BREAKING: Waste Management files suit against River Birch, Heebe and Jim Ward.

Hat tip Jr in comments for linking the AP story on Fox 8 regarding same. The RICO complaint is full of salacious details as once again Heebe’s waterboys in the local media take center stage:

In addition to bribing public officials to directly pervert the political process, the River Birch Defendants took other actions to successfully manufacture the appearance of “public opposition” to that landfill so as to prevent or delay competition from Waste Management’s Chef Menteur facility. Specifically, the River Birch Defendants made a substantial, undisclosed interest free and unrecorded “loan” of $250,000 to radio host Garland Robinette after Mr. Robinette, armed with false and misleading information in direct contravention of the LDEQ’s informed opinion, routinely railed against the purportedly harmful environmental consequences of opening and operating the Chef Menteur and Old Gentilly landfills. So effective was Mr. Robinette in corrupting the public dialogue that even the LDEQ felt it was unable to communicate its position on the benefits of the Chef Menteur and Old Gentilly landfills as safe and valuable alternatives to disposal at the River Birch landfills.

And Team Waste Management is squarely targeting Heebe’s lawyers as it appears they are witnesses to this entire affair:

Only recently revealed, it appears that the plaintiffs’ counsel in the related judicial challenges brought by “concerned citizens” of New Orleans East seeking to challenge “the basis under which Waste Management sough to operate its landfill in an area of the City of New Orleans that is not zoned for such use,” Mr. Kyle Schonekas and Ms. Joelle Evans, were both secretly on retainer by the River Birch Defendants as undisclosed “lobbyists.”

Upon information and belief, the River Birch Defendants and their secret lobbyists, Schonekas and Evans, also enlisted the services of Walter Willard to assist with their litigation against the Chef Menteur landfill and challenging Mayor Nagin’s emergency authorization. Mr. Willard was retained, at least in part, to curry favor and political influence. In particular, Mr. Willard is the brother of Cynthia Willard-Lewis, then the New Orleans Councilperson for District E where the Chef Menteur landfill was located. At one point, Ms. Willard-Lewis was one of the strongest proponents and supporters of the Chef Menteur landfill because she deemed it critical to expediting the clean-up and recovery of her district in New Orleans East. This district, which includes the lower 9th Ward, had been especially devastated by Katrina and is located most remotely from the River Birch and Highway 90 landfills. Upon the retention of her brother to allegedly “assist” in the River Birch sponsored litigation against the landfill, Ms. Willard-Lewis suddenly reversed course and became a vocal opponent to the continued operation of the Chef Menteur landfill. Ms. Willard-Lewis attributes her changed position to the public outcry over health and safety concerns arising from the location of the landfill. This was the very reaction that the River Birch Defendants had had to purchase via their bribes, undisclosed lobbyists, unfounded litigation.

Remember the insurance portion of the scandal, Langniappe Insurance and THT Group selling insurance to River Birch? For the first time that I can recall in a legal filing, a connection is alleged between the Whitmers landing the Shadowlake Management Account and the scheme to close the Parish’s landfill:

That investigation commenced after it became known that the wife of the Jefferson Parish Council aide, Tim Whitmer, had been awarded a large contract to provide insurance to Defendants Heebe and Ward for a number of their corporate entities, including Defendants’ Shadowlake and River Birch LLC.

Upon information and belief, the health insurance contract award by River Birch was a quid pro quo payment for the Jefferson Parish waste disposal contract.

There is so much more in the suit which our readers can obtain by clicking here. Something tells me Garlandfill’s days placing this hand on the bible before testifying are not done, not by a long shot.  I can’t wait to hear what our commenters think.


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  1. I think it is important to note that this lawsuit is based on information that was publicly available. The discovery process and any amended complaints are going to be much more salacious. Hopefully the Times Picayune files to intervene in this litigation so they can monitor what has been filed and attached as exhibits so that confidential documents & emails aren't purged from the public's view.

    A number of people have said that CWL and Duplessis recieved target letters well this is the first time we see CWL's name and her involvement. Waste Management's bringing in of a DC based law firm, Baker Botts, is great news.

