8 thoughts on “BREAKING: Another hung jury in the Dantin molestation case”

  1. Surprise…surprise…surprise….

    Jefferson Parish Jurors are pooled from where ? … from a list of registered voters in Jefferson Parish … and you wonder why there has been two mistrials in this most egregious case ?

    Com’on people … if you won’t cut your grass … leave !!!

  2. Imagine that!!!! Did we expect anything less? With the DA acting like he is the defense atty, this surprises no one. Come on people. There will never be a fair trial. The good ole boys along with the DA boys are running that show. Ole Capt Jay could have walked into court with his pants down, and it still would have been a mistrial. I still say yeah to Team Jane Doe, atleast she still fights for her son…

  3. So what happens now? A third go around, with another mistrial? Bet the Judge is wishing this case would just "go away", bet the DA's office doesn't go for round 3. Pockets are being stuffed, promises are being made, and no not to the victim.

  4. Has anyone heard when the new trial is set for or if there will be one? Maybe trying to get a hold of the next set of jurors before they set a date!! Hell, even if they don't send him to jail, atleast let him have one night with big bubba, throw the mayor, police chief and the kids dad in and see who protects who then. Bunch of sicko's.

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