BREAKING: Self described King of Torts gets his ass kicked in California

These guys are the worst of hypocrites that you can possibly find,” said Roger Chadderdon, technology counsel at Cataphora. “They claim to be trying to help the little guy, but what they’re doing is trying to put more money in their own pockets. Everybody knows that, but this is a case that illustrates it beyond what I have ever seen.”

So who is this self proclaimed King of Torts? He and his son have appeared on these pages before. Now the real riddle is what does this guy have to do with the Goat Farm lawsuit Charles Leary is mentioned so prominently in? (Leary has denied involvement in that lawsuit to the Canadian media despite the offical court record here in Louisiana.) Perhaps an ex wife who partnered with Trout Point Owner Danny Abel to homecook the out of state plaintiff they attempted to fleece. Man the stories I’ve heard about Deonne whew!  And that doesn’t count the problems Deonne and her ex are having in Florida these days. Kinda mirrors the crash and burn now occurring on the shores of the Tusket River in Nova Scotia huh.

To paraphrase Nowdy the past isn’t dead, it is not even past.

Stay tuned.


BREAKING: Waste Management files suit against River Birch, Heebe and Jim Ward.

Hat tip Jr in comments for linking the AP story on Fox 8 regarding same. The RICO complaint is full of salacious details as once again Heebe’s waterboys in the local media take center stage:

In addition to bribing public officials to directly pervert the political process, the River Birch Defendants took other actions to successfully manufacture the appearance of “public opposition” to that landfill so as to prevent or delay competition from Waste Management’s Chef Menteur facility. Specifically, the River Birch Defendants made a substantial, undisclosed interest free and unrecorded “loan” of $250,000 to radio host Garland Robinette after Mr. Robinette, armed with false and misleading information in direct contravention of the LDEQ’s informed opinion, routinely railed against the purportedly harmful environmental consequences of opening and operating the Chef Menteur and Old Gentilly landfills. So effective was Mr. Robinette in corrupting the public dialogue that even the LDEQ felt it was unable to communicate its position on the benefits of the Chef Menteur and Old Gentilly landfills as safe and valuable alternatives to disposal at the River Birch landfills.

And Team Waste Management is squarely targeting Heebe’s lawyers as it appears they are witnesses to this entire affair: Continue reading “BREAKING: Waste Management files suit against River Birch, Heebe and Jim Ward.”

Getting ready for a long bitter winter: Fred Heebe continues the renovations at 5531 St Chas

Hat Tip to a reader for the steer to the building permit site for the City of New Orleans where we find the Heebes are spending $75K to insulate the place.  What I found interesting is that Dominick Fazzio’s name was not mentioned in the permitting despite the fact he was listed as manager of 5531 ST Charles Avenue LLC. The contractor for the work Live Oak Homes, has been mentioned on these pages a time or two.


The Trout Point PR beating continues: The Shelburne County Today reports on the tussle between the girls and Trip Advisor.

Sorry for the back to back same topic posts folks but Timothy Gillespie at the Shelburne County Today has picked up the ChronicleHerald coverage and was kind enough to link us along with all the other media outlets Charles Leary, Vaughn Perret and Danny Abel have either sued or threatened to sue in Canada.

As a bonus allow me to reveal the link that will ultimately be the downfall of Leary, Perret and Abel.  You see folks the statements they made about me and 2 other Canadian residents on this blog were libelous even by American standards.  When WordPress was notified they locked Trout Point’s new blog up tighter than a drum but I saved a pdf copy for later use.  🙂

Post Turtle mentioned something about people doing dumb things when they see red.  Yep.


Blood in the water, Vomit on the floor……

Image courtesy of Patricia

I find this to be rather ironic that management is targeting Trip Advisor since they used this platform under many screen names a few years back to sway travellers away from other lodging choices and promoted their own, posting fake glowing reviews and breaking every rule of this sites posting rules. When one screen name was shut down because of various complaints management would simply create more.and carry on. I suppose they would know firsthand of all they now complain about since they did all these things themselves in an attempt to manipulate the site.

Like I said folks there is so much more…….