  8. What a lowlife fucking HellHole this really is. So Phelps Dunbar swings all ways when it comes to representing clients. Here today and there tomorrow. Today they represent you and tomorrow maybe your opponent. How exactly does this not violate Attorney Ethics? WTF ? Hell, what an oxymoron: Attorney Ethics ! Only in this Hellhole of course. These two ethically challenged Sistas of Satan, Boyle and Allessandra, have fallen deep deep deep down into this HellHole from what I can see as I hold on with one hand to the rim of this HellHole with my cell phone in the other dialing up that ODC guy Plattsmier.

  9. Free meal? … looks like the scam that these ‘quid pro quo’ lawyers use in executive session to have themselves appointed as outside counsel by this JP Council of Clowns … yea … OK … Phlips, Dungmore … you know … those Sistas of Satan they usually send over here …

  10. WTF sop ? Hell this was a persecution that only these HellHole thugs would think that they could get away with. You better fucking believe that there’s a special place in hell for all of these MFers that conspired to destroy this man for expressing his God given Constitutional right of free speech and the right to defend his property. There is going to be Hell to pay before this is over. And it needs to start with Kim Calhoun Boyle over at that law firm. The Devil won't help y’all now after sliding so far down that Jefferson Parish HellHole.

  11. CORRECTION: In a comment above I erroneously stated:

    '…Phlips, Dungmore’s name does appear to date in any pleadings to my knowledge. Phlips, Dungmore has been paid $130,000 + dollars for what exactly ?…"

    The fact is that Phelps, Dunbar's firm name and/or any of it's partners on behalf of the firm DOES NOT appear on any of the pleadings concerning any representation on behalf of the Parish of Jefferson since the filing of it's lawsuit against Waste Management in June of 2009 that I am aware of.

    So again I ask the question: What was this money paid to Phelps, Dunbar for ?

  12. What the hell, I know this doesn’t sound like me but this is for you Ms. Vandenweghe … from all of us sued by TheRiot and Jefferson Parish in that stupid fucking lawsuit Phelps, Dunbar filed for them. I know whitmergate, Pelican and the rest of those French people and their friends will always be a bridge for you to hell and back.

  13. Now that we are discussing FREE SPEECH:

    I am being counseled by others not to gloat over the recent RICO lawsuit filed by Waste Management … that my hounding and pounding for over 3 years on numerous blogs concerning the River Birch CRIMINAL CONSPIRACY to be awarded an illegal landfill MONOPOLY, along with the corrupt conduct of Jefferson Parish Officials in general, has contributed to the result I wanted … so what could I want now aside from criminal indictments confirming all of what I railed about ?


    I would love to make as many copies as necessary of AMV’s lawsuit, Concrete Buster’s lawsuit and Waste Management’s lawsuits combined, have them rolled collectively, then individually shoved up Tom Wilkinson’s ass and the ass of everyone of his posse from and/or at the Parish Attorney’s Office, still there or not, including, Peggy Barton, Louis Gruntz, David Fos, Alan Gandolfi, Greg Giangrosso, Jeremy Dwyer, Nicole Amstutz, Nicole Tomba … and any one else I may have overlooked … and too numerous to mention at this time !!!

    Did I hear you say, ‘…let ‘em fuckin’ sue…’ How’s those lawsuits feeling now “Tommy”… you fucking troglodyte reprobate !!!

    And Plattsmier needs to be shoving some more papers up “Tommy’s” ass too …

    Thanx Slabbed for allowing me to vent my legitimate anger toward those so deserving of it.

  14. Well kids, sorry to be Debbie Downer but the contest is called off due to yet another review pulled off Trip Advisor. And since I can't confirm whether it was real or fake until someone like Kirk Cheyftiz shows up to tell us, the contest is hereby cancelled.

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