8 thoughts on “If I was a newspaper reporter I’d ask Jim Letten why St Charles Parish DA Harry Morel Jr decided to call it quits”

  1. Damn! What's the story on Morel?!?

    For many years, Calvin Fayard would have strawberrys delivered to Harry Morel every spring. I know this because I personally delivered them 3 years in a row to that wooden DA office building.

    I've always wondered why Morel was on Fayard's list of strawberry recipients along with federal judges. Maybe he helped Fayard, Gauthier and Bruno in some way with the Shell Norco class action?

  2. Mr NAAS I have very specific credible information on the topic but this needs to be seen in the light of day elsewhere as my plate is simply too full. People are talking so an enterprising reporter could suss it out quickly IMHO. I do not think Morel's victim has any prohibitions on talking for instance though I have no specific info whether they would or not. Jason at AZ has a real talent for getting people to open up for instance besting Dateline NBC on the David Vitter lovechild deal (Vitter has no love child by the way according to the mom) but his plate is full too.

    Any reporter so interested will have to do a bit of work but the story is there for the taking.


  3. Now now children…friends can give friends strawberries without it being illegal, unethical or immoral. Oh you mean the fruit…tee hee hee

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