In this episode of Magnum JD: Wanna quick check? Check with James….

What we have here folks is a garden variety legal malpractice suit with some very salacious allegatiopns of fraud.  I checked lawyer David Greenberg out and got a very good report on the man so this suit and its salacious allegations certainly bears watching. ~ sop

7 thoughts on “In this episode of Magnum JD: Wanna quick check? Check with James….”

  1. Huge mistake Miss Emma you ignorant, stupid slut. You should have just taken your husband, Ernest R. Smith, Jr., to enjoy some snorkeling in Aruba, so the vicious tide could do its work.

    O ' Boy, another cold case for 48 Hours to solve.

    Just a parody Miss Emma on SNL, 48 Hours and Aruba being the international, insurance destination for lovers.

    We all know you are innocent honey. It just does not look too good on legal paper.

  2. O.K. I'm not an attorney…so what does the "denied" scribbled across the last page mean? Denied a jury trial or the whole pleading.

    1. The last page is a specimin court order. Evidently the form has changed.

      On a related matter I received a second email on Jefferson's lawyer David Greenberg and folks he sounds like he is a guy right up our alley: Well respected in the legal profession as was his dad Nathan, a former Marine that ran with General MacArthur back in WW2.

      This case has all sorts of potential folks.


  3. And I hear Magnum and Nunny will be sharing some Bucktown seafood on the Avenue soon. My what strange bedfellows politics does make.

  4. This is just the kind of case David’s father would champion when no other lawyer would go against the powers that be … the go along to get along that defines GretnaMentality and it’s unduly influence on the Jefferson Parish Bar today …

    Nathan Greenberg could not be intimidated by the Courthouse insiders … it’s was always about doing what is right … kudos to you David, as I am sure your father in heaven is very proud of you, as I am …

  5. Let me add something here. Having worked both with and against David Greenberg, I can say that he is one of the Gretna lawyers who has been impervious to the "Gretna mentality." David is smart, likable, tough, honest, and very competent. He is also plenty smart enough to not plead himself out of coverage.

    Continental Casualty, if in fact the Magnum firm has not played musical chairs with its professional liability carrier, is now in a trick bag. Greenberg did not allege fraud against Williams or the great Magnum firm, and fraud must be pleaded with particularity under Louisiana law. Now, the insurance carrier might want to argue that the allegations in the lawsuit suggest that Williams' actions MUST have been intentional, and therefore, fraudulent (in this case, intent necessarily equals fraud). Of course, if its insured committed fraud, or even an intentional act, the insurer could argue that there is no coverage under the policy. As pleaded, I don't think this lawsuit even gives the carrier a basis to defend the case under a reservation of rights (ROR), much less deny coverage.

    But once again, if the allegations in this lawsuit are true, LTFO. And rest assured, Greenberg will try the case if necessary, and I cannot see the underlying actions being well-received by a jury.

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