Kirk Cheyfitz of Story Worldwide has updated his post on Trout Point Lodge

Folks, I swear you simply can not make this kind of complete jackassery up as Kirk Cheyfitz has updated his post about his Trout Point experience:

Since this post initially went up, I have gotten numerous emails, ranging from apologetic to threatening, from Charles Leary. He alleges bad behavior on my part. He also says the long-running lawsuit filed against Trout Point and him by the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency (ACOA) has been settled. In addition, he says the man I talked to who was identified by his staff as Charles Leary was not, in fact, Charles Leary. But he will not produce the document showing the lawsuit was settled and he will not identify the man he claims I spoke to. Finally, he reaffirms his belief in his policy of attempting to own all his guests’ thoughts, observations and opinions about Trout Point.

Of course we have Leary and Perret’s photo should Kirk need to make a positive ID. :mrgreen:


I’d like to take a moment to welcome the Royal Canadian Mounted Police to this little project called Slabbed

Ladies and Gents welcome to the premiere lay written legal affairs blog in the entire Gulf South.  I’d also like to welcome the good folks at the Atlantic Canada Opportunies Agency to my post on how Charles Leary of Trout Point Lodge mislead the Canadian courts in the case involving their taxpayer subsidized loan.  Watch what you say because if the girls don’t approve it in advance they will sue!  😉


Planetta cops a plea in a deal that spares his wife.

Last April I mentioned coast builder Vic Planetta on Slabbed being in trouble for defrauding the SBA on a 7 figure loan. Today Robin Fitzgerald reports for the Sun Herald that Vic is taking a plea deal which includes pre trial diversion for his wife Eileen in what can only be described as a best case scenario for Team Planetta.  There will be restitution but the article is silent on the issue of pokey time for Vic at Club Fed.

File this one under greed kills.