Oh yeah and by the way Charles and Vaughn. Fuck you, fuck you very much…

Folks poor Charlie and his life partner Vaughn Perret are pretty much shit out of luck thinking they can sue me in Nova Scotia.  The behind the scenes is that with each new revelation on Slabbed they file amended complaints with the courts in Nova Scotia and I’m happy to report the dumbasses even finally managed to find the registered offices of Slabbed.

I mention all this because people have been asking and wondering what I am going to do about the lawsuits the girls keep filing against me in Nova Scotia.  While I’ll be keeping all my options open and won’t ever discuss any Slabbed legal strategies in public I must note a little secret I’ve been holding that I today reveal to the world.

You see folks the good people in Congress and President Obama saw the problem with venue shopping to file frivolous SLAPP suits against the media, so last year the SPEECH Act was passed which guarantees my free speech rights as an American citizen against any judgement in a foreign court unless US free speech standards were used as the criteria by the foreign court in deciding the case. Even better, SPEECH gives me a cause of action against Leary, Perret and Trout Point should I choose to pursue it.  This issue was so important it even passed both Houses of Congress unanimously. God Bless America.

Now Vaughn and Charlie, if you wanna piece of me, you girls are gonna have to come get some down here in the land of cotton, witnesses and Anti-SLAPP. See you soon.  :mrgreen:


19 thoughts on “Oh yeah and by the way Charles and Vaughn. Fuck you, fuck you very much…”

  1. This Canadian SLAPP crap by the Trout Point boys is becoming eerily suspicious of they’re possibly being in collusion with the Politico Mafioso down here in Jefferson Parish to further retaliate against those who dare to voice their opinions about what has transpired since the JP Scandals broke over two years ago.

    Deja vu ? Remember that ludicrous SLAPP action filed by Jefferson Parish and TheRiot personally against the blogasphere within this same time period. The lawsuit that Parish Officials claimed was targeted toward a person and/or persons they believed to have blogged while at their job; and criticize them at the same time. TheRiot took it to another level claiming to have been defamed, as if that were even possible. Both the Parish Officials and TheRiot tried to paint themselves as VICTIMS of comments that were untrue and unfair relating to their roles in a Government that is corrupt to the core. Well after over some 600 comments, many of which were both hilarious and outrageous indictments of TheRiot and the lawsuit itself, the suit was dropped, and for good reason. Arrogance and stupidity are not always rewarded as these politico Mafioso and their lawyers, Phelps,Dunbar, were to caught in a hellfire of free speech at any costs.

    Now we have these men crying VICTIM, as though all of their actions, scams and schemes cannot be critiqued because of their sexual preference. That being the beneficiary of Aaron Broussard’s hustling Trout Point and the surrounding land for investment by his friends/political associates is not fair game. That’s just plain FUCKING BULLSHIT … Aaron knows it … Danny knows it … and I know it …

    I suspected something was not right the minute I learned that the T-P had capitulated to this perverse politically correct nonsense by settling “this matter” almost in the wink of eye. Ordinarily lawsuits like this frivolous crap would have been defended vigorously by the likes of Phelps, Dunbar; instead Rainey was put under the bus for no good reason at all.

    It is all the more reason for me to believe that the Point Trout boys are being directed from Jefferson Parish and not Nova Scotia … Hmmm

    Free Speech is the only lever against those who choose to silence us by trying to game the Justice System to cover for their conduct.

  2. Well Sop the way I see it your name is mud here in Nova Scotia. Cause court documents do not lie – that would be like perjury. The boys maintain that you are one inbred southern Deliverance-like hillbilly who is chasing them down the mountain and leaving them trembling, wondering what the fuck you might do next. They say you have associates – that can't be good. I am looking around me for this cell of terrorism, just waiting for the axe to fall. I am scared to even say hello to gay people in case I get bitch slapped or something. Who knows what you are capable of. They say it is friggin scary, like they can't even easily keep their doors open to travelers willing to give up their rights for a cozy bed to rest in. I don't recall you ever offering snacks, a bed, a kayak, star gazing, nothing, you just keep demanding the truth, well sir you can't handle the truth, cause you are scary and southern and we don't want your kind here. So if you enjoy having your good name in the toilet leave well enough alone. Otherwise, you might consider writing some sentences down on paper for a court reporter to file.

  3. What the hell are these fucking drama queens talking about ? Paranoid fucking fagots is more like it. TheRiot tried to shut me up and I ended up being quoted in the NY TIMES with The Riot looking like the fool he is, along with that arrogant JP Council and their stupid lawyers, Phelps, Dunbar as they pulled out of that two-bit lawsuit. It can get real hot in this HellHole and it’s going to get worse no matter how this fucking ends when the people’s right to rail is under assault. There’s no chillin’ going to happen here MFers.

