BREAKING: Charles Leary and Trout Point Lodge issue a press release. (Updated)

SPEECH provides protections for web hosts against this exact tactic folks.  Leary and his running buddies are getting desperate but I in fact welcome the publicity.

Trout Point Lodge of Nova Scotia

PRESS RELEASE – For immediate release

September 14, 2011

East Kemptville, NS   In an ongoing civil legal battle involving allegations of defamation and related causes of action, Trout Point Lodge, Limited yesterday served Douglas Handshoe, a Mississippi accountant and blogger, with an Amended Notice of Action issued by the Prothonotary of the Supreme Court of Nova Scotia in Yarmouth. The attached claim included dozens of counts of defamation as well as invasion of privacy, intentional infliction of mental suffering, and intentional interference with economic relations.

In a related case against Louisiana Media Company, LLC—owner of Fox 8/WVUE in New Orleans, Louisiana—filed last year, a decision of Supreme Court Justice Pierre L. Muise this past May found Handshoe’s blog publications to be prima facie defamatory and to also contain “the type of expression that engenders harmful results such as discrimination and hatred. It is not the type of free expression that deserves protection and fostering.”

The plaintiffs in the Handshoe litigation will also this week be filing a Notice of Motion under the Nova Scotia Civil Procedure Rules to seek the true identity of an anonymous poster on the slabbed blog who claims to come from Nova Scotia and who uses the screen name “Novelle Ecosse,” as well as identifying information about other contributors to the blog. Novelle Ecosse, it is alleged, has published defamatory comments about the plaintiffs, including false accusations of criminal activity. Similar orders have been issued in recent Internet defamation cases such as A.B. v. Bragg Communications, the owner of EastLink. The host of the slabbed blog has already responded to such a Nova Scotia Supreme Court order in the past. The reasoning used by the court is that the rights of those who defame others anonymously do not outweigh the public interest in revealing their true identities.

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    1. Simmer down Gate. Perret and Leary aren't getting anything. Once Vaughn got done choking on yesterday's news he told Charle they had to escalate. You believe a Canadian judge wrote that about us? I could find no information in the decisions database at the NS supreme ct. Let the girls bleed, they went menstural and had to indulge it.


  1. Uh, Oh ! Looks like this is going to the mat.

    Looking down the road, I’ll bet Slabbed wins in Mississippi no matter what happens in Nova Scotia.

    And with that win there is going to be a lot of losers who Charlie drug down with him in his law suit happy world. The losers, his now former friends and associates, who were named as witnesses, deposed and examined under oath during the Slabbed TRIALS.

    Charlie you’re a loose canon, and no one wants to be around to see your fireworks fall to the ground. It is as simple and brutal as that.

  2. When you’re fucking holding on to the rim of this HellHole, you see things down there and think about what you see.

    Well WTF? About this T-P settlement with Trout Point. Only in this HellHole could I see this:

    This Trout Point guy is shoving his dick down the T-P lawyer’s throat and says: “Can I shove it any deeper ?” To which the T-P lawyer responds: “…No that’s deep enough … did you cum ? ” … Gasping the T-P lawyer asks “… So how much money do you want?”

    That’s it folks…that quick, that final, and all taking place in this HellHole of all hell holes, Jefferson Parish.

  3. I've had several people also remind me that Canadian libel law applies to Leary and Perret too. I personally do not think a judge wrote that about Slabbed in a case involving Fox 8 without giving this blog a chance to respond but if he did that is OK, because it provides clear evidence the judiciary has prejudged a case that had not at the time even been filed. I do not think Leary and Perret thought through all the ramifications of this latest misadventure, kinda like their buddy Aaron Broussard after Katrina.


  4. Hey folks, this is what we are dealing with: Pure stupidity.

    —– Original Message —–

    From:foodvacation Canada
    To: Timothy Gillespie
    Sent: Wednesday, September 14, 2011 11:45 PM
    Subject: Re: slabbed


    The "press release" issued by Trout Point Lodge today didn't really go out to the news media.

    It was only sent to one email address other than the one belonging to Trout Point: [email protected].

    The slabbed blog has now published it in full a few hours after it was sent to you. This was a test to see if you were conspiring with Mr. Handshoe.

    We are frankly once again shocked by your behaviour and doubly over by your hatefulness and bigotry. We thought of you as a friend in the local community.

    You will be hearing from us again, using public and civil methods rather than the anonymous, underhanded, and cowardly ones you have used.


