Nope we’re definitely not in Kansas anymore Toto. Rich Rainey at the T-P reveals full list of Heebe’s “Lobbists”.

Come on everyone sing, sing sing…….

There’s no controlling the unrolling of your fate, my friend,
Who knows what’s written in the magic book.

Gov. Bobby Jindal’s chief of staff, his coastal issues adviser and almost three dozen other people were identified as “lobbyists” whom embattled landfill owner Fred Heebe could use to promote his interests and stamp out competition, according to a copy of a list from Heebe’s private records.

The lobbyist list, which was seized in the raid, is marked as being revised in March 2007, indicating that other versions of it existed. Heebe’s attorney, Billy Gibbens, wouldn’t comment Wednesday.

Jindal’s chief of staff, Timmy Teepell, said he knew nothing about being on the list and that the FBI hadn’t contacted him. He also said he has no financial relationship with Heebe or River Birch. He did say that he considers Heebe “a friend” through his involvement in Jindal’s various political campaigns.

Teepell speculated that his appearance on the list was likely because he worked for Jindal’s congressional office and managed the Republican’s 2007 campaign for governor, roles that gave him clout in political circles. Heebe has been a major contributor to Republican candidates in Louisiana.

Garret Graves, now Jindal’s coastal management adviser, has worked as an adviser to Sen. David Vitter, R-La., former Sen. John Breaux, D-La., and former U.S. Rep. Billy Tauzin, R-Chackbay.

“I have no idea why my name would be on any list related to this issue and never accepted any form of compensation for anything even remotely related to my official duties,” Graves said. “Aside from being wrong, it would just be beyond stupid.”

Yes Garrett we know you are beyond stupid. One word for Garrett folks: Bermdoggle. It is at this point that I’m remind our readers that ol’ Freaky Freddy Heebe almost bought himself the US Attorney’s slot under George Bush and his two biggest backers were then Gov Mike Foster and Bill Tauzin. Heebe’s tentacles embrace the entire Louisiana GOP, which is completely rotten to the core filled shake down artists like John Alario, who evidently owns part of the landfill.

Another person that is not publicly wondering about their appearance on the list is DA Paul Connick’s brother Dutchie Connick.  Connick is rumored to be Heebe’s personal shoe shine boy.

Some of these names are not a surprise to me, some of the names on the list are evidently a surprise to some on it and I still do not think we have yet heard everything. Stay tuned as Freddie is such a nice guy keeping a list of those he thought were his puppets.


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  1. Let's not allow the latest name dump (as fascinating as it is) to distract from Garlandfill. Call his show constantly, write his employer and complain to the FCC. BTW . . . what are the tax implications of receiving an interest-free loan? If Garlandfill is not being pursued by Letten re tax problems, could that be in exchange for info on the River Birch way of doing business??

  2. Garlandfill is in the clear on taxes UNOProf, it is Heebe that has to worry. Kim Holden used the magic words "imputed interest" in her report the other night because in an interst free loan situation the lender must pick up part of the repayments as interest income based on IRS rate tables.

    There is a nice tax dodge involving giving a loan to a relative and then gifting that relative's loan payments. The grantor picks up the imputed interest income and the grantee actually gets a mortgage interest deduction if a mortgage is recorded. Money never changes hands except when the loan is made (generally to help a kid buy a house). You always see that kind of deal between family members and I'm not saying that is the case with Garlandfill but the complexities here are both very real and deceptively hidden.


  3. The loan could also be forgiven by Heebe and seen as a donation of $250k. I believe he can donate $50k tax free per year to anyone and 5 years of donations = $250k. A CPA would be best though to explain the tax free donation process and amounts.

    1. Why thank you for the setup Pres. The amount that can be gifted in a year would depend on exactly how the note was styled and it assumes it was made by Heebe personally instead of through one of his businesses, which can not gift. Since the loan was made the annual per donee amount has ranged from $11K to $13K in 2010. Assuming it was Fred Heebe and Nancy Rhett the annual amount would be no greater than $13K or around $50K total over the 4 years. Now if the loan were Fred and Jennifer to Nancy you can double those amounts as both Fred and Jenniefr could gift the loan forgiveness. If it were all 4 (Fred/Jennifer Lenders and Garland Nancy debtors) you could quadruple the amounts to around $200K. Whatever the details the loan forgiveness would have to be allocated to principal and imputed interest.

