Dominick “Big D” Fazzio goes on the offensive, tries to have Team Letten disqualified. A Legal Jackassery Update (Updated 3X)

Folks Team Fazzio is pulling out all the stops to keep Dominick “Big D” Fazzio free and available for the defense at team River Birch.  In my last post on this topic I described this case as a branch of a branch of the Jefferson Parish Political Corruption Scandal while Paul Rioux at the T-P described the case as unrelated to the River Birch prosecution.

Well folks, Fazzio lawyer Stephen London wants everyone to know that the prosecution of Fazzio for defrauding Texas construction manager Garner Services has everything to do with the coming prosecution of Team River Birch and he is leveling lots of allegations at Team Letten including that exact talking point according to the T-P’s Paul Rioux.

We know London best for his unsuccessful representation of now convicted felon Arthur “Archie” Kaufman of Danziger Bridge infamy and I’ll add he better have the goods on Letten here because these kind of motions are guaranteed to piss off Team Letten immensely.  As always never a dull moment folks.


Folks after reading Rioux’s story I thought for a second Team Letten may have screwed up. But then I read the transcript furnished by the defense and I think what this is really about is Team Fazzio telling team Letten to go fuck themselves. This is gonna be a good fight.


The second transcript.


Fazzio lawyer Charles Marshall has filed a motion to withdraw from Team Fazzio. (H/T Pres in comments to this post.)


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  1. We'll survive. But if I can't, man, let me tell ya, I made the joke to you the other day that I want to be incarcerated with mandatory no visitation because If my wife ever catches wind of everything that I've been fucking doing, I'll never hear the end of it. And I want to be locked away where I can't get, I don't want no conjugal visitations. Fuck that, it ain't worth it. Ain't no pussy in the world worth good to that bitchin' and can follow behind It. Oh, fuck, man. I've been so stressed about this kind of stuff that I haven't been able to pursue my business development, you know, the way that I need to.


  2. There are actually two different transcripts filed by the defense in this case. What this filing tells me is that Dom Fazzio has been promised something big to keep his mouth shut by Heebe/Ward, his lawyer Stephen London isn't representing his interests here but rather that of who is paying him (River Birch/Heebe/Ward/etc), and that he should immediately fire Stephen London for not representing his interests here. Dom Fazzio is on the Mark St. Pierre highway to being completely FU*KED.

    Its better to be a federally protected witness so they don't bury your hide under the Marcello landfill like they did all the others who refused to be bought off.

    Why did his two other attorneys withdraw from representing Fazzio today?

    1. Look, I know there's a lot involved into it and I might be scared. I don't like to talk about landfills and all that Dom because the history of landfills make me nervous about my own personal security to tell you the truth. You told me before they would rather pay a problem to go away rather than strong arm a problem to go away and I hope to god that would be true.


  3. The transcripts are a great read.
    No one can make up this kinda stuff.

    Looks like "Ball to the Walls" for both sides.

    Gonna be plenty interesting to watch this one play out.

    1. I get the feeling Big D suspected Titus was wired and accepted that he was going to jail for a long stretch. The first transcript has Fazzio's wife Rebecca on it at the very beginning. To take a fall implies she is taken care of or will be taken care of in his absence. Incarceration is not an easy row to hoe.

      If you calculate the risks he faces you gotta think he enough squirreled away for her to live on. The danger in relying on others is if they too end up with long prison terms all the front end deals tend to get dicey when it comes to delivery on the back end. I imagine Fazzio has considered all that.

      You also get the feeling from that transcript that through the years Big D told Mark Titus some things that had Titus concerned for his safety. Inherent to the quote I posted above is Racketeering. RICO prosecutions are complex critters but the forfeiture and sentencing provisions are draconian if proven.

      My biggest concern is that Team Letten does not have enough resources in these very tight budgetary times to bring the entire scandal to a logical conclusion. You get an indication that is the case with the public officials he has let go in exchange for a resignation and promise to never seek office again and I've said it once here on these pages so I might as well say it again that could well be the case with Jiff Hingle.