  2. Pres I know first hand of Baker Botts and agree with your assessment.

    By my count this makes the 3rd suit filed over the landfill and 4th in total on the subject matter counting AMV's suit.


  3. Here is my first criticism of the lawsuit filed and its a positive criticism. A criticism that their attorneys need to refocus in on–where is the Federal Sherman Antitrust claim? RICO is terrific but the Antitrust claim is a no-brainer here and should have been pled in this petition. Secondly, I believe they made a mistake by limiting who they sued under RICO. They should have named EVERYONE because not only does it help their case out (some of the rats squeel loudly for free cheese…..being dismissed for cooperating) but it puts tremendous pressure on the criminal enterprise from being able to control the message.

    Garland Robinette & Entercom for example should have been named parties under RICO as well as about 50 other people. Does it make the case harder–yes & no. If someone ancilliary lies in a deposition then they may just be put in a prison sentence by the Feds.

    Frilot & Baker Botts–do what needs to be done and amend the petition to include Antitrust and name the 40 or so defendants personally along with their employers if need be.

    You do those two things and you immediately win the ball game here.

  4. As I recall the whole Hubbard thing that brought down Broussard/Whitmer, etc – with a whole lot more to to go, was kicked off by a Civil RICO Suit. No more wating for Team Letten to eventually, if ever, do the job.

    Thanks Waste Management for carrying the ball on this one.

  5. J -Y Jelly : You went to D.C. about the 55 MILLION JP owes FEMA. Now Waste Management cites the names of several JP politicians as co-conspirators and are asking for another 50 MILLION in damages.

    Chrissy Roberts, better call the Council of Clowns into a all day Executive Session on federal suits filed against Jefferson Parish. Accumulated alleged damages are getting higher than the grass in Jefferson.

  6. Walter Williard's website is beautiful. Someone needs to bookmark his website before he takes it down because his page is a beauty.

    The related fields of Environmental and Energy Regulatory matters are dynamic. The practice requires a clear knowledge of the letter of the law, the legislative history and intent, the intuition to anticipate trends, and the ability to influence change in the future.

    The Willard Firm has the ability, knowledge and experience to address and apprise you of the constantly changing laws and regulations essential to your concerns."

    You couldn't ask for a better person to influence change landfill environmental change than Councilwoman CWL's brother Walter.

  7. Pres … ditto on the Sherman Anti-Trust Act angle

    imaangry … ditto on the AMV lawsuit observation

    Sock … ditto on being aware … like the fact that Fred Jr.’s father is still a sitting judge for the EDLA, albeit senior status … that both Ginger Berrigan and Peter Butler, Jr were law clerks for Heebe, Sr.

    And Sop … ditto how funny this ‘coincidence’ is … kinda of reminds me of how funny it was when one of Tim Coulon’s bestest of buddies, Hubbard, was alloted to Jay Zainey ‘s division, also one of Coulon’s other bestest of buddies …Hmmm

  8. Yes Doak, a very big thanks is in order to Waste Management for:

    1) retaining a new and very competent law firm to aggressively prosecute their client’s interests array of cases not only relating to River Birch, Heebe and Ward in New Orleans, but also River Birch et al’s unlawful conduct in Jefferson Parish,

    2) for filing this RICO action,

    3) for filing an action to restrain the JP Council from awarding IESI (this is a River Birch carbon copy) and ,

    4) for filing an amended re-conventional demand against the Parish of Jefferson concerning the collusion by and of certain elected and appointed officials for their role in the criminal conspiracy to award River Birch an illegal landfill MONOPOLY !!!

    If I could give Waste Management any advice at this juncture, it would be this: TRIANGULATE TOM WILKINSON in your legal crosshairs:

    FIRST, as it relates to his handling of the ‘non-existant’ River Birch contract as first set forth by AMV in her original Whistleblower Claim,

    SECOND, as it relates to his and his two hacks, David Fos and Alan Gandolfi, for their unlawful, unethical and incompetent role on that SHAM RFP Committee which voted to score River Birch over Concrete Busters, resulting in the JP Council of Clowns voting (7-0) to award River Birch an illegal landfill monopoly, AND

    THIRDLY, as it relates to Tom Wilkinson’s recommendation to this very same corrupt Council, to PRE-MATURELY BREECH the contract with Waste Management.

