Gidget’s guys: Goober nails the Vitty endorsement of Nunny

Everyone is still scratching their heads over Diaper David Vitter’s endorsement of Billy Nungesser aka Bubba aka Nunny for the La Lite Gov against an incumbent from his own party. Nungesser is the subject of a federal investigation into how the Parish spent Katrina recovery funding, is the idiot that helped Bobby Jindal shake down BP for those useless sand berms and is otherwise a useless fat piece of crap.  Folks I do not recommend visualizing what it looked like when he crawled on top of one of Gidget’s girls running up a 5 figure tab with the Canal Street Madam that his daddy ended up making good per Jeanette Maier aka Gidget aka the Canal Street Madam who personally told me this in a telephonic interview.  Now she made it clear that she took anyone’s money including Norman Robinson at WDSU, who reportedly like his women very blonde but she also made it clear she had no use for Nunny on a personal level.  I know I trust Gidget far more than I’d ever trust a typical Louisiana politician.

In any event Goober over at the Plaquemine’s Parish forums at NOLA did a good job making the Gidget connection linking us, Oyster aka Mark Moseley and Scott McKay over at The Hayride, which has rapidly become the GOP blog of choice in Louisiana.  Oyster’s work on Diaper David Vitter and his proclivities with prostitutes over at Your Right Hand Thief is the literal magnum opus on the subject.  All of Goober’s links and research are well worth the read.


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  1. The guys who play together stay together…Nungesser very well may have some VERY incriminating 'stuff' on Diaper Dave.
    Probably played together at 'other' playpens besides Canal Street…and one never knows what 'bugs' have been put in place for 'future use'…maybe even video? Or underage? Who knows.
    Nunny and Da Diaper know.

  2. OK Patricia!: Hopefully we will see them start poking each other in the eyes and slapping the crap out of each other in the coming months when their opponents start turning up the heat as to what they have done singly, in tandem and triplicate.

  3. Filthy FAT Lying POLITICIANS ESCAPE prosecution at the hands of those officals who are woven from the SAME CLOTH….

    Vitter's swarthy behavior pales in comparison to those whose responsibility it is to PROSECUTE HIM!

    NUNGESSER….All over the place, posing as a "VOICE for the PEOPLE"!

    Every Second of every day…They get away with legally sanctioned CRIME!?

    What recourse does an American Taxpayer have when faced with such blatant INJUSTICE?


    I'm gonna make some mo funny pitchers…………………………………….

  4. Campaign consultant Kent Gates said that Nungesseer had the two now-canceled events on his schedule as "pending." For Nungesser to participate, Gates said, the "terms (of the debates) have to be negotiated and agreed to."

    NUNGESSER Won't answer unscripted QUESTIONS….
    Where is that BIG BAD FIGHTER?..
    The Big Bully NUNGESSER?
    ALL bark & NO bite.

    LEE ZURIK! It shouldn't be hard to locate NUNGESSER!..Really…!
    Ask him about the $10,000 TAB from Canal St. Brothel.
    Why he refuses to take a lie detector test?
    What about the SAND BERMS!?
    His reign of TERROR over the PEOPLE of PLAQUEMINES PARISH!
    The VOTERS WANT to hear him answer!

    ALSO…Jarvis Deberry's editorial piece at Times Picayune….
    A Photo of Sammy Kershaw loading FOOD DONATIONS…Come on

  5. It is PAINFULLY obvious that the U.S Attorney's office, is using the court system to further political careers,appoint judgeships, allow LOBBYISTS to act as officially appointed middle men to spread BILLIONS of DOLLARS between themselves, governmental agencies, select law firms, CORPORATIONS & WEALTHY PRIVATE CITIZENS…


    MORE about the "BLACK BOOK"

    SEPTEMBER 11th, 2001
    On the morning of Sept. 11, 2001, just as the World Trade Center Towers
    in New York were being attacked, our dedicated FBI agents,
    under the command of Attorney General John Ashcroft,
    were busy setting up wiretaps on the phones of a number of madams across the country.

    Their goal was to entrap as many of them as possible in their sting operation to stop what US Attorney Sal Perricone says is “the vilest form of racketeering there is, and that is the exploitation of women for the sake of a buck.”

    So why was the Attorney General so adamant on setting up the wiretaps?
    The answer lies in an event that occurred months before the attacks in Florida.
    A prostitute who worked for a madam named Judy Krueger had an Arabic client
    who told the call girl about the plans his terrorist group had,
    including the hijacking of planes and the WTC.

