If I may be so bold: Those that aren’t following Sop on the ETM Yahoo Message Board are missing out on some great fun.

My 5 years exclusively blogging on finance message boards gave me the skills to bring you Slabbed.  This issue in the Garlandfill saga, Corporate Ethics, is a topic we have covered a time or two on Slabbed and is very fair game on the investor sites like Yahoo! ETM which in turn also explains why the Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics follows us on twitter.  I think they are good folks there that do mucho good in the business world.

This kind of discussion is brought to you by the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States. Those freedoms that we enjoy and often take for granted have been literally been paid for in blood. God Bless America!

Unfortunately we have readers that do not enjoy the same constitutional protections that we do in the US.  Canada, for instance is far behind us in this area with their landmark free speech case involving journalists coming at the tail end of 2009. And even then they do not have our SLAPP protection under the law. These people yearn to enjoy the sunshine as we do and in the case of Charles Leary and Vaughn Perret, Slabbed will be their beacon of hope. I say this because the post on Shelburne County Today covering the Trout Point scandal is now 404.

Covering Trout Point and the tactic of using the courts to silence critics in Canada has gained me a greater appreciation why so many companies that scam people are based there.  While participating in occasional informal finance roundtable discussions several times a college professor of finance whose opinions I respect mentioned how much Naked Short Selling originates with certain unsavory Canadian broker dealers for example.  And then there is insurance scammer Kingsway Financial Services which we have well covered here on Slabbed that is also well noted with the good folks at RipOff Report as an accomplished travel/sweepstakes scammer that somehow manages to remain in business despite using a Nigerian business model in Advance Fee Fraud. And yet in spite of all this they are still allowed to trade on the US financial markets though it appears they are finally on the verge of being delisted from the NYSE.  It is simply amazing in respects.

Here at Slabbed we do not take our First Amendment freedoms for granted no siree. And we’ll be that Shining City Upon the Hill so that people across this world, from the Iranians that were likely wanking while looking at the Stormy Daniels pic on this post, to our friends up north that want to tell their story of Trout Point Lodge will have both a place of refuge and hope.


7 thoughts on “If I may be so bold: Those that aren’t following Sop on the ETM Yahoo Message Board are missing out on some great fun.”

  1. sop, naked short selling is a myth. the most well known critic of non existent naked short selling, patrick byrne of overstock.com, tried to blame naked shorts for his stocks woes. the problem with his company is that it sucks, not short sellers. anytime management of a public company talks about short sellers beware. if management truly believes in their business short covering will only help the stock price go up that much more.

  2. For Stephanie " Champagne" Grace to be casting stones at Garlandfill Robbingette is ludicrous… of course the reformed sinner and all that…but really girl: you hung on Tim Coulon's every word and drank Whitmer's KoolAid. Get real.

  3. Jr don't get me wrong I'm a devoted short seller on occasion and agree with you 100% on Patrick Byrne but failure to deliver is very real.

    Sharkpuppet maybe Stephanie has seen the error of her previous licentious ways for breaking bread with Coulon on too regular a basis. I've said some nasty shit about more than a few folks in the NOLA media corps but Stephanie Grace and Jarvis Deberry have engaged me on twitter a time or two and I think that is a very good sign in fact I know it is just like last year during the spill when Rob Young at Western Carolina U engaged me on the spill despite the fact I had previously excoriated him. I take it as a sure sign of an open mind and goodwill to an issue. (The tactic is an ancient chinese message board trick)


  4. Well, well, well, the old stews at TPL are still stirring. And yup they love to sue, mostly scare tactics, look out when the person who really knows what they are all about, comes along for a kiss and tell. The stew will be on the other foot !!

    1. You mean like it is now Jacobboy? It must be hell on the girls trying to figure out which people are speaking with us as the possibilities are almost endless. I bet the construction company with the mechanics lein has a great story to tell. We haven't scratched the surface yet IMHO.


  5. "Honey, sop is home" sounds like a shot of permanency that will reverberate for a while in the minds of investors who may know your nickname. If I were WWL I would give Garlandfill his walking papers before the big boys intercede and fire management. Especially seeing that ETM has not re-financed themselves yet and I'm sure lending banks in this economy check Yahoo's Finance Board as much as the FBI checks Slabbed for leads.

    More than an effect on the worth of the stock itself could be the millions ETM will have to pay in increased rates due too poor management decisions like keeping Garlandfill's Stink Tank on the air.

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