      It is a number game. Theer are roughly 40 lawyers in Letten's office and around half are devoted to street crimes. You have a few folks in the civil division and that leaves 15 lawyers for everything else from post katrina NOPD killings to the scandal in Jefferson Parish. Starving government via budgetary limits has a cost folks. Maybe paying taxes isn't all bad, especially if you get get rid of the graft and get a bang for your buck.


  4. Fazzio's attorney certainly isn't looking out for his best interests with this filing. Fazzio should have jumped at the deal the Feds were offering in a NY heartbeat. Does this guy really think the heebe/ward/jeff parish political mafia give a rats ass about him? He needs to find new attorneys ASAP who can undo the damage this filing did to him.

  5. Word on Poydras Street is that Letten's office may have added additional troops in this case out of HQ in Washington, DC & the Jackson, MS office. They also say Holder has made the River Birch case one of the agencies top priority cases nationally.

    Also a birdie said that St. Bernard Sherriff Jack Stephens "resigned" from the Mereaux Foundation…………………..

    1. The T-P has a story up as well but it doesn't reveal much. Time tends to answer those questions. In Harry Morel's case I'm just lucky enough to know someone with superior knowledge. Too soon to tell on Jiff just yet. based on what I know but you may have some insights I do not on the former Sheriff.


  6. Having read the documents attached to Fazzio’s motion, I and and others, including Sop, are convinced that he suspected Titus was wired. Fazzio repeatedly stated that he would tell the truth; that Mouton was lying; and that Heebe et al would spend the bank on lawyers to tell their story, including his ! It was Fazzio’s non-responsive responses to Titus’ ‘leading’ statements and questions that became the fodder for another way to look at this matter at this moment… and Voila !

    We have a “WHAT IF” conspiracy theory that centers on Fazzio and his relationship with Heebe and the Wards… the we includes my cousin deBrief and his girlfriend Malthide, whose Washington and Baton Rouge contacts give rise of the possibility that this simple scenario has ‘credible legs’…

    WHAT IF Fazzio’s allegience is not to Heebe and the Wards, but a more silent and organized partner(s) … that he is the ‘bookkeeper’ for a reason … and that reason being to protect this silent partner’s monetary interest … in essence to ‘account’ and ‘explain’ how and why certain money was spent … really, think about it:

    1) Wouldn’t the Wards and/or Heebe have had an employee of long standing from their varied other businesses over the years, someone they could trust, that could have ‘written’ checks to people like Mouton and other lobbyists; widespread campaign contributions; and certain ‘loans’. What was Fazzio’s connection to them, for how long and what ‘experience’ qualifications did he have to merit this position ?

    2) Why is Fazzio the lone person listed to control the house on St. Charles Avenue through a shell corporation … if Fred is so rich, why would he consent having the conduct of someone else possibly jeopardize the possession of his homestead’s equity? Who in fact is Fazzio fronting for ? Whose money bought the house? And if in fact Heebe seeded the money to acquire the mansion, I wonder if the silent partner(s) got upset because of the possible attention it would draw from certain quarters like the FBI and US Attorney. In fact this whole charade of hosting social, charitable and political functions at the Heebe-Sneedie mansion has done nothing but attract attention, for the good, the bad and the ugly !

    3) Why does Fazzio live in Slidell, and not on the Westbank of Jefferson Parish ? Doesn’t it seem strange that he would not live among the ‘social’ crowd of the politically connected in Jefferson Parish as we would assume he would given his working for River Birch, Heebe and the Wards ? However, there seems to be a history of ‘made guys’ living in Slidell, including the infamous Nofio Pecora (Pecoraro). Hmmm…

    4) Why does Fazzio seem to have so many ‘outside’ interests apart from River Birch et al ? Is it because he can do as he pleases without their knowledge or approval ? Is he a Cappo in his own right, and only has to account to the silent partner(s), and maybe not all the time if he can get away with it. That his scam with Titus is profile organized crime is undeniable; and he is going to hold to his story, do his time and get fucked in the end because that is the modern Mafioso way. Fred has to be protected not Fazzio ! It’s all about continuing to make the money and thus be able to buy the political power politicians who can make Fazzio go away, and not Fred.