    As anyone who has read Slabbed knows, I have commented extensively on the machinations of RIVER BIRCH by way of guest posts and comments such as this.

    As River Birch flows, you will find it has many winding bends; it’s banks are laden with footprints !

  9. This should be set for summary judgment fairly quickly since the defendants and the co-conspirators will all plead the 5th during their despositions.

  10. Remember Judge Berrigan's ruling in Copeland/Bodenheimer v Luan Hunter, this is a CIVIL RICO and BY LAW anyone invoking the 5th in a CIVIL case allows the case to go to a JURY TRIAL then BY LAW a JURY can make an "adverse inference" to those witness's taking of the 5th. The SAME is NOT allowed in any CRIMINAL proceeding.
    Adverse Inference = those taking the 5th are GUILTY of the alleged acts even tho the acts are criminal due to the proceeding being a CIVIL proceeding, BY LAW. By LAW means the JUDGE has NO discretion to Jury using adverse inference.

  11. Summary J only works IF THERE ARE NO ISSUES OF MATERIAL FACT. Taking the 5th in a civil matter leaves issues of material fact, therefore NO Summary J dismissal because Judge Berrigan knows BY LAW the 5th circuit will overturn Summary J "due to abuse of discretion" by the District court JUDGE.

  12. Wilkinson filed the frivolous lawsuit against Waste Mangmnt in June 2009 to cover his tracks because he was actively negotiating with and assisting River Birch principals in setting up the take over which without just cause dismissal of the WM contract was a clear breach of the contract in place already and under which WM had been operating for years

    When asked in August 2009 to produce a copy of any executed contract with WM Wilkinson and Lopez supplied conflicting responses which was reported to the proper authorities. Once the federal subpoenas began flying in Sept – Dec 2009 the number of versions of fully and partially executed contracts between River Birch and J P multiplied exponentially. And the fingerpointing began in earnest.

    Marnie Winter and her Environmental Dept panicked when the Feds came calling. Finance Director Gwen Bolotte's pissing match with her Finance Dept competitors allowed leaks about Whitmer and Wilkinson ordering that Bolotte ' disappear' the Operating Funds for the WM contract which she complained was ' not going to be easy to make that much money go away' as quickly as they wanted. As the house of cards began collapsing around them they got desperate and careless and then STOOPID.


  13. There appears to be a tie-in between Kyle Schonekas and Jim Letten's office. Billy Gibbens, who is mentioned as a River Birch attorney in today's Times-Picayune article, is an associate of the Schonekas law firm whose web page states that "Billy joined the firm in 2006 after spending several years as a prosecutor in the United States Attorney’s Office in New Orleans."

  14. Broussard, Whitmer and Wilkinson are easy pleas/convictions. Like Danziger, the River Birch/JP corruption prosecutions would seem more appropriately handled by Mr. Letten's bosses in D.C. A commenter on often used to end his posts with "Nothing short of RICO." We've pounded the Bell, California drum here.

    So, it would seem that these prosecutions are either extraordinarily complex and far-reaching; or the U.S, Attorney's office is extraordinarily slow on cases for which they've had the goods for years. If I'm not mistaken, Billy Gibbens, Jon Maestri and Chris Cox all were in the U.S. Attorney's office at the same time. I am not saying this means anything, but the only way to remove all doubt is to let the DOJ handle this one.

  15. Excellent point Sock on the need/potential for recusal of the local USA office. Washington's Public Corruption Section should get knee-deep in this one. I also agree with you that Bell, CA needs to be the battle cry here since the whole ship known as Jefferson Parish Government could be swept clean of the rats in office – a mulligan, if you will.

  16. So can ordinary citizens petition the DOJ or Public Corruption people to step in? Or do we all just have to sit on our hands and hope a light goes on in DC? I cannot see any of the La Delegation pushing for this…they are all up to their eyebrows in it together. What a load of doo-doo…Diaper Dave (Vitter) must be in there somewhere.

  17. My lawyer friend here in DC further tells me that the retaliatory actions taken against AMV by the Public Officials in Jefferson Parish should be made part of this overall RICO lawsuit, in addition to her personal cause of action.

