Misfire: Slabbed catches up with Aaron Broussard as he and Trout Point owner Danny Abel sue the author of the literary flop Outgunned. A legal jackassery update.

Author Peter Brown was kind enough to stop in with us last month to let us know that his former co-author Danny Abel was suing him for money over a book that flopped and lost big.  I’ve laid the groundwork for this post with important background on the defacto legal partnership between Trout Point owner and former Broussard Parish Council aid Danny Abel and Aaron Broussard that can be found here and here.  We roll WWL-TeeVee’s Eric Paulsen and Broussard political hack/lawyer Carl Finley into the mix here.  In that last link you’ll get a real sense that Shane Gates aka Shane D’Antoni is a professional plaintiff along the lines of  Abel’s Trout Point Lodge partners Vaughn Perret and Charles Leary and this is certainly the case folks.  In fact in Paulsen Gates was described as an employee of Abel’s. It so so much more perverse than that folks so we must circle back to the obituary of Danny Abel’s father Glynn to understand the doings:

Survivors include his sister, Freda Abel Harper; son, Daniel Glynn Abel of New Orleans, La; two grandchildren, Shane M. Gates, and Christine E. Hymel, both of New Orleans, LA; and one great-grandson, Grafton Gabriel Gates of New Orleans, LA.

So is Gates a blood descendant of Glynn Abel? No folks, Danny adopted Shane along with his wife Christine, who goes by her maiden name in the obituary.  So I guess this means that Gates and Hymel have a brother-sister type of marriage and Abel is the tie that binds it all providing Gates with a free ride for over a decade.  Gates may well be some sort of distant cousin as described in Matt Labash’s pieces on Abel for the Weekly Standard but there is some serious perversion going on right here folks. Lest I digress.

The bottom line here is if it is true that Outgunned was a complete flop and judging from the reviews it is easy to see why then Abel and Gates have no case. Brown claims to be unbalanced and on some heavy meds, Gates is a complete poseur that is about as well-respected as a common street whore and Abel’s suit against the gun manufacturers was ill-conceived from the start. With that background laid I’m proud to announce that Aaron Broussard has moved his law office out of the Super 8 Motel on Clearview to a place on Williams Boulevard in Kenner. The suit looks like an old-time shakedown to me folks but we’ll be keeping our eye on it as it winds it way through the 24th JDC. Click the pic below the fold to get the 9 page pdf. ~ sop

11 thoughts on “Misfire: Slabbed catches up with Aaron Broussard as he and Trout Point owner Danny Abel sue the author of the literary flop Outgunned. A legal jackassery update.”

  1. Do I understand this? Shane and Christine are legally married, as in husband and wife, and Danny Abel adopts both, and they are then passed off as surviving grandchildren of Danny's father when he died?

    How, why? The mind boggles. Is this some scam to transfer property and avoid taxation? Oh what a tangled web we weave when we set out to deceive.

  2. You nailed it Novelle. Down here when this point of the conversation is reached generally there is an uncomfortable moment of silence as to the role Shane plays in Danny's life.

    Throw in a big time local TeeVee personality in Eric "The Toolman" Paulsen and things really gets kinky.


  3. I'll add here in case it is not self evident that I have built complete dossiers on all the players in this social group and I intend through time to roll out each and every one in excruciating detail as long as the lawsuit in Canada is an outstanding issue for Slabbed. The reason for this is that this band of gay men act as a unit that will also scatter like cockroaches when the heat is applied. This is especially true of Carl Finley for example as his role in Paulsen illustrates.


  4. OK Sop… I’m in …

    Enough of Broussard’s Christian hypocrite shit … and all this Medjugorje madness … the Jesuit Manresa machinations … and the Masonic maneuverings …

    I will continue to till for the truth … and the truth will surface and lay bare … and come to LIGHT for all to see !

  5. fr: Peter Harry Brown

    one correction in your author note. i WAS having emotional trouble and on heavy meds ten years ago when this book was scribbled out. of course, i also had no story since danny and gauthier's case was thrown out and nullified by the supreme court. so the original premise of the book died before the writing started. and 'absolutely no story' turned into a glut of type. turns ou those gun suits were a very bad idea — faltered all over the country. what gauthier and abel believed about the willingness of america's court system turned out to be entirely false.


    and not type will erase the fact that danny and shane are great people. you would have to be closer to it to understand that danny, shane and christine plus the grandchildren make a cohesive and close family. a lot of people may want that not to be true but it is. they have closer bonds than most born and bred families i know. i'm afraid i also have to say that, every time i saw him, "shane was working his ass off."

    1. Peter thank you for that correction and steer. Regarding Danny and his curious relationships I'm very happy to see a diversity of opinions here on Slabbed so that people can make up their own minds.


  6. Birds of a feather flock together. I have no doubt that Gates worked very hard to help Abel with all his crooked schemes. I too, know what kind of dealings Abel is involved in first hand.
    Even vultures flock together.

  7. Mr.Shane Gates made his picturesque news debut last night on the Toolman’s station no less and his story doesn’t sound believable . He buys a new GTO Pontiac and he’s driving down I-12 at a normal speed and a St. Tammany Sheriff deputy pulls him over within .6 miles and later smashes his face into the concrete of 1-12 and then beats crap out of him cause he a good citizen, careful driver and acted respectful of the deputy.


    If his face was indeed smashed into a concrete surface where is his broken nose or abrasions on his nose or head. Does he have a retractable nose or abrasion proof head ?

    I’m not saying the St .Tammany Sheriff and his deputies aren’t animals because several years ago they cornered a young man, who because of physical injuries became addicted to pain/narcotics, who had just robbed a drug store and they shot him to pieces Bonnie and Clyde like on Causeway before allowing him to surrender.

    And I have no love for a Sheriff’s attorney who appears to have a conflict of interest as he also represent/defends an insurance company and/or policy. What I would like to know is does” Chuckie” Hughes get any commissions or rewards for protecting claims against the parish’s liability policy beyond his salary or is he on an hourly salary which in and of itself is self-serving.

    The Sheriff of St.Tammany needs to be investigated along with “Chuckie” just like what was done in NOLA and a ” new Sheriff is needed in town ‘.

    And Shane needs to cut the drama queen stuff and confess to exactly what happened that day in his newly purchased, fast GTO to put a deputy into a bad mood. As the song says,put it thru the .25 mile( well less than .6 mile) and “turn it on, wind it up, blow it out, LITTLE GTO”


    1. I thought James Williams commenting upon Strain’s lawyer’s supposed ethical conflict was hysterical given what he and Magnum did with BP.

  8. And they have the All-Supreme Calogaro riding shotgun in Shane’s fast GTO to collect his $$$$ share of the drama queen’s story in Federal Court.

    Why can’t old Supreme Court justices revere their Honor and Reputation and soar like an eagle to a high mountain and die an honorable death like in “Big Little Man”.

    1. We’ve covered Gates v Strain since Perstein was knee high to a grasshopper, mainly the sanctions levied against Team Gates for abuse of the system issuing subpoenas without leave of the court.

      Police brutality cases are a dime a dozen. Occasionally you get cases like Robert Davis or Rodney King where the beating is captured on camera producing a perfect made for TeeVee News moment. This story is incomplete with the most substantive video being Perstein shaking Gate’s suit outside the courthouse.

      AROD got shitkicked for daring to stay at his house after the storm and I never remember seeing that on Channel 4 so personalities certainly enter into the equation, even with the Legitimate Media

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