    5) Doesn’t it strike you as odd that up to this point, that the criminal conspiracy by and between the principals of River Birch (Heebe and Wards and underlings, Fazzio and B.K. Sneed) and Jefferson Parish Officials (both elected and appointed, including but not limited to Whitmer, Wilkinson, Broussard, the entire JP Council who voted in favor of River Birch, Alan Gandolfi, David Fos, Louis Gruntz and of course Peggy Barton) to award River Birch an illegal landfill monopoly has not been the subject of any of the indictments that pretend to focus on Heebe (or is it Jim Ward) as co-conspirator ‘A’ … it appears to be limited to New Orleans, the Gentilly landfill in particular … NOW WHY IS THAT ? Wouldn’t Fazzio’s ‘check’ writing come into play here in Jefferson Parish ?

    6) Fazzio is fucked, no matter where he ends up … in jail for a long time or at the bottom of a dump … none of the people he believes will ‘take care of his family’ gives a shit … this is the age of reality as in the Sopranos and not of a romantic past portrayed in the Godfather.

    So “Big D” … who are you really… and about your family … ?

  7. Titus transcript disc No. 1 at page 9, Dominick Fazio was Chief Financial Officer for Al Copeland prior to being CFO for Heebe/River Burch, etc. Heebe, Butler, Sr. represented Al thru the 70's, 80's, 90's and 445million Church's and Texas involuntary Popeye Chapter XI, where Butler, Sr. actually filed to be on the "creditors committee."

  8. i guess linda meffert became cfo for al copeland after fazzio left…..does fazzio still have the bowling alley in harvey, fazzio's rainbow lanes?

  9. BING BING you just jogged my memory Jr! Ol' Al is coming up a lot on these pages lately.

    I think Big D got rid of the Bowling Alley.

    The defense issued subpoenas to three business here on the coast for records involving TLT. I am chasing down leads there but I think I'm getting a flavor for how Titus spent his part of the loot.


  10. poor old al. bathing in the healing waters at lourdes couldn't wash the stench off his soul. these scumbags really do fancy themselves as mafia "families". remember the fracas at morton's steak house between the guidry family and the copeland family? al was pissed because bobby guidry bribed the right people for the treasure chest messing up whatever fix al thought he had. the decision by the doj to let guidry keep his ill gotten millions is one of the worst miscarriages of justice this area has ever seen. also recall our beloved "chicken king" bribed a degenerate judge who was so low down he had drugs planted on a critic.

  11. Judge Bodenheimer went to Federal Prison. Al took the FIFTH IN THAT 2003-05 CIVIL case AND AL'S ATTORNEY AT COPELAND ENTERPRISES BRYAN WHITE went to Federal Prison for a year from that CIVIL case. White was disbarred but on being freed WAS NAMED AND IS top executive running the enterprises for the COPELAND ESTATE with Al Jr., since leaving prison.
    Judge Berrigan in THAT CIVIL case ruled IF the matter goes to a JURY the Jury by law can make and "adverse inference for anyone taking the 5th in a CIVIL case." Al settled that case weeks after Berrigan's ruling and case was dismissed. NO Jury.


  13. Motherload and Pres: You guys seem very knowledgeable . Retired 24th JDC Judge Skip Hand is opposing Walt Bennetti for District 4 in Jefferson Parish's October election. What do you guys know about any Wrinkled Robe investigations into Skip Hand's judgeship? He seemed to retire a little early in his 24th JDC career.

  14. Lock: forgetaboutit…you don't have to look at Wrinkled Robe just look at his 'job' with Aaron Broussard at JP after he retired from 24th JDC. Wasn't Hand one of the people who quickly resigned when attendance was taken? Or do I have him confused with someone else? Thought he and Chuck Cusimano were 'sharing' the Code Enforcement Judge thing.