    And that the role played by Phelps, Dunbar, particularly in it’s failure to perform due diligence in their representation of their real client, the taxpayers of JP, as opposed to SLAPP tactics used to cover up for these corrupt individuals such as Broussard, Whitmer, Wilkinson et poses very serious ethical questions for Phelps, Dunbar.

    Personally I concur with his observation. The Parish of Jefferson, all of the Public Officials cited so far, and Phelps, Dunbar are toast.

  18. misbhavin,

    And I might add, that we too are connected and savvy, and a lot more savvy I would say … I, for one, never hold my breath in anticipation of anything or anyone … however I think 'that savvy and connected crowd' you refer to may be breathing a little faster and harder considering the unfolding of events in the last few days, in fact the last few hours.

    And rest assured, my cousin Pelican deBrief is very connected !!!

  19. Hell misbhavin there isn't enough water that anyone could carry to put out the fire that's going to burn these fucking thugs in this Jefferson Parish HellHole. WTF ! Sleezy and constipated is more like it. Man the fucking heat is turning up in this HellHole and believe it or not it feels good.

  20. Hey Fred, ya think the full press isn’t on:

    “The problem prompted the corps to direct the contractor in August to stop using a Waggaman borrow pit owned by the River Birch landfill in favor of the Willow Bend pit in Donaldsonville.”

    Corps of Engineers begins testing West Bank levees for woody debris
    Published: Tuesday, September 27, 2011, 5:34 PM Updated: Tuesday, September 27, 2011, 5:54 PM By Paul Rioux, The Times-Picayune


    Now I have to go and research 'Willow' Bend …

  21. At first glance Rioux's article reads as though River Birch is history, but alas research says that's not so …

    The old switch-a-roo, smoke and mirrors routine continues … just get it from a another 'bend' … or better yet taxpayers, just bend over for Fred and Jim to fuck you yet again …

    The USCOE should have cancelled the Heebe/Ward contract scam … PERIOD !!!

    This is unconscionable …

  22. Attorney for River Birch landfill official has a conflict of interest, federal prosecutors say
    Published: Wednesday, September 28, 2011, 11:30 PM
    By Paul Rioux, The Times-Picayune

    Read these priceless quotes:

    "The fact that River Birch is paying Mr. London's legal fees and the likely existence of a joint defense agreement (between Fazzio and River Birch) hinders Mr. Fazzio's ability to effectively, and without intimidation, negotiate a plea agreement with the government should Fazzio determine that is in his best interest," prosecutors said.

    YA THINK ?!?!?

    “Barring a disqualification of London, prosecutors asked U.S. District Judge Helen Berrigan to question Fazzio about whether he is willing to waive his right to a conflict-free attorney and whether he fears retaliation from River Birch if he cooperates with prosecutors.”

    YA THINK ?!?!?

    Fazzio is really fucked … maybe he should think about skipping out like Lil’ Nofio and hide out in London instead of being represented by London …

  23. Pelican, as we discussed several weeks ago, when a lawyer files the type of motion that London filed on behalf of Fazzio, that lawyer as we say, better ‘have no shadows’.

    Well now we know, and as we had suspected, the Government is not going to lay down on the hyperbolic assertions made by London in that motion. And, that the shadow of River Birch has clouded both London’s and Fazzio’s judgment is all too evident.

    That Berrigan is the coincidental ‘JOKER’ Judge in this and other River Birch matters as it relates to Waste Management’s RICO petition should give the Government pause; and possibly move to recuse Judge Berrigan and/or move to have a change of venue of all River Birch matters outside of the EDLA.

    What is all too obvious and disconcerting for myself, deBrief and others is that this web of River Birch litigation is still under the watchful eye of potential influence and possible interference by Judge Fred Heebe, Sr., Senior Status, EDLA. Really, just tell me why he’s still there ? Fred Jr. ???

    Letten should bow out and request an independent task force directed from Washington, D.C. be put in charge of indicting and prosecuting this incestuous and corruptive gang of Jefferson Parish Politico Mafioso. And if not, why not ?

