BREAKING: Self described King of Torts gets his ass kicked in California

These guys are the worst of hypocrites that you can possibly find,” said Roger Chadderdon, technology counsel at Cataphora. “They claim to be trying to help the little guy, but what they’re doing is trying to put more money in their own pockets. Everybody knows that, but this is a case that illustrates it beyond what I have ever seen.”

So who is this self proclaimed King of Torts? He and his son have appeared on these pages before. Now the real riddle is what does this guy have to do with the Goat Farm lawsuit Charles Leary is mentioned so prominently in? (Leary has denied involvement in that lawsuit to the Canadian media despite the offical court record here in Louisiana.) Perhaps an ex wife who partnered with Trout Point Owner Danny Abel to homecook the out of state plaintiff they attempted to fleece. Man the stories I’ve heard about Deonne whew!  And that doesn’t count the problems Deonne and her ex are having in Florida these days. Kinda mirrors the crash and burn now occurring on the shores of the Tusket River in Nova Scotia huh.

To paraphrase Nowdy the past isn’t dead, it is not even past.

Stay tuned.


6 thoughts on “BREAKING: Self described King of Torts gets his ass kicked in California”

  1. A word of advice, don't believe all that you read. I am not to my knowledge a part of any litigation with either Danny's. I have no idea about any problems we are having in Florida or anywhere. I would like to hear stories, you have heard about me. According to your statement, I must be a legend in my own time.

  2. If I read about your tax troubles on the bathroom wall I'd be skeptical but court records I take as a journalistic fact. And yes your.exploits are the stuff of legend in certain circles.


  3. Well you know there are two sides to a story and a lot goes on behind the judical scenes that end up with an injustice. You know they say do not judge a person until you have walled a mile in their shoes.
    I am confident the "legendary" stories you have heard are greatly distorted. You have obviously condemed me without even knowing me. The simple truth is that I was a single mother raisin to two sons, getting a law degree, while undergoing unspeakable acts by the former husband. I have always worked very hard to creare and maintain a career and life that I and my children could take pride in. I am disappointed in your lack of journalistic integrity. You are more like a papparzi!

  4. Papparzi? Lil' ol' me? Naw, papparzi run around with cameras chasing people like Madonna. I'm just an ordinary guy that goes on the occasional rant after discovering many of the reasons the justice system here did not work after Katrina. The oil spill was a bonus because we all got ring side seats to the greed driven cesspool that is the various local court systems and bar BUT we didn't have to lose our homes to get it.

    Now I'll give you this Deonne, you got more sack than most of our subjects coming on here to tell your side of things. But your history in the public record really smells and your prior associations stink even worse. And if you take pride in that I'm more than happy to let our readers judge my journalism without further comment.

    Happy to have you here with us to tell your side of things.


  5. You want to sit down and talk, I am sure you know how to find me. By the way I have not lived in La. since 2002,

    Merry Christmas and otherwise adios!

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