Oh yeah and by the way Charles and Vaughn. Fuck you, fuck you very much…

Folks poor Charlie and his life partner Vaughn Perret are pretty much shit out of luck thinking they can sue me in Nova Scotia.  The behind the scenes is that with each new revelation on Slabbed they file amended complaints with the courts in Nova Scotia and I’m happy to report the dumbasses even finally managed to find the registered offices of Slabbed.

I mention all this because people have been asking and wondering what I am going to do about the lawsuits the girls keep filing against me in Nova Scotia.  While I’ll be keeping all my options open and won’t ever discuss any Slabbed legal strategies in public I must note a little secret I’ve been holding that I today reveal to the world.

You see folks the good people in Congress and President Obama saw the problem with venue shopping to file frivolous SLAPP suits against the media, so last year the SPEECH Act was passed which guarantees my free speech rights as an American citizen against any judgement in a foreign court unless US free speech standards were used as the criteria by the foreign court in deciding the case. Even better, SPEECH gives me a cause of action against Leary, Perret and Trout Point should I choose to pursue it.  This issue was so important it even passed both Houses of Congress unanimously. God Bless America. Continue reading “Oh yeah and by the way Charles and Vaughn. Fuck you, fuck you very much…”

Hey everyone make certain to check out Charles Leary’s picture on Flickr…..

Well folks, what can I say except ol’ Charlie can’t shut us up so he has been running around to the copy write police bitching about us, so I am temporarily using another photo on this post while I, WordPress and Raegan Mathis of National Geographic sort this out. Meantime if you want to see the picture Charles Leary does not want you to see on Slabbed, click the webpage screen capture of the Flickr page I just took and once there feel free to download it for posterity.  There is so many ways to skin this cat….. ~ sop

Geotourism Flicker Page @ http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/4460241383/in/photostream

It is a stubborn, stubborn fact that Clancy Dubos is a complete sellout like Garlandfill.

And no folks, I do not think it was a coincidence the Gambit took a shot at me back in July. That said it also comes as no surprise that Gambitman Clancy Dubos does what he can to come to Garlandfill’s defense with a tug at the ol’ heartstrings as he takes a nostalgic trip down Eau de Landfill Lane on Garlandfill’s behalf. The rationalizations and twisted logic is sickening.

Maybe, just maybe Clancy, Garlandfill should have gone to the bank and avoided the situation altogether.  Ethics is not a hard concept to grasp.