  24. Jim Letten is using DC help NOW in this matter. Circling Fazzio with Titus wire tap to DQ Stephen London and make Freddy and RB "outed" about paying London was smart. ONLY acting once the answer is KNOWN. Very Smart, Jim Letten.

  25. "That Berrigan is the coincidental ‘JOKER’ Judge in this and other River Birch matters as it relates to Waste Management’s RICO petition should give the Government pause; and possibly move to recuse Judge Berrigan and/or move to have a change of venue of all River Birch matters outside of the EDLA."

    Come on guys nothing like that has ever happened here before has it?—OPINION BY: PER CURIAM; COMISKEY —-Fazzui…Registered Agent: JAMES A. COMISKEY

    Charter Number: 24510280 D
    Registration Date: 3/4/1959
    Domicile Address
    NEW ORLEANS, LA 70130
    Mailing Address
    NEW ORLEANS, LA 70130
    Status: Inactive
    Inactive Reason: Action by Secretary of State
    File Date: 3/4/1959
    Last Report Filed: 1/1/1975
    Type: Business Corporation

    Registered Agent(s)
    Address 1: 1100 CITY PARK AVENUE
    City, State, Zip: NEW ORLEANS, LA 70119
    Appointment Date: 3/4/1959

    Address 1: 209 SOUTH PIERCE STREET
    City, State, Zip: NEW ORLEANS, LA 70119
    Appointment Date: 3/4/1959

    David L. CHANDLER v. Jim GARRISON et al.

    Civ. A. No. 67-1545


    286 F. Supp. 191; 1968 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 9098

    March 11, 1968

    COUNSEL: [**1]

    Cicero C. Sessions, Robert E. Winn, Sessions, Fishman, Rosenson, Snellings & Boisfontaine, New Orleans, Louisiana, for plaintiff.

    James Alcock, Numa Bertel, Asst. Dist. Attys., Parish of Orleans, State of Louisiana, for defendants.

    JUDGES: Ainsworth, Circuit Judge, and Boyle and Comiskey, District Judges.


    "The temporary restraining order was denied on October 27, 1967 after a hearing by Judge James A. Comiskey. An effort to appeal from Judge Comiskey's order to the U.S. Court of Appeals, Fifth Circuit, was unsuccessful as was plaintiff's effort to have the Court of [**10] Appeals issue a writ of mandamus to the District Court. "
    Defendant Garrison, who has been District Attorney since 1961, denied in the public press Life's charges that organized crime existed in New Orleans, that he was personally acquainted with persons identified with the Cosa Nostra, and that a lieutenant of Carlos Marcello, the alleged ruler of the Cosa Nostra in New Orleans, several times paid his bill at the Sands Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada, and had arranged a $5,000 credit for him in the casino.

    The Life articles spurred the District Attorney to initiate a Grand Jury investigation in which Garrison publicly declared that the Grand Jury would be asked to subpoena for testimony before it everyone mentioned in the articles and every relevant witness, including the Director and members of the New Orleans Metropolitan Crime Commission, a citizens group, Sandy Smith, author of the Life articles, and all reporters connected with the story.

  26. Until Jim Letten either files a Bill of Information or has a Grand Jury indict Butch Ward’s mini-me, Chris Roberts, for the illegal expenditure of HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS from his ‘quid pro quo’ campaign fund for his personal use, ie Mardi Gras float, tractor to pull the float, a vintage panel truck to precede the float advising of Emperor Porkus's following presence, an antique fire truck to put out the fire from the overload of the TENS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS of sound and video equipment, a Las Vegas “BadAss” golf cart for mini-me to escape from the flaming float, a hot dog cart so Lagasse can stuff is stupid mouth before he can talk stupid, THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS of Chinese beads to pacify Lee-Sheng, a sno-ball stand to make a living after he gets out of prison in the event Letten does the right thing …

    Sorry motherload … Letten is either protecting his own homeboys on his own initiative (the white Jefferson Parish Public Officials, elected or appointed) or he is being used by these Jefferson Parish Politico Mafioso such as Vitter et al, because that’s his job !!!

