In this episode of Magnum J.D.: The long arm of the law co starring Charlie Foti.

Hat tip to a reader for the following document.  It is a testiment to the power of the internet as it came from a website I will not name (a blogger has to keep some secrets). Click the pic to get the pdf.

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  1. Wow. Was that a paid endorsement? Well, of course it was…… Sorry, but State elected officials should not be in the business of essentially referring legal business to lawyers.

    Foti, Jr., Charles C. F102 : 10P – LA-12598 CONTRIB GAUTHIER HOUGHTALING & WILLIAMS LLC
    3500 N. HULLEN ST.
    METAIRIE, LA 70002 9/24/2007 $5,000

  2. This letter also gives us further insight concerning the attorneys chosen and the potentially large amounts of attorneys’ fees paid by a political subdivision or a statewide elected official. ‘Gate’s essay exposing the ‘quid pro quo’ as practiced in Jefferson Parish is just the tip of the iceberg as it relates to this subject matter.

    And you can believe this, Buddy Caldwell is every bit a principal player in this ‘quid pro quo’ game as was Foti, and with the same names lawyers.

    For the moment, there is not of time for me to discuss what goes on here in Washington with our Representatives and Senators together with their ‘favorite son’ lawyers down home.

  3. I showed this letter to a plaintiff lawyer who wrote me:

    "I think it has to be a hoax. Foti is not that stupid. he would lose his license and he just wouldn't do it — too many people would be furious. I think the creator is a mongerer. If it were true, it would be all over the LABA dont you think?"

    Is there some more evidence to convince the naive?

    BTW you can find this letter on the Gauthier, Houghtaling & Williams website. See

  4. Yep John, Foti is that stupid as you well know. That GHW website is a treasure trove of goodies. 🙂

    By now I shouldn't have to say this and indeed there may come a day where I am punked but I only hang quality, genuine material here on Slabbed. And thats a fact Jack.


  5. Someone call Dane and Clancy to do some quick polishing on Ole' Foti.

    If you have Poop That Needs Polishing – DIAL – 1-800-POLISH!

    Don't wait till it starts to smell and attract ethics flies – Call now, Operators are waiting to take your calls.

    Act now and the first 25 callers will also receive free an complete ethics course at Loyola Law School.

  6. Pardon me for being obtuse, but does anyone see a DATE on the letter? Do we know who all of the “addressees” were? This is a very important document because it MUST have been dated prior to the second anniversary of KATRINA, namely 8/29/07, when Fayard et al, aided and abetted by Duval-Daley-Fayard, the “presiding Judge” over ALL “Victims of KATRINA” litigation, filed Civil Action No. 07-5040, hoping that Duval-Daley-Fayard would give them a “payday”. This was a MONUMENTOUS conflict of interests, criminal behavior by “His DisHonor”, and “more”. And this is why I was disbarred. These SCUM-BAGS belong in prison! Ashton O’Dwyer.

  7. Ashton:

    The “letter contract” issued by Foti to GHW for the Road Home litigation bears the date of September 14, 2007.

  8. Now that I think about it, that “letter contract” date must be wrong in light of the text of the letter above where Foti is telling the unidentified company that it needed to file a lawsuit before August 29, 2007, and that Foti had “on Tuesday of this week” retained the GHW firm to represent the State’s interests in the Road Home Litigation.

    BTW, Fayard and McKernan had an almost identical letter from Foti dated August 27, 2007.

  9. Sorry for all the follow-up, but Foti there is another “letter contract” to Fayard, McKernan, Paul Aucoin, Drew Ranier and Frank Dudenhefer dated August 17, 2007. This is in addition to the August 27, 2007 letter.

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