      If one of Heebe'scompanies made the loan there are a host of alternative implications all the way into the relm of money laundering but that goes beyond accounting and taxation to the law.


  4. Sop, you are going to have to go easy when the names start flying. I don't think the sheeple will be able to handle the truth. Their heads may explode when they see how bad it really is and not what it is purported to be.
    Keep it coming…loving it!

  5. Sop:

    It is very important to note that the Times Picayune ONLY released the list of “LOBBYISTS” whom Fred Heebe labeled as important. There clearly are “other lists” of individuals/companies which have not yet been released yet in the public record who were paid for services rendered in helping shut down Old Gentilly. What we really want to see is the list of “LAW FIRMS” and “ATTORNEYS” who were hired by River Birch. Anyone think that perhaps Connick & Connick, Chehardy Ellis, and others were hired to grease the proverbial wheels in Jefferson Parish? Not saying they were hired but it sure would be very interesting to see the other lists and bank account payees.

    A number of people also want to see the bank account records for Ron Nabonne, Dutchie Connick, Randy Haynie, & Bill Sirmon to see if any pass through dollars were involved to certain elected officials or their family members.

    Nabonne for example represented Cynthia Williard Lewis, John Young, Joe Yenni, Sidney Barthelemy, Ellen Hazeur, Judge Herbert Cade, Troy Carter, Judge Veronica Henry (of Wilkinson & Henry LLC law firm where Nabonne is a law Partner), Karen Carter, & Ray Nagin amoung others.$f=templates$3.0

  6. Sop, you are correct in the term is derogatory but I have used it in the sense that JP voters seem to be disconnected as a norm. It floors me that the general populace will allow less than 20% of the population to dictate who will run the govt. If you count the friends and family that vote it would seem that no one else votes:)
    It's funny that you mention Benson. I always wondered how Fox8 staff was even allowed to pursue anything in JP. I didn't think Tom would allow them to show any dirt on the politicians that paint his wagon on Airline.

  7. Pres since we’re sharing the money trail may not be in currency. One of the earliest tips we got on River Birch did not involve who they were paying, rather it involved who Team River Birch cut in as owners. Alario forced the door open when he extorted ownership from Team River Birch, The list of politicos disclosed to me included every member of the Jefferson Parsih Council save one along with Broussard, Whitmer and Wilkinson.

    Remember the T-P story on Louisiana allowing the use of counter letters as an acceptable method of conveying ownership? River Birch did not see that FBI raid coming.

    Like I say no telling what is written in the magic book.


  8. Sop, bet you I can guess the lone Councilman who did not get a cut in River Birch.Wait for it———————————————————–Zephyrman, Ron Maestri—-He played major league ball will all of them and voted for the River Birch contract but he was really just an amateur utility, sand lot player from right side of the railroad tracks.

    Remember him wearing sneakers with no socks to the Grand Jury.Yogi Berra style ballgame strategy.

  9. I’ve used the term Sheeple a time or two and it certainly applies but as a general rule I try refrain as it potentially can turn off converts. The best substitute is “non politically engaged”. Later today I’ll introduce a name seldom seen but often heard in one Calvin Fayard as it brings the Benson connection into sharper focus.


  10. Upcoming MSNBC AMERICAN GREED segment:

    True Horror Story: "The River Birch Landfill-
    Trash Attracts Insatiable Human Flies"

  11. your above post specifically in referring to the "non politically engaged" Jefferson Parish public…(I use sheeple but guess I should be more politcally correct). Anyway, agree with your comment that is perplexing to see J.P. elections determined by less than 20% of the registered voters actually out there voting. Usually when this happens the J.P. politico who won and got the majority of a 18% of registered voters voting..they strut around like roosters and say how much they appreciated the LANDSLIDE victory provided them by the J.P. voters…

    Just today in the Times Picayune, they reported that Capella, Roberts, LaGasse, Lee Sheng all cruised to victory because they had no opponents in their respective races.

    The really funny comment was by none other than the amusing LaGasse who reflected on his not having an opponent in his race with this comment: " I assume they're (Jefferson voters) satisfied with the job that's being done."

