6 thoughts on “Friday Music: Special dedication to Charlie and Vaughn”

  1. Sop, just got an e-mail from a very depressed ,crying Dudley Do-right that said he wants you to know after reading all the latest news from your Nova Scotia sources and today's twofer that he is sorry he was part of such an a misplaced attack on you and happy that he got lost by the big pine tree in Wiggins,Miss.( Note: The dumb ass couldn't even find Dizzy Dean's statue plain as day)

    Its Ok Dudley, but now get back on your faithful steed riding face forward onto the scent of "The Secrets of the Lost Goat Cheese Loan" . Oh, and keep the Slabbed Nation posted if you arrest any cheeseheads cause the Saints hate those mother cheeseruckers.

  2. Hey Lockem, for the first time ever we got visitors from the Province of Nova Scotia. I bet they find this site as informational as our friends at the FBI do.

    I try and help you with the
    Things that can't be justified
    I need to warn you that
    There is no way to rationalize
    So have you figured it out now?
    So have you figured it out?

    The more people find out the more people that talk to me, especially the long and distinquished list of people in Nova Scotia the girls have fucked over in the way they conduct business.

    Like I told the guy at Frank Magazine the girls did me a big favor.


  3. What have they been up to? I hope you're keeping a sharp eye out for trouble. I hear the Nova Scotia Union of Tea Room Employees does not take kindly to folks inquiring into their business.

    (Seriously, it is charming place. We've visited Acadia ourselves. If you like knick-knacks shaped like Atlantic puffins, it is the best place on earth.)

    1. I don't think Charles and Vaughn are doing so good these days Anono. And to think just 2 weeks ago they were passing threats against me via email and now won't answer a few simple questions I have about that letter Roy D'Aquilla wrote them.


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