The Trout Point PR beating continues: The Shelburne County Today reports on the tussle between the girls and Trip Advisor.

Sorry for the back to back same topic posts folks but Timothy Gillespie at the Shelburne County Today has picked up the ChronicleHerald coverage and was kind enough to link us along with all the other media outlets Charles Leary, Vaughn Perret and Danny Abel have either sued or threatened to sue in Canada.

As a bonus allow me to reveal the link that will ultimately be the downfall of Leary, Perret and Abel.  You see folks the statements they made about me and 2 other Canadian residents on this blog were libelous even by American standards.  When WordPress was notified they locked Trout Point’s new blog up tighter than a drum but I saved a pdf copy for later use.  🙂

Post Turtle mentioned something about people doing dumb things when they see red.  Yep.


4 thoughts on “The Trout Point PR beating continues: The Shelburne County Today reports on the tussle between the girls and Trip Advisor.”

  1. Sop, for us tech-NO-peasants, explain this post please.

    You say they are saying shit about you but the link you provide is locked down, so we can't see what you claim they are saying. Nor have you said what they said, so we are sitting here saying "huh"?

    Another thing, if you are both blogging on WordPress, and you are the guy getting sued for defamation, how come Slabbed is not locked down now? Who does the locking down? Didn't this all start because they got your previous blog knocked off the net?

    But if you are saying that their blog was public and then you told them you saw it and then they locked it down in efforts to cover their tracks and you have copies of what they said, then just cue up the soundtrack to Aretha's R-E-S-P-E-C-T.

  2. I actually didn't specify what they said Novelle as it is evidence for use in a potential action by me here in the US and because 2 other people are involved that may wish to institute action in Canada based upon its contents. I'm not a lawyer but I think I have a good grasp on what constitutes libel here in the US and evidently WordPress agreed.

    As far as me being sued for libel in Canada and WordPress not locking down this blog I think the reader can make thier own mind up as to the significance of that.

    I did not complain about Leary and Perret's blog to them no sir as that is like talking to a brick wall. I took my complaint straight to wordpress abuse as did the other 2 people that were defamed. That blog was locked in the state you see it within an hour of the email I sent.

    Leary and Perret know what they did and I offered them a chance to make things right which they declined. Their fake press releases issued to ferret out their perceived enemies and forays into opening other wordpress blogs will be of great use to me down the road.


  3. The problem for us Canadians Sop is you can't make our laws right. It is a travesty how this action got filed against you.

    For new readers I suggest you read the claim as Sop posted it here on August 18th. In particular zoom in on items 82 and 83 where the plaintiffs testify they had "a genuine fear of being physically interfered with". They offer up Sop's August 3rd blog posting as evidence of this fear mongering.

    So go look at that post. Comments are still up. There are 16 of them. Do you see the problem? There is not one single word about these Plaintiffs, the Lodge, their sexuality, or hate. There is simply no talk at all about them.

    We need to be discussing this at every opportunity and figuring out if this is representative of societal values. I say it is a travesty, what do you say?

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