    And that comment from someone who is going into another four years of the Council without so much as a single vote being cast for him..he is proud of himself…!…amazing the ego of these J.P. politicos..sad but still amazing how they see themselves.

  12. Let’s re-edit Lagasse’s comment so that it will have context: “I assume they’re (campaign contractor contributors) satisfied with the job that’s been done.”

    The vast majority of the registered voters are the mindless ‘walking dead’ at the mall; they wouldn’t know who these Mafioso are and what office they had or have even with a gun to their head…

    The large campaign chests of these politico thugs are constantly being overstuffed with endless contributions from the very same contractors these POS vote for on a regular basis. This perversion of having such large amounts of money serves their purpose of intimidation; to deter other individuals from engaging in the elections. Roberts, Lagasse, Young and Capella’s idea of an electoral process is UN-AMERICAN and more akin to a totalitarian regime similar as to how the Russian Mafia runs the elections there.

    Although the following essay’s theme referenced the Federal Government, it is apropos as well to State and Local governments…please read:

    Why Vote?
    By Peter Roff
    Published November 02, 2010

    Why vote? It’s a good question, especially at a time when the government just doesn’t seem to be working. Congress is not delivering on its promises, hide-bound by politics and division. There is a lack of any sense that things are going to get better and, in fact, every indication that they may for a time get worse.

    The question brings to mind a moment in history.

    At one point, in speaking to his men in the dim light, the general apologized having to put on a pair of glasses so that he could more clearly decipher his notes.

    “Gentlemen,” said Gen. George Washington, “you will permit me to put on my spectacles, for I have not only grown gray but almost blind in the service of my country.” The date was March 15, 1783. The place was Newburgh, New York. The American War for Independence was over. The British Gen. Cornwallis has surrendered his sword. The fighting, which began at Lexington and Concord and had carried on for eight long, hard, discouraging years, had finally come to an end.

    But all was not well. Washington, still in command of his troops in the field, had come to Newburgh to address his officers who, angry that they had not been paid and fearing they might not be paid, were plotting an insurrection against the Continental Congress, perhaps even to march on it and take what they were owed by force.

    That it didn’t happen was, perhaps, the greatest of Washington’s triumphs. Through his actions that day, through his humility, he restored in his officers their faith in the new nation and its government, preventing one form of tyranny from replacing another over the lives and minds of men, the elimination of which had been the purpose of the long struggle just concluded.

    As one version of the remarks he delivered that day has it, Washington told his officers that while he was certain that their grievances would be addressed he said, “Let me entreat you, gentlemen, on your part, not to take any measures which, viewed in the calm light of reason, will lessen the dignity and sully the glory you have hitherto maintained; let me request you to rely on the plighted faith of your country.”

    To reinforce the point, Washington continued, “Let me let me conjure you, in the name of our common country, as you value your own sacred honor, as you respect the rights of humanity, and as you regard the military and national character of America, to express your utmost horror and detestation of the man who wishes, under any specious pretenses, to overturn the liberties of our country, and who wickedly attempts to open the floodgates of civil discord and deluge our rising empire in blood.”

    Were the Founders wiser than we? It is easy to believe that Washington was, along perhaps with Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams and a few more. Or were they simply men, educated men, hard-working and in some cases propertied men of influence who had on their minds something bigger than their own prosperity. Men with a vision for a new nation, as Jefferson wrote, “conceived in liberty,” a place where fortune could smile on the industrious, clever and lucky, not just the well-born and well-connected.

    Unique in its time but now the model for the world, the United States is a place where we, each of us, have our destiny in our hands. A destiny we bring to pass, not through revolution or bloodshed, but through institutions like the jury box, the town meeting and the voting booth.

    In the long history of man it has not always been so. And, as Washington reminds us from the depths of the past, were it not for him it might never have been. But it is. More than simple responsibility, voting it is a sacred trust bequeathed to us all through the centuries, a proposition for which blood has been spilled many times in each of the succeeding centuries – to preserve that right for ourselves and to help extend that right to others.

    Why vote?

    Because in America, that is the way we change things. That is the way we reform the system. That is the way we guard against the threats to our liberties and exercise our responsibilities. That is the way that we keep America free.