    No one, and I mean no one in this HellHole, or a shithole in Canada is going to shut me up !

    Trust me, I‘ve got lawyers that will shove my lawsuit up these Trouts asses when they ever swim back here anytime soon.

  4. Novelle what I think you are saying is since a Canadian court inherently will not decide the merits of this case based upon American jurisprudence, I have nothing to lose by filing an answer to the girl's complaint including pointing out in detail where the girls mislead the Nova Scotia Courts and other truths which obviously hurt and if I am homecooked I still have nothing to lose. And for good measue I can get a judgement down here against them under SPEECH too for my trouble.Great minds think alike as this appears to be a heads I win tails you lose proposition huh.


  5. All I can see is that the Trout Point plaintiffs in Canada, who are soon to be made Slabbed defendents in Federal Court in Mississippi, are going to have a hard time explaining to Broussard, Muniz, Butler,Jr., etc. etc. etc. of why they put them in the trick bag of being called as witnesses to be deposed and examined under oath concerning the Trout Point big picture.

    I can see no good coming out of any Jefferson Parish scandals litigation in any Federal Court down here for the friends of these guys hiding up in Canada.

  6. If I may eyewigger, you have made an interesting ‘point’ (pun intended) concerning what information may be elicited under oath from the individuals who invested there, as opposed to their responding to a reporter.

    What is ‘fishy’ (one more pun) about this whole inquiry concerning Trout Point is why these men chose to sue in the first place. It’s as if they had already known that the T-P was going to settle ASAP. It’s as though Rainey’s editor set him up for the fall. That this story would end, period. Forget about the endless rumors of visiting Asst US Attorneys, FBI agents, Fred Heebe and a host of other politico notables.

    I concur with eyewigger, a lawsuit by Slabbed against these anti-free speech bigots in the Federal District Court in Mississippi will piss a lot of people off, and big time.

  7. I’m thinking here … assuming Slabbed sues the Trout Point boys down in the US District Court in Mississippi (Southern District located in Gulfport) … do you think that they would try to introduce the settlement with the T-P as some sort of prima facia evidence of damages they in fact incurred by the publication of Rainey’s article ? …

    GOD I hope so !!!

    I want to find out the name of the New Orleans law firm the T-P first consulted with before this BS was shuffled up to the parent company in NY… I’ll leave you hanging …

    And the first three guesses don’t count…

  8. Sop … I want to leave you with some advice my girlfriend Malthide shared with ‘Gate and I some time ago:

    ‘…When you’re in a pissing contest, don’t look to see how far your opponent marked … drink a lot of water and piss as hard as you can…’

    The same is true with litigation, prove your case…don’t waste any time disproving theirs !

  9. WTF ‘Gate ! You want to have a reunion with TheRiot commenters on NOLA at your club tomorrow in Metairie? Play tennis and do lunch ? Are you fucking serious ?

    Hell I can’t wait to get a copy of that fucking Nova Scotia toilet paper Judgment so I can wipe my ass with it and and pass it on as evidence in my lawsuit as being the worthless piece of shit that it is as it spirals down this HellHole’s corruption toilet.

    Remember man, this is a Hellhole so I have a better idea ‘Gate. Y’all come on over to the RV Park on Jefferson Hwy and I’ll grill some trout and we can toss horseshoes.

  10. View, you keep calling this a hellhole, It looks to me like a pretty good fishing hole. Maybe a new recipe will catch on, how about Trout ala'Pointe.

    1. It is a rich fishing hole in fact. Now I have 2 posts conceptualized, how the girls homecook their Trip Advisor reviews or the gun lawsuit involving Danny Abel and his "son" Shane D'Antoni. I feel the need to roll something out on this topic today.


  11. I do not know the state of Nova Scotian jurisprudence, but I will assume that they have some notion of due process, like you have to have minimum contacts with the forum in order for a court there to even begin to entertain jurisdiction. So, they may obtain some sort of default judgment, SOP, if they served you and you do not answer, but good fucking luck, girls (as you call them, teehee), in executing on that judgment in Mississippi. There will be a ton of lawyers lining up to take a swing at you when you come down south. Laissez les bon temps roulez.

  12. Question I would like to have included in any depositions of "the girls":

    "Have you at anytime held yourselves out to be homosexuals?"

    If the answer is yes, and truth being the absolute defense, then all references to them which color them as homosexuals ( crude as some may be) are ipso facto not libelous, injurious or any other -ous ( 'stings' included ).

    If the highheel fits wear it.