    Smart Letter ain't … used he is …

  27. I’m sorry motherload … and while we are on Letten … apparently I am in a different parallel universe than yourself …

    The last thing Letten would do is call DC for help … it wasn’t until the families and friends of Glover, the Danzinger Bridge victims, and the soon to be tried Convention murderer(s) pounded on DOJ in Washington that Letten had any concern with these horrendous crimes …

    It was an independent task force selected by the Attorney General of the US, Eric Holder, who quartered the necessary office space and personnel to prosecute what Letten had failed and/or chose not to do … these are the facts, like Letten or not …

    And in my parallel universe, Letten’s selective prosecution tactics, whether it be the Canal Street whorehouse, Eddie Price, or Ashton O’Dwyer … these and many more cases serve as ample evidence that the administration of justice in the EDLA is seriously flawed, if not in fact corrupted and broken !!!

  28. motherload … another thought from my parallel universe … when is Letten going to get serious about River Birch ? … oh, you think he is … well why hasn't he triangulated that bully mouthed pussy troglodyte "Tommie" Wilkinson and offered him up for indictment ???

    Now that's what I'm talkin' about !!!

  29. All this talk about parallel universes is making my head spin. Where is our representation? The trash at the dump is not the only this that stinks around here, and an air freshener is not going to solve the problem. If Letten won't call for help, who can,and why hasn't it been done yet?

  30. Letten was smart in doing what was DONE with Mark Titus/Fazzio/River Burch and Stephen London. October 11 is present trial date for Fazzio/Oct. 26 new re arraignment for Titus. Mouton to testify to bribes by January's end. Berrigan to rule soon on DQ of London due to RB is paying him for Fazzio, i.e. conflicts.

  31. Picayune needs to intervene in new Fred Heebe civil Rico filed by Patrick Talley for Waste MGT. Picayune would get all filings by both sides. Civil Rico is a CIVIL matter, anyone taking the FIFTH once the matter goes to a JURY, BY LAW the JURY can make an "adverse inference" to those taking the FIFTH. Civil Rico involves criminal acts by Heebe, et. al. over MANY YEARS BUT is a CIVIL case sooooo, the Fifth as USED in a criminal case DOES NOT APPLY. HEEBE's defense atty's all know this. Judge Berrigan made that ruling in Copeland/Bodenheimer corruption 2003-05 No. 03-2584 where Al Copeland took the FIFTH in that CIVIL case.

  32. Mother: so simply put if someone is charged criminally and takes the Fifth there can be no 'adverse inference' ( that is nothing can be said out loud like ' well he must be guilty since he refuses to swear to his testimony') but in a Civil case such an inference can be made ( like ' well why wouldn't he swear to his testimony, it's not like he is going to jail because of this is it? What's he afraid of? Where there is smoke there is fire')

    What if testimony he swears in the civil case can land him in jail if he is later charged criminally?

  33. Then he can invoke the Fifth in any subsequent criminal matter. Testimony given in the civil case may or may not be admissable, probably not if using the 5th, depends on that testimony. IF the U. S. Gov't filed their OWN CIVIL RICO and got a J against defendants and a civil Rico is filed by a party other than the U. S. Gov't subsequent to that U. S. Gov't civil Rico J, then that J. can be used against any party in other civil rico filings against that party. Remember the BURDEN OF PROOF IS FAR LESS IN ANY CIVIL MATTER, even tho criminal predicate proximate direct acts injured the plaintiff, the burden of their proof is the civil preponderance of evidence NOT by the criminal required beyond a reasonable doubt.

  34. Yeah…That Jim Letten is BRILLIANT. Probably a Rhodes Scholar?
    Politicians have enjoyed legally sanctioned robbery of BILLIONS of Katrina dollars & did the SAME with BP.
    The Canal street brothel investigation netted a guilty plea FROM A BOAT, yet NONE of the MEN "Johns" were REVEALED or ARRESTED.
    He appeared with DAVID VITTER on a radio talk show AFTER the mangled investigation & WHAT DOES THAT TELL US?
    He is PROTECTING a chosen group of political PIGGIES!
    How LONG…Has Nungesser caused havoc for the people of Plaquemines PARISH?…
    How LONG…are the council THUGS in JP going to ROB the TAXPAYERS?…
    A real genius, huh?

