The Green Green Gra$$ of Jefferson Parish. A Jefferson Parish Council Pay-to-Play update (Updated)

Folks, grass is all over the news these days and not the smoking variety.  Here in Bay St Louis grass was recently topical as the City actually terminated its outside contract for cutting grass on city rights of way etc citing the resulting savings as one of the major items that helped it make ends meet in these tight budgetary times. Grass has also been very topical in Jefferson Parish.

Dating to last year I found several stories written by Rich Rainey at the Times Picayune on the subject. For instance in this report from last November we learned the Parish was re-measuring all their property maintained by Ramelli Janitorial Services when reports surfaced that Remelli likely overbilled the Parish 5 figures for grass cutting.  The T-P’s editorial board then quickly chipped in their two cents on the subject. In January we found that measuring the grass Ramelli was cutting was not an easy task and from the tenor of the article it appears that Ramelli was not purposely overbilling the Parish. In February we learned that both sides agreed the overbill for grass cutting was $70,000 and that the dispute had thus been amicably resolved.

I mention all this because Wednesday during the one of the salvos of the Parish Council’s attacks on the Young Administration, Councilman Chris “Mini-me” Roberts used proposed cuts in Code Enforcement to offer the an opinion about how grass was causing people to run like hell from the Jefferson Parish. Continue reading “The Green Green Gra$$ of Jefferson Parish. A Jefferson Parish Council Pay-to-Play update (Updated)”

Chronic Coulorphobia: It’s Getting Real Scary. A Lockemuptight guest post

George "Backroom Deal" Peterson

Everyone foolishly thought landfill activist and District 3 candidate, George Peterson, was going to let his previous clownish attack on the Citizens for Good Government, for their mentioning excessive Council campaign contributions, simmadownnow. Who would have thought the landfill activist would turn his criticism and insults up several notches and accuse the CCFG of being “ladies lacking common sense” to their faces.

Well, it wasn’t the ladies’ angelic faces which changed after Mr.Peterson’s tirade. Mr.Peterson’s earlier clownish appearance, which grew scary at the previous Council meeting, began to take on a much more sinister look as audience members again began to have coulorphobic anxiety. Councilman at Large (pun intended) Chrissy Roberts seemed to enjoy seeing the CCFG get roasted over and over as Peterson repeated his “ladies lacking common sense” insult again and again. BOYS AND GIRLS IT WAS PREMEDITATED, PREMATURE TRICK OR TREAT ON THE CCFG. The CFGG’s main Inspector General proponent, President Young,who had left the building earlier to catch a flight to D.C. must have experienced burning ears himself in route, as the Council of Clowns had also sprung an earlier Pearl Harbor attack on MIA Young and his entire administration fleet. Continue reading “Chronic Coulorphobia: It’s Getting Real Scary. A Lockemuptight guest post”

I’d like to make a general announcement about George Peterson and the s1civicgroup

Folks I’ve received several contacts recently regarding the attacks by Peterson and his organization on the Citizens for Good Government.  Peterson himself stopped in with us to accuse Slabbed guest poster Lockenuptight of being one of the M&M sisters in a diatribe that did nothing to dispel the questions about Peterson and the curious stances his civic group took in the recent landfill contract process.

We are working to get a video up on YouTube from the last Jefferson Parish Council meeting and hopefully that will happen so that people can make up their own minds. Meantime next up is another post from Lockemuptight who saw the meeting replay on Cox and was outraged enough at what he saw to author another guest post on Peterson and his S1civic Group.

I say this because Mr Peterson and I exchanged emails yesterday. The long and short of it is I offered him the opportunity to present his viewpoints on Slabbed via guest post.  He declined my offer.


The Meraux Foundation enters the political fray

Our newer readers wanting to catch up should check this Times Picayune story on the resignations of soon to be former St Bernard Parish Sheriff Jack Stephens and lawyer Sal Gutierrez from the Meraux Foundation board. How these two guys are not already in jail with disgraced former Judge Wayne Cresap is amazing.

In this episode of Magnum JD: Magnum wins a reprieve in the Continental Casualty Suit.

Folks it is not a secret that Jeff Crouere’s girlfriend, Judge Martin Feldman does not have any fans on the Slabbed Editorial Board. That said even a broken clock is right two times a day and Feldman issued an order in the suit Continental Casualty v Magnum that I actually agree with. Even better Feldman nicely sums up the mess that is the multiple lawsuits involving Magnum and washed up actors Kevin Costner and Stephen Baldwin who are alleging Magnum defrauded them. Amazingly since we’ve picked up Magnum J.D. for broadcast on Slabbed, the Continental suit involves the second time we’ve highlighted a civil suit involving Mags and the legal concept of an insurers duty to defend. Unfortunately for Magnum first time around, Tom Porteous’ former law partner Robert Creely could not homecook the Hammer case in Magnum’s favor as ad hoc judge and was soundly reversed on appeal.

I’m not sure how this will unfold in the coming days as the suits are consolidated at the NOLA CDC but I can say we’ll have all the lowdown for you here on Slabbed.  (Calling Secret Agent 99….) I suspect if Continental pays for Magnum’s lawyers it will be after the case is over and I think when it is all said and done there is not much chance of that.

The order and reasons is below the folds.  Click the pic to get the 7 page PDF. Continue reading “In this episode of Magnum JD: Magnum wins a reprieve in the Continental Casualty Suit.”