Wednesday Video: Excuse me while I take a few calls from our friends in Canada

Wayne I promise I haven’t forgotten about you bro and as an added bonus I’ll roll out where Ken Trahan was really working as he was not a paralegal. I also have a guest post from ‘Gate coming that examines how Jefferson parish likes to throw big amounts of tax dollars away in legal fees.


2 thoughts on “Wednesday Video: Excuse me while I take a few calls from our friends in Canada”

  1. PARODY ADAPTATION: Garlandfill: Don't spend too much of your own money, right. We will divide up and we will get all the media to make a big circle and just deny everything until we see these skunks Thunder !!! Thunder!!! -The Assassin: Whose the fellow who owes this shithole? You fat man, speak up -Garlandfill: I own this establishment, but I got a Heebe-Jeebie $250,00 loan to buy it – The Assassin: You better clear out of there. Hold it!- Hold it! Double Barrel Caaboom !!!!- The Great Dane: Well sir, you are a cowardly SOB, you just shot an unarmed man – The Assassin: Well, he should armed himself with more Rhinoshield if he's gonna decorate my friendly airways with his stinky, twobit bullshit.

    1. We got the full scene on tap soon Locke. I'm up late 'cause I literally just got off the phone with a new friend in Canada. The stories about Vaughn Perret and how he despised Aaron Broussard in spite of the fact he mooched off Aaron and Danny Abel. Vaughn is a real special kind of top bitch.


      As Stan would say "this is fucked up right here".

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