BREAKING: Charles Leary and Trout Point Lodge issue a press release. (Updated)

SPEECH provides protections for web hosts against this exact tactic folks.  Leary and his running buddies are getting desperate but I in fact welcome the publicity.

Trout Point Lodge of Nova Scotia

PRESS RELEASE – For immediate release

September 14, 2011

East Kemptville, NS   In an ongoing civil legal battle involving allegations of defamation and related causes of action, Trout Point Lodge, Limited yesterday served Douglas Handshoe, a Mississippi accountant and blogger, with an Amended Notice of Action issued by the Prothonotary of the Supreme Court of Nova Scotia in Yarmouth. The attached claim included dozens of counts of defamation as well as invasion of privacy, intentional infliction of mental suffering, and intentional interference with economic relations.

In a related case against Louisiana Media Company, LLC—owner of Fox 8/WVUE in New Orleans, Louisiana—filed last year, a decision of Supreme Court Justice Pierre L. Muise this past May found Handshoe’s blog publications to be prima facie defamatory and to also contain “the type of expression that engenders harmful results such as discrimination and hatred. It is not the type of free expression that deserves protection and fostering.” Continue reading “BREAKING: Charles Leary and Trout Point Lodge issue a press release. (Updated)”

In this episode of Magnum J.D.: Magnum once again goes whole hog for Nunny!

Hey folks remember that rich contract with BP Magnum scored so he could run political interference for the oil giant with Louisiana politicians?  Well, it appears he is throwing a bit more of that BP money at Nunny, who double dealt on the oil spill at every opportunity. For those keeping score this is the second time Nunny has bellied up to the Magnum/BP trough.  Please feel free to distribute freely.  🙂

Misfire: Slabbed catches up with Aaron Broussard as he and Trout Point owner Danny Abel sue the author of the literary flop Outgunned. A legal jackassery update.

Author Peter Brown was kind enough to stop in with us last month to let us know that his former co-author Danny Abel was suing him for money over a book that flopped and lost big.  I’ve laid the groundwork for this post with important background on the defacto legal partnership between Trout Point owner and former Broussard Parish Council aid Danny Abel and Aaron Broussard that can be found here and here.  We roll WWL-TeeVee’s Eric Paulsen and Broussard political hack/lawyer Carl Finley into the mix here.  In that last link you’ll get a real sense that Shane Gates aka Shane D’Antoni is a professional plaintiff along the lines of  Abel’s Trout Point Lodge partners Vaughn Perret and Charles Leary and this is certainly the case folks.  In fact in Paulsen Gates was described as an employee of Abel’s. It so so much more perverse than that folks so we must circle back to the obituary of Danny Abel’s father Glynn to understand the doings:

Survivors include his sister, Freda Abel Harper; son, Daniel Glynn Abel of New Orleans, La; two grandchildren, Shane M. Gates, and Christine E. Hymel, both of New Orleans, LA; and one great-grandson, Grafton Gabriel Gates of New Orleans, LA.

So is Gates a blood descendant of Glynn Abel? No folks, Danny adopted Shane along with his wife Christine, who goes by her maiden name in the obituary.  So I guess this means that Gates and Hymel have a brother-sister type of marriage and Abel is the tie that binds it all providing Gates with a free ride for over a decade.  Gates may well be some sort of distant cousin as described in Matt Labash’s pieces on Abel for the Weekly Standard but there is some serious perversion going on right here folks. Lest I digress.

The bottom line here is if it is true that Outgunned was a complete flop and judging from the reviews it is easy to see why then Abel and Gates have no case. Brown claims to be unbalanced and on some heavy meds, Gates is a complete poseur that is about as well-respected as a common street whore and Abel’s suit against the gun manufacturers was ill-conceived from the start. With that background laid I’m proud to announce that Aaron Broussard has moved his law office out of the Super 8 Motel on Clearview to a place on Williams Boulevard in Kenner. The suit looks like an old-time shakedown to me folks but we’ll be keeping our eye on it as it winds it way through the 24th JDC. Click the pic below the fold to get the 9 page pdf. ~ sop Continue reading “Misfire: Slabbed catches up with Aaron Broussard as he and Trout Point owner Danny Abel sue the author of the literary flop Outgunned. A legal jackassery update.”

I’m hearing rumors about another of our constitutional guarantees: The Fifth Amendment…

I’m shaking the tree folks because it appears next week at a local courthouse near you, a new band called Freaky Freddie and the Heebe Jeebies will be debuting their first song the Fifth Amendment Blues.  As soon as I get more info I’ll pass it along.