Dominick “Big D” Fazzio goes on the offensive, tries to have Team Letten disqualified. A Legal Jackassery Update (Updated 3X)

Folks Team Fazzio is pulling out all the stops to keep Dominick “Big D” Fazzio free and available for the defense at team River Birch.  In my last post on this topic I described this case as a branch of a branch of the Jefferson Parish Political Corruption Scandal while Paul Rioux at the T-P described the case as unrelated to the River Birch prosecution.

Well folks, Fazzio lawyer Stephen London wants everyone to know that the prosecution of Fazzio for defrauding Texas construction manager Garner Services has everything to do with the coming prosecution of Team River Birch and he is leveling lots of allegations at Team Letten including that exact talking point according to the T-P’s Paul Rioux.

We know London best for his unsuccessful representation of now convicted felon Arthur “Archie” Kaufman of Danziger Bridge infamy and I’ll add he better have the goods on Letten here because these kind of motions are guaranteed to piss off Team Letten immensely.  As always never a dull moment folks.

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Upon further review….

Folks the telephonic interview I had with former Trout Point Lodge manager Joyce Case Harlow has been rolling around in my mind for a while now.   Without background knowledge of the locals she dealt with during her time at Trout Point the interview was pure joy to me because she had no motivation other than to tell me the truth about how the business worked.  I say this because after thinking about the conversation and looking through my extensive notes I emailed Joyce this morning and gave her the following advice which I am also cross posting here to ensure she sees it.

Please call the New Orleans office of the FBI and tell them everything you told me, especially the part about the intentional destruction of business records.  You do not have to suffer in silence, especially since you are an unwitting witness to potential criminal acts.


The Jerry “Captain Jay” Dantin child molestation retrial is today….

I feel relatively certain Paul Purpura is there for the Times Picayune. We’ll be having more on this when news comes regarding a verdict.