    Candidates come and candidates go. Elections are won and lost. Sometimes we elect crooks and nobodies and, every once in while, a statesman who strides across the Congress or, from the Oval Office, across the world like a colossus, showing the world what it means to be a free people and, more importantly, why freedom matters.

    And, for the same reason, it matters that you vote. It is your voice – and the only person who can silence your voice is you. So applaud, complain, march, protest, petition – these are your rights but, without your vote, they are meaningless actions, backed up by nothing.

    Peter Roff is contributing editor, U.S. New & World Report, senior fellow Institute for Liberty and Let Freedom. He is a former senior political writer for United Press International.”


  13. Since mini-me is elected unopposed; how much campaign spending will there be? What more can a guy want? He already has a giant toy train to pull his campaign banner.

  14. Why a fundraiser in Rio de Janiero during Carnival time of course … so he can parade the Krewe of Porkus…the float, the tractor to pull the float, the fire engine, the hot dog cart, the sno-ball stand, the vintage panel truck, the ‘bad ass’ golf cart, an $80,000 plus sound system and on and on and on…some $250,000 plus worth of personal toys paid for illegally thru his campaign fund …

    Roberts can believe this … without Letten and Connick covering his ass … he’d be spending a lot more time than Eddie Price is doing right now !!!

    In fact Letten is responsible for Roberts and Lagasse being elected by default … I know it, and you know it …so drop the delusional BS about the ‘people’ making a choice for your dumb, arrogant fat asses sitting on the Clown Council another 4 years … your embarrassing … trust me!!!


    In April 2006, New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin issued an emergency zoning order, allowing the company Waste Management, Inc. to open a landfill on Chef Menteur Highway without going through the usual permitting procedures. The dump site is bordered by the Maxent Canal that the Vietnamese residents use for fishing and aquatic gardening. Residents were horrified to learn that rainwater and groundwater seeped into the landfill, mixed with toxic building materials and household chemicals, and was eventually pumped by Waste Management into the canal.
    A federal audit later revealed an unseemly agreement that allowed the opening of the Chef Menteur site. The city issued a zoning waiver to Waste Management in exchange for a 22 percent share of the landfill’s profits. Auditors from the Department of Homeland Security concluded that because the federal government was reimbursing Waste Management for the costs of debris disposal at the time, the city was essentially helping itself to an unauthorized federal grant.


    After failing to produce adequate receipts for $$$$$$ 55 MILLION DOLLARS in FEMA sponsored, post Katrina cleanup funds ( 13 MILLION is rumored to have gone to contractor Hubbard now serving time ) the Jefferson taxpayers are on the hook for 55 MILLION.Well that 's OK cause the politicos did such good jobs according to Elton La Gasbag many were voted to continue their fine accounting work while others walked back into another term unopposed. saving all their contractor friend campaign funds for a raining day.

    Now according to the Times-Picayune article Sissy Roberts is crying cause his federal gravy train is out of money . FEMA had promised Jefferson Parish politicos another $$$$$$100 MILLION to repair roads damaged from Katrina but the parish failed to state the amount of asphalt needed ( sounds familiar to the 55 million no receipt problem).Now heavens no ,due to the excessive tornado season and recent Northeastern flood damage, FEMA has rescinded its promised money to be diverted to FEMA's current emergencies.

    So what is Sissy gonna' do as he selfishly refuses to see other U.S. citizens might need some help like NOLA and Jeffersonians did after Katrina.? He's gonna hire—— wait for it ————- Adams and Reese to lobby and plans to put pressure on La.'s senators to get that money DAM IT. Hell, the FEDS promised it and if the federal train stops running then the Parish's contractor Payola machine stops and that ultimately causes Sissy' s campaign mini-train to stop rolling in the dough anymore.

    Well Slabbed Nation I suggest we take up a collection of dried cow pies to donate to Sissy so he can burn some environmental friendly energy to power that wonderful train which Gate' above always describes so beautifully. I mean what would this area be like without engineer Sissy driving his infamous Train Extravaganza !

    Meanwhile, I suggest Sissy get his FAT ASS up at 5 AM and study the problem on his 4 G internet terlit and come up with a fiduciary plan to create competitive , contractor bidding wars to stretch taxpayers' funds so we can pave streets with our own money

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