Charles Leary of Trout Point comes out of hiding: Comments to blog in Nova Scotia over the widening scandal at Trout Point Lodge

Well folks, what can I say except that Charles Leary evidently has no clue that his career filing frivolous lawsuits was all public record. Regarding the Goat lawsuit he was involved with in Louisiana that we recently profiled he told the folks at Shelburne County Today “I was mentioned in the claim without my knowledge.”

Yeah Charlie and I have some ocean front property in Arizona to sell too.  😉

He is evidently still sticking to his story he that he has never owned land with Aaron Broussard despite the fact that I listed a specific piece of property that Charles and Vaughn Perret own with Aaron Broussard. Leary and Perrt bought the land from Broussard and do business with him. The never owned land meme is pure wordsmithing designed to obscure the true nature of the girls business relationships with Broussard. Evidently when Charles was young he never got the “problem with telling lies” speech from his momma.

This is getting good folks.  I highly recommend clicking over to the Shelburne County Today post on this topic as it appears the locals in Nova Scotia have become hip to the Mystery on the Shores of the Tusket River.


4 thoughts on “Charles Leary of Trout Point comes out of hiding: Comments to blog in Nova Scotia over the widening scandal at Trout Point Lodge”

  1. Damn, I missed what the Trouty Pouty boys had to say on that blog post. I've been seeing Slabbed show up where I least expect it, pretty sure it was written on the bathroom wall at a popular pub all the media folks frequent here in Halifax. Yes, Steve Murphy from ATV news might just come a calling and invite the boys on his show to give them the opportunity to speak to the masses. Maybe the CBC, a taxpayer funded broadcaster,will take on the angle of how it is just plain wrong to take money from us tax payers to open up a cheese tourism business,and then close up said business with the loan outstanding. I hope the boys are practicing their best "no comment" cause I have a feeling the cameras are coming for them.

  2. And we have a Halifax reporter taking a breather in Granada Spain,wonder what he can possibly find to write about way over there?

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