    The related story:


  5. sop: Let me get this straight, the Shelburne County Today is a newspaper of some sort that is online? And they published the same Press Release that the two avowed homosexuals ( don't want to use any names and upset them even more than they are now) think they released only to Timothy Gillespie? Appears to me there is a leak somewhere but it appears not to be Gillespie but more like in the two avowed homosexuals cerebral cortexes. Is cortexes even a word? Would the plural be cortexi? Anyway, this is hilariouser and hilariouser. LMAOROTF

  6. Sharkpuppet you nail it. Timothy sent me the girls press release to elicit comment for the story he was doing on the subject. My understanding is he previously has run press releases for Trout Point with no such problem.

    So naturally I was curious and did some googling on Mr Gillespie to determine if he were a journalist worthy of association with Slabbed and IMHO the answer there is 100% yes, Mr Gillespie is a stand up guy devoted to reporting the news straight.

    It appears some very unsavory developers in Nova Scotia were passing off swampland for Atlantic waterfront and when Mr Gillespie got to close for comfort they SLAPPed him.

    It appears he bitch slapped them back.


  7. I am sorry, do the readers here believe I am stating indisputable irrefutable facts? I have no clue if they run in pastures with bulls waving red flags. And if that offends them, I am sorry. There, I said it, I apologize.

    But, however, and yes please pause to take note, I can state for the record that it is the Trout Point Lodge owners as business operators trying to suppress any information of the Buyer Beware variety that brought them to my attention, and caused me to post here.

    Novelle Ecosse in not my real name. Shocking, I know. I hide behind this name from experience taking on scam artists and they breaking the laws to then harm me. I'd rather not sue someone for poisoning the cat, and just protect the cat, thank you very much.

    What this blog has done for me personally in the short time I've been here is bust open a major lie the Trout Point Lodge owners tried to convey to me. They wanted me to think that their establishment had no negative feedback. Yet folks were complaining on the very same day I was considering checking into the lodge about an 18% surcharge. So I didn't check in. And their review didn't spend more than a day on Trip Advisor's site before it disappeared. And in the back end of the site, on the public comments board where they try to connect with Trip Advisor staff, a party claiming to be lodge management says they have information this review was just planted to harm their business.

    And so here we are now, a month or so later, and in that time a tourist from New York has come on here to tell us that he tried to stay there, and he tried to post his Buyer Beware experience on Trip Advisor and they considered his experience second hand reporting and thus would not publish it. Then the truth comes out. Read it there under the title "Hire a Lawyer." He said he couldn't even stay at the Lodge because they were threatening lawsuits if he refused to agree in advance not to comment in public about his stay without their approval. How is that legal in this country?

    The truth always comes out. My identity is no more secure on here than it is anywhere on the internet. But it is the risk I had to take if I firmly believe in closing the holes that make it so easy for folks to get scammed. And I do.

  8. Sop, you got their panties in a wedge now. They are all a'twitter and don't know what to do.
    I guess they are pretty pissed because now they don't have anyone to publish their BS press releases about how nice their lodge is.

  9. Post Turtle I have an another email in my possession that the girls will be suing the Shelburne County Today and its owner Timothy Gillespie. I was copied on it because they mentioned both my name and the name of the lady that was in the swamplands libel case in 2007, Joyce Case Harlow. It is at this point that I'll add that Slabbed's legal arm has previously identified Ms Case Harlow as a potential defense witness for Slabbed in Nova Scotia as she reportedly managed the lodge in the early days of its existence. Due to today's rapidly unfolding developments with the girls now lashing out indiscrimately in Nova Scotia at noncombatants I'll add that I have now spoken with Ms Case Harlow. It appears she knows where all the bodies are buried and I look forward to the day I travel to Canada to meet her in person.

    With each escalation the girls have drug previously innocent bystanders into the middle of their temper tantrum against Slabbed for getting to the bottom of their business relationships with Aaron Broussard in Canada such as prospective customer Novelle Ecosse who now well understands the Trout Point way of conducting business via deception on sites like Trip Advisor and sheer brute intimidation. I'll add to my knowledge neither Gillespie nor Harlow have ever posted to Slabbed.

    I understand there will be more press coverage of this entire mess in Nova Scotia. The girls are their own worst enemy and they are too menopausal to see it.


  10. Timothy Gillespie, I admire you. Do you get paid to write? Ever think about offering up your story to the New York Times? This is fascinating and getting a lot of buzz today. Good on you.

  11. I spoke with Mr Gillespie not long ago Novelle and he is what I thought earlier, a real standup guy. Like me Timothy does the blogging thing as an unpaid community service. I will publish the threatening email he received from Leary and Perret in due course.