    After her “date” with the Arabic client, the girl called her madam with the terrifying information.
    The madam decided they should tell the police, which they did.
    The local police decided that this was a matter for the FBI, so they sent the call girl and the madam to the local FBI office.
    *****Rather than investigating the information the call girl and the madam had given them, the FBI began investigating the madam and subsequently set her up and turned her into an informant to help them set up other madams across the nation.*****

    Thus, on the morning that thousands of people were being murdered in the WTC
    and the Pentagon by the terrorist (who had visited the prostitute) and his accomplices, the FBI were busy placing wiretaps on the phones of a national network of madams and prostitutes.

    Obviously, the terrorists knew our government would be more interested in the activities of prostitutes and madams than the information that ultimately cost the American people thousands of lives on that fateful day, and continues to cost the lives of hundreds of innocent Americans overseas as well as innocent victims in other countries.

    So next time you’re sitting around with friends or family and remembering what you were doing the morning of the September 11 attacks, think about what our government thought was so much more important than heeding the warnings of a prostitute and her madam.

    I BELIEVE that the U.S Attorney who was handling Canal St. prostitution prosecution..
    Try saying THAT 3 Times…
    GAYNELL Williams saw her husband's name listed.

    ***PURELY my PERSONAL OPINION incited by THESE events***

    November 2002,
    Government and defense lawyers met in Judge Lemelle’s chambers and squared off over the secret customer list. Defense lawyers, convinced the government was treating their female clients unfairly, threatened to go public with the men’s names. According to one of the lawyers in the judge’s chambers,
    The one name that kept popping up during the tense meeting was that of the son of the former head of the Louisiana Republican Party.
    The pressure in the room was explosive.
    ++++Suddenly, Assistant U.S. Attorney Gaynell Williams, one of the lead prosecutors, lurched to her feet. “I don’t feel very good,” she said. “I think I need some air.” She staggered toward the door and just barely made it into the hallway when she toppled over. As she fell, her face hit the wall. Her eyebrow spilt open and blood poured down her cheek. Lawyers rushed to her side. Someone fanned her. Someone else tried to stop the bleeding. Moments later, an ambulance arrived and medics carted off the government attorney++++
    Al Winters and Bill McSherry, a couple of seasoned federal prosecutors, stepped in and started negotiating a deal. The prosecutors who had indicted the case, Sal Perricone and Gaynell Williams, dropped out of sight.
    “The trial was scuttled at the last minute when defense attorneys prepared motions to force the publication of the customer list and, perhaps, force

    +++the U.S. attorney’s office to bow out of the case because of the connections of two of the johns.+++

    “After those revelations, two veteran prosecutors . . . took over and began crafting plea offers that defendants couldn’t refuse.

    The most creative plea bargain was given to the only two customers to be charged . . . Originally facing felony charges for hiring hookers for a party on [the yacht of one of the defendants] as it crossed state lines from Louisiana to Mississippi, the two men were allowed to plead guilty to an obscure maritime law characterized as a ‘petty offense.’ Under the unusual arrangement, the boat – a 41-foot Sea Ray named Crime Scene – pleaded guilty to a felony and the corporation that owns the boat was fined $80,000.” (There are additional reports in the Times-Picayune, including one in the issue of April 24, 2003.)
    It’s amazing what creativity even the Feds can come up with when they are too embarrassed to proceed to trial.

    Billy NUNGESSER could very well be the next LT. GOVERNOR ENDORSED by DAVID VITTER & they were BOTH named in that BOOK!!!
    What a nightmare….

  6. The U.S. Attorney's Office is bilking the taxpayers & using the court system to oppress private citizens from pursuing WEALTH!
    They dare to diminish a woman's capability to make a conscious decision to market herself by saying that she is being EXPLOITED?
    The only people they were worried about was the MEN who were SPENDING THOUSANDS of DOLLARS & they weren't GETTING A CUT!
    At least the johns get what they paid for & then some.

    I am a registered voter in Plaquemines Parish. I have had numerous conversations w/"fat boy". "Fat boy" is: a liar, cheat and thief. His sole goals in life are: be in the limelight always, make as much $$$ for him self and his closest co-horts on a daily basis; do everything possible to cover-up his actions'; "fat boy" DID make mega $$$ as a result of the BP disaster. From the beginning of 'fat boy's" becoming Parish President of Plaquemines Parish he has kept the local govt in a state of emergency-as a result of that "state" he is able to perform as a dictator. I have personally attended as many public meetings when "fat boy" decided to grace up [however momentarily] with his presence. 'fat boy' is a vile person. 'fat boy' is under federal investigation. Qualifying for lt. gov. puts a 'hold' on actions against 'fat boy'. His salary is $99,000 his fringe benefits are innumerable. It was no surprise to me that "fat boy" was a 'no show' with our Mr. Dardenne.
    It is in the best interest of the state of Louisiana not vote for Mr. Dardenne. BTW bobby jindal had a fund raiser at "fat boy's" home and "fat boy" raised appx. $450,000 for jindal; and "fat boy's" sister works with the jindal group and she has raised more than $8 million for jindal.

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