  13. Eyewigger: So do you think they will be convinced by their friends to 'go quietly into this good night' OR do you think they will tell their friends to go to hell becoming 'loose cannons' and libilities to their friends?

  14. Sop, I am not a lawyer, I have never slept with a lawyer, I do not know how lawyers sleep at night, but be that as it may, I agree with the pee expert above. Get the best legal advice you can and run with it.

    I have no sympathy for boys who run in bull pastures screeching they are going to get gored. Quit waving your red flags, boys. Every single stupid thing you do gets noticed, and that is how we end up here. You piss enough people off, you rip enough people off, you threaten enough folks, you pull enough scams, and eyeballs are on you. Have a nice day!

  15. I have spent hour upon hour reading and re-reading the Trout Point threads, the TP articles, and my private musings of this subject matter. In doing so, I have become suspect of certain specious legal actions that have transpired. Although I have compiled a draft of several questions, that if answered, would illuminate this cloud of curiosity, I would like to discuss this one in particular at this moment.

    QUESTION: Did the T-P forfeit it’s copyright of Rainey’s Trout Point articles once they publicly retracted them, and thus lack any legal standing to shut down Slabbed.org as hosted on GoDaddy ?

    Thinking outside the box here, I proffer there may be some good news and some bad news…

    FIRST…THE BAD NEWS: One could reasonably argue under equity that the T-P had/has by the act of retraction of the ‘Rainey Articles’ ABANDONED their copyright. Consequently Slabbed would not have to fulfill the ‘threshold’ bar set for FAIR USE limitation, due to the fact that such an ABANDONMENT of copyright would usher the ‘RaineyArticles’ into the PUBLIC DOMAIN for all to read and reference.

    In settling with Trout Point et al, the defendant T-P, intended to surrender [ownership] rights in the work; and by retraction the defendant gave evidence of that intent. These are requisite actions that define ABANDONMENT of a copyright.

    Even if you do get your article ‘unpublished’, deleted articles can sometimes remain on the Internet anyway. A blogger may have republished it, for instance. The article may come up in an Internet archive.

    Over the past few years, comprehensive, online newspaper archives dating back to the 1600s have become a tremendous resource for historians and the public alike. Two sites that frequently capture and retain deleted news articles are Highbeam and Encyclopedia.com.

    NOW…THE GOOD NEWS: Slabbed may very well be able to SLAP a few deserving bitches: the T-P (it’s parent company, Advance Publications and it’s lawyer Steven GAYnor); GoDaddy; and of course those TROUT MOUTHS up North.

    I will be back later to ponder other curious questions relating to our ‘lawsuit happy’ friend …

  16. Salient excerpts from our US of A SPEECH ACT:

    2D SESSION S. 3518
    To amend title 28, United States Code, to prohibit recognition and enforcement of foreign defamation judgments in United States Courts where those judgments undermine the first amendment to the Constitution of the United States, and to provide a cause of action for declaratory judgment relief against a party who has brought a successful foreign defamation action whose judgment undermines the first amendment.

    SECTION 1. SHORT TITLE: This Act may be cited as the ‘‘Securing the Protection of our Enduring and Established Constitutional Her
    itage Act’’ or the ‘‘SPEECH Act’’.
    Congress finds the following:
    (1) The freedom of speech and the press is enshrined in the first amendment to the Constitution, and is necessary to promote the vigorous dialogue
    necessary to shape public policy in a representative
    (2) Some persons are obstructing the free expression rights of United States authors and publishers, and in turn chilling the first amendment to the Constitution of the United States interest of the citizenry in receiving information on matters of importance, by seeking out foreign jurisdictions that do not provide the full extent of free-speech protections
    to authors and publishers that are available in the United States, and suing a United States author or publisher in that foreign jurisdiction.
    (3) These foreign defamation lawsuits not only suppress the free speech rights of the defendants to the suit, but inhibit other written speech that might otherwise have been written or published but for the fear of a foreign lawsuit.
    4) The threat of the libel laws of some foreign countries are so dramatic that the United Nations Human Rights Committee examined the issue and indicated that in some instances the law of libel has served to discourage critical media reporting on matters of serious public interest, adversely affecting the ability of scholars and journalists to publish their
    work. The advent of the internet and the international distribution of foreign media also create the danger that one country’s unduly restrictive libel law will affect freedom of expression worldwide on matters of valid public interest.
    (5) Governments and courts of foreign countries scattered around the world have failed to curtail this practice of permitting libel lawsuits against United States persons within their courts, and for eign libel judgments inconsistent with United States first amendment protections are increasingly common.

    SLAPP that

    The Slabbed Nation

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