  12. Timothy Gillespie here… I have been publishing the Shelburne County today blog for more than 5 years… I write the news that others won't… I have been sued for defamation when I wrote about scam artists selling swampland on the internet and have prevailed in every court appearance(including unanimous decision in court of appeals) and the case continues…I have been threatened with lawsuits by mayors,economic development czars, schemers, scheisters and grifters…. all of whom had the good sense to walk away before the shit started to fly… I have sued (and prevailed) those defaming me… I don't scare easily and I don't shy away from a good fight. I have bent over backward to afford Mssrs Leary and Perrett accommodation to their sensitivity to alleged defamatory writings…apparently to no productive end… if the gods decree that I am subjected to the slings and arrows of yet another courtroom circus, who am I to argue? I thought things in Nova Scotia were rough-and-tumble,but you'all make us look like a bunch of pansies. As they say in this neck o' the woods…giver 'er!!

  13. Sop, I've always found it funny, sad actually, that people will begin to do stupid things when all they see is red. They are used to bullying, threatening and getting their way whenever they want so if they aren't being satisfied they just step it up a notch. Then it gets humorous watching them hang themselves by their own accord (with their own cord). 🙂 How can this stupidity be justified; even if you twist it I can't understand how it's justified. It involves a hugh amount of effort and the willingness to expose oneself to counter actions. Absolutely amazing.
    Keep up the excellent work.

  14. Bravo Mr. Gillespie. Well done. The whole " Get a Lawyer" bit reminds this old blogger of the Mantra spouted by Tom Wilkinson the former Parish Attorney for Jefferson Parish who was forced to resign in 2010 in the midst of the worst scandal in the Parish. He reportedly screamed:
    " F__K 'em. Let 'em sue "

    anytime he was cautioned that action he was taking or recommending to his clients was illegal, unethical or otherwise unenforceable. He apparently got away with this for 15+ years before the Federales went ' knock, knock, knocking on his front door'.

    This Slabbed Blogger stands shoulder to shoulder with you. As we say down here: Bring it on.

  15. I have known Timothy Gillispie for more than 18 years and everything he says in his post is very true, and I am very much like him, had I not trusted him I would never have taken on this Swampland fraud….. neither of us backed down from the Blinns and they took to the hills when the truth came out, defamation my ass, they lied through their teeth to those who bought land sight unseen ( there's a lesson here folks !!) Timothy was as good or better than any lawyer in NS, he made mince meat out of Blinns lawyer !
    When your on the side of the truth, there is nothing,nor anyone to fear !!

    Doug, all the power to you in your endeavours ……uncovering the truth of criminal intent/actions is something we need more of…..this is really quite the blog !!

    However, I must state here that I am not racist when it comes to gay folks. I don't think its necessary to make derrogative comments about anyone when it has nothing to do with the subject.

    Good luck !!

  16. Joyce I knew after speaking with you that you are my kind of blogger and person. Folks I say blogger because Joyce moderates 2 blogs including a food blog that looked absolutely yummy. This area of the US that is our home and focus is populated by foodies as befits its international reputation as a premiere food destination.

    My collegue Jason Berry @ The American Zombie often states that investigative blogs, while journalism differ from our traditional media in that we "search for the truth" instead of simply reporting journalistic facts. The media down here and at times the national media readily use our pages for important background information on subjects like the impeachment of Judge Tom Porteous by the US Senate. And I'm not embellishing things one bit by disclosing we even occasioanlly get site visits from the White House. There is power in the single goal of getting to the bottom of things aka discerning the truth.

    I say this because sterotypes are a bad thing and I'm uncomfortable with the fact you felt the need to publically declare you are not a racist. That said you did broach this subject to me privately as did Timothy and I'm completely down with that. Despite my discomfort I will further validate that notion by saying my impression after talking with both you and Timothy is that you both seem to be quality people that are very tolerant towards others. I'll add you're in good company here.

    I promised you a post on this subject and today's as good a day as any. You see Leary wrote in his civil complaint against me they left Louisiana because of racism against homosexuals. Besides being patently false I'll add Leary stated to your courts that the reason ACOA was kicking his ass in court was because he was gay so I guess Nova Scotians are as bad as us southerners right? And despite the fact Timothy is tolerent and not once mentioned Leary's sexual orientation just yesterday Leary accused him in an email of being a "bigot".

    I mention that because the behavior pattern here is clear and fair game for media coverage. That behavior invites public ridicule and scorn, just as surely as someone that derides an african american as a nigger. In my book it is beyond offensive that Leary relies on sterotypes of southerners to detract from his own bad behavior.

    Along those lines to the extent he advertises his Trout Point Lodge as gay friendly. I'll add so is the Ritz on Canal Street in the French Quarter along with every other hotel in NOLA. Although it was very rainy with Tropical Storm Lee just a few weeks ago thousands of gay men from across the country felt safe enough to come for the annual Southern Decadence Festitval. Of course in my hometown of Bay St Louis Mississippi more gay couples than I can count feel free to live well out of the closet without fear of lynch mobs or burning crosses. We also have places of worship for Buddists, Hindus, Jews, and more Christian flavors and varieties than I can count. Those that visit from up north often come away surprised by the rich cultural diversity of this area.