  35. Fazzio STILL = Fred Heebe. Fazzio risks not having HIS interests protected, by not having HIS own independent counsel, who could NOW put Fazzio in a plea deal favoring Fazzio. Heebe paying Fazzio's attorney is automatically proving Fazzio's check writing, to guilty plea Henry Mouton, puts Fazzio in RB corruption far beyond Garner construction corruption. Mouton guilty plea depends on Mouton telling the truth. Mouton NOW will destroy Fazzio with material proving Fazzio not only wrote him checks but was a Heebe co conspirator for years.

  36. I've seen a pattern with LETTEN's "investigations".

    They usually end with TRIVIAL or NO arrests, but SOMEONE else is elected to an OFFICE.

    EXAMPLES : Junior Rodriguez / Craig Taffaro

    Laurie White Defense Attorney in the Canal Street Brothel case…NOW a JUDGE


    Maybe I DREAMED this…but, isn't an attorney OBLIGATED to report CRIMES?…

    Una Anderson / Walker Hines…

    The election is also likely to hinge on recent allegations that Anderson accepted a bribe in exchange for helping steer a School Board contract to two local garbage haulers. Federal agents are looking into claims by Stan "Pampy" Barre that he delivered the bribe to Anderson's husband six years ago. Barre is a former political operative and restaurateur who is awaiting sentencing on fraud charges. Anderson maintains her innocence.

    comments :
    I have heard from a couple of sources that the information Pampy was telling that allegedly linked Una Anderson to some shady dealings was never able to be substantiated. The feds never could find anything to back up Pampy's claims.

    The REAL story there is that Pampy has some connection to the father of my current underaged ineffective state representative Walker Hines and that supposedly a deal was made for Pampy to make these claims right before the runoff election between Hines and Anderson. I have no doubt that Pampy's accusations of wrong doing by Una Anderson is what cost her the election. Now we are stuck with some kid as our state rep who no one in Baton Rouge takes seriously.


  37. The problem I’m having with commentators telling me how smart Letten is … IS THAT HE IS NOT !…

    Is it smart to ignore the criminal conspiracy of River Birch (and principals Heebe/Ward/Sneed) in collusion with JP Public Officials, elected or appointed (Whitmer, Wilkinson, Broussard et al) to award River Birch an illegal landfill monopoly ? Tell me, where are the indictments of any of these individuals to buttress those of Mouton and Fazzio to further triangulate Heebe/Ward/Sneed in this vast RICO conspiracy, of which Jefferson Parish is part and parcel of …

    Read AMV’s original Whistleblower Claim and subsequent Federal lawsuit; read Waste Management’s lawsuits; read Concrete Busters’ lawsuit … so what’s ‘smartboy’ Letten’s problem … is he’s blind, deaf and dumb when it comes home to Jefferson Parish ?

    Arrogance breeds stupidity … Letten’s selective prosecution is systemic stupidity …and Letten’s failure and/or refusal to prosecute his white JP homeboys as it concerns this River Birch criminal conspiracy speaks for itself … arrogance personified !!!

  38. Interesting that the Waste Mgt. $50million civil Rico has been moved out of Judge Berrigan's Section C and NOW is in Section B, Judge Ivan L. R. Lemelle section. Fazzio has 3 more counts added = 22 Federal criminal counts; Titus pled guilty; Mouton pled guilty.


    Mr. Letten or any other interested party can easily connect the practices and schemes that all of you have described in this blog with some of the parties you have named in this blog.

    All that has to be done is to review the history of the opposition to Waste Management's Woodside Landfill in Livingston Parish during the period 1998 to 2002, and you will see the exact same pattern was attempted, and almost successfully implemented.

  40. Whitmer, Parker, Titus, Mouton have all pled GUILTY. Broussard, Wilkinson, Fazzio now under Federal criminal indictments. Jim Letten is nailing BIG TIME corruption. Broussard and or Wilkinson Guilty PLEAS? are next? Coulon will plea?, Fazzio, Whitmer, Broussard, Wilkinson and Coulon then NAIL Heebe, et. al.

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