The Hayride goes postal on John Alario. A corruption makes for strange bedfellows update. :-)

Well folks what can I say except Slabbed is  loved both by conservatives and progressives. Of late it has been the GOP that has reached out to Slabbed finding common ground with us on the subject of certain crooks such as newly minted Republican John Alario and SPEECH.  So along those lines Scott McKay at the Hayride, a hard-line republican resource that is listed in our blogroll, has done a couple of posts on why Alario is dangerous to Louisiana that are worth linking here on Slabbed:

RINO’s And Democrats Seem Intent On Making Alario Senate President

The Anti-Alario Effort Moves To Facebook

I’m not much on partisan politics folks but in Alario’s case, Scott makes the case IMHO. Both links are well worth reading. To add to the general discussion has anyone seen Alario’s protegé Steve TheRiot lately?


3 thoughts on “The Hayride goes postal on John Alario. A corruption makes for strange bedfellows update. :-)”

  1. People seem to forget that Alario's son Johnny had a gambling problem that resulted in his embezzling money from the state. He was fired from that job, received treatment for his "gambling addiction" then given another state job at an increase in pay. He was never charged with a crime although patently guilty of stealing! My guess is that Alario, Sr. had nothing to do with his son not being prosecuted!

  2. i never forgot that johnny stole that money. i also never forgot that johnny got blocked trying to get money under the guise of redecorating his office while working at another no show state job. alario sr shoulda been pinched on something by now. also, dont forget alario couldnt name the alario center after him self so they named it after his father john sr. a jeff parish school board maintenance man. the egos on these people.

  3. This is what I saw.

    Alario filled up his can of gasoline in Westwego and proceeded to pour in on the hay these Republican elite were going to ride on. A fellow Alario convert threw a match.

    I love looking at fires.

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