    I knew that by using the term "the girls" to describe the tight nit social network of gay men that includes the Trout Point guys I would piss some people off including Leary and his spouse Vaughn Perret. I figure my brothers and sisters in the local new media down here would get past it in time because it really is hard to stay pissed at me. I say this because I purposely satarized Leary, Perret and Abel by using terms like "bitches" a few times, Like we say down here "if the shoe fits…." Free Speech US style means on occasion things get ugly as does the search for the truth or in colloquial terms "keeping it real".

    This is way more of a response than I planned but I hope it better illuminates the thinking at Slabbed. To the extent the girls attempt to use their sexual orientation to advance their agenda it is fair game for discussion.


  17. I totally agree with you when it comes to the fact it is offensive that Leary relies on sterotypes of southerners to detract from his own bad behavior.

    And crying "Gay" as a reason one is being picked on is totally rediculous. One gets picked on for their bad behavior in my book.

    Us Maritimers are truly a tolerant people so its hard for me to see words that I find disquieting,especially some of the posts ( not yours necessarily ) but I truly understand where you are coming from Doug. Carry on !!

  18. Timothy Gillespie: I praise you for your stand-up fight against intimidation especially by others who sometimes unfortunately desire to use their profession to place other people at a disadvantage and attempt to extort money by promoting undeserved fear and anxiety.

    Here at the Slabbed Nation TRUTH is our most cherished weapon. We are a peace loving group who profess only a desire for justice and equality for all . We loathe political corruption especially by false personalities who portray to represent transparent government but behind closed doors are serving only themselves in a new adaptation of free capitalism called privileged, political capitalism.

    The definition of privileged, political capitalism is best evidenced by Belle, California where elected officials voted themselves outrageous salaries and benefits while their constituents barely were able to put bread on their tables. The people revolted and stormed the council chambers and those officials were quickly handcuffed and jailed .

    Doug Handshoe road out his personal fight with Katrina with his family on his roof yet when he saw injustice in the insurance industry in settling claims he and a beloved friend birthed to commune and inform the public of insurance injustices.By exposing the under-handed dealings of insurance estimators and claims agents, as well as deserved lawsuits against big insurance ,he restored hope and some power to thousands of downtrodden, affected people in their individual fights for fair settlements.

    Though focusing primarily on insurance injustices Doug became sympathetic to the political plight of thousands of Louisiana citizens of flooded and/or destroyed homes and businesses. While said citizens were struggling to repair and reoccupy homes and businesses after Hurricane Katrina various politicians in many affected parishes were conspiring among themselves and contractors to line their pockets with taxpayers' money . While criminal justice has been slow to materialize in some cases Slabbed continues on not with guns, threats, or violence but with persistence and patience.

    It is through his dedication and persistence that we have now fortunately met up with a similar minded blogger like yourself again proving good things can come out of bad circumstances, as also earlier demonstrated after 911.

    Its a great blessing to have a GOOD NEIGHBOR friend like yourself and demonstrates the true beauty of the internet in linking people with common goals and making even great distances meaningless.

  19. Joyce: Respectfully, Throw the race card and we will play it to the jackpot. Throw the 'sexual orientation' card and we will play IT to the jackpot. Those miscreants started the fight, they threw their 'homosexual' card on the table and as any cardplayer understands, once laid, it is played. No do-overs.
    Welcome aboard the good ship Slabbed.

  20. Mr. Timothy Gillespie
    Ms. Joyce Case Harlow

    “It is dangerous to be right in matters on which the established authorities are wrong” -Voltaire

    This quote is often used to attribute courage to those who will not be silenced in the face of adversity, and our refuge has been upon the shores of the Slabbed Lighthouse on Mississippi’s South Coast.

    Slabbed, through it’s host Doug Handshoe, has been the First Responder for those of us whose voice of criticism has continually been under assault by the unconscionable practices of the large insurance companies and their cache of defense lawyers; the most corrupt of parochial Governments, Jefferson Parish and it's Officials who reign there; and a web of individuals, lawyers and businessmen alike, who believe that they are above the law as they trample upon the less fortunate.

    It is by way of the vigorous debate on Slabbed that we are privileged to have made your acquaintance, and learn that there are others who have dared to become ‘beacons of truth” … and for that I personally am grateful to both of you.

    As a US Citizen I would also at this time offer my apologies for the despicable conduct of and by Dr. Leary. That he himself is a US Citizen and continues to abuse your Courts with his perverted attempts to ‘shut us up’, and ‘piss on’ our most cherished of all freedoms vested by right to every US Citizen, FREE SPEECH, is beyond the pale of common decency. It is truly unfortunate that both of you have become the victims of the abominable behaviour of this “Ugly American”.


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