  15. Mereaux Foundation resignations by Sheriff Jack Stephens and attorney Sal Guitierezz who was made the head of the $250 million foundation a decade ago AFTER JUDGE Cresap, NOW in Federal prison for taking Kickbacks from prisoner bail, approved attorney Sal Guitierezz to head the foundation. Federal subpoena's were sent to parish clerk to investigate Judge Cresap for allowing Sal to head the foundation. Sal put Jack Stephens on the foundation.
    OH Sal has an attorney and Sal's attorney is Peter J. Butler, Sr. our Fred Heebe co heart and Fred Heebe attorney and former Butler-Heebe law partner that represented Al Copeland in the 70's,80's,90's and into 2000. GEE now that is Jefferson Parish + St. Bernard Parish any other Fred Heebe, connections? Hundreds of thousands of dollars were paid in attorney fees by the foundation that pays NO real estate taxes on all property owned because of non profit status. One piece of property leased to Wall Mart on Judge Perez collects $600ths in annual rent from Wall Mart.

  16. So…is this the Joseph and Arlene Mereaux who were 'secretly' married because his mother objected to the marriage? Is this the Arlene who lived in a house to the rear of Joseph's house uptown so his mother would not know? I heard these stories for years and now wonder if this is that Mereaux?

  17. motherload … isn't it 'coincidental' how money has a way of corrupting the entire process…

    I can only assume we are talking about this Bryan White who is the subject of the article cited below … RIGHT !!!

    Former Al Copeland attorney seeks reinstatement of law license
    Published: Tuesday, September 06, 2011, 5:05 PM Updated: Tuesday, September 06, 2011, 5:57 PM By Bob Ross, The Times-Picayune

  18. After reading several comments relating to Fazzio’s past “experiences”, I and my fellow conspiracists, are now more than ever convinced of his role as a Cappo who is protecting his ‘organized and silent partner(s)’ interests …

    A classic Mafia move … imbed corrupt financial associate into a high-flyer’s business … use the company to launder money … bankrupt it … and move on … Heebe/Ward look like the next pigeons …

    This reads like a chapter of a bio-fictional novel … in fact it is … mine !!!


  19. suggest today's hidden links connect back to Mamoulides successor Connick. Remember back to Mamo & Moon being "runners" for the Marcello pinball operation viv-a-vis TAC Amusements. Some links can be traced waaay back; but the red-herrings abound!

  20. Golfhack,

    Are we to assume that your disgust includes Clancy’s wife’s most clever and broadly descriptive named non-profit ? :

    Charter Number: 34368607 N
    Registration Date: 11/30/1990
    State Of Origin:
    Domicile Address
    3923 BIENVILLE ST.
    NEW ORLEANS, LA 70119
    Mailing Address
    3923 BIENVILLE ST.
    NEW ORLEANS, LA 70119
    Status: Active
    Annual Report Status: In Good Standing
    File Date: 11/30/1990
    Last Report Filed: 11/12/2010
    Type: Non-Profit Corporation
    Registered Agent(s)
    Agent: MARGO DUBOS
    Address 1: 30 TERN ST.
    City, State, Zip: NEW ORLEANS, LA 70124
    Appointment Date: 11/30/1990
    Officer(s) Additional Officers: No
    Officer: MARGO DUBOS
    Title: President, Director
    Address 1: 30 TERN ST.
    City, State, Zip: NEW ORLEANS, LA 70124

    Honestly, this type of endeavor is… well…so vaguely pedestrian !

  21. This is for “Big D” and all the other Jefferson Parish Politico Mafioso … not mentioning names but you know… the Soprano wannabes like mini-me Roberts, Judge Windhorst, Chief Lawson, Clerk of Court Gegenheimer, State Rep. Triplet, soon to be La. Senate President John Alario, Mayor Kerner etc, etc, etc…

  22. Whitmergate, YES Al Copeland took the FIFTH in Copeland, Bodenheimer V Luan Hunter and Al's attorney Bryan White was disbarred and sent to prison as was Bodenheimer. NOW White gets Gusman and State Police former head to testify to White being a solid citizen before LA Disciplinary Council. Luan WHO GOT PAID when Al settled her N. O. Federal case and then was able to pay to cut her grass at her Folsom home is NOW writing to get White his law license.
    Al takes the FIFTH and White does NOT have to fully disclose Al's part in Judge Bodenheimer's corruption, who also is disbarred and now out of prison. LA disciplinary council hearing is required to get full disclosures from all participants.

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