Garlandfill you can bullshit some of the people some of the time but here at Slabbed we’re immune from your cheap wordsmithing tricks.

There is a stereotype that people here down in the deep south are illiterate racist dumbasses that is sadly reinforced by the charlatans from the area we elect to higher office such as Texas Gov Rick Perry.  Appearances are often deceiving though as there is actually plenty of homespun wisdom that belies the stereotype such as that found on ‘Gate guest post on Lafitte Mayor Tim Kerner. The people here know they are electing crooks to office, at least the minority that are engaged politically. It is accompanied by a sense of helplessness that nothing will change the system so you pick the pol that pays the most attention to your pecuniary needs knowing it means making a bargain with the devil.  IMHO this is also what turns off the majority of the voters – you know the ones that stay home every election day.

I mention all this because the fallout from Paul Rioux’s blockbuster story on Robinette taking payola from Fred Heebe could not be ignored on the backside of the long labor day weekend and judging from the comments left in the paper and the sentiments expressed in the blogosphere the locals know Garland is still trying to blow smoke up our collective ass.  Watching this scandal play out on the Tee Vee news was fun last night.  My expectations were low to begin with and frankly they were not exceeded with one exception as the majority of the coverage was along the lines of what appeared on Gambit’s website in a bland journalistic recitation of Garland’s prepared remarks that really lent no insight to the continued bullshit coming from Team Garlandfill. The exception was Kim Holden’s report for Fox 8 which had that bland recitation part but also contained the insights of a real estate specialized lawyer in Marx Sterbcow. For those that like connecting dots Marx is the son of Arthur Sterbcow. Arthur of course made the news last year when he was canned from Latter & Blum after he assisted the T-P in exposing some problems in property tax assessments in Jefferson Parish crossing Lawrence Chehardy (and Dutchie Connick) in the process. The Sterbcows know their real estate and Holden was smart to get reaction from Marx because Garlandfill’s story has  problems as I predicted when I said he was better off not saying anything (because once you get on the slippery slope of lies and buillshit there is only one place for the crap to flow).  Here is a snippet:

According to Robinette’s attorney, the loan from Heebe was backed by a vacant lot Robinette’s wife, Nancy Rhett, owns in Tchefuncte Club Estates in Covington.

FOX 8 searched St. Tammany Parish Clerk of Court records and did not find any legal documentation to show the property was used as collateral.

Local real estate attorney Marx Sterbcow says it is highly unusual, given the amount of money involved.

“Typically, 90 percent of the time, it is recorded and there is a mortgage, but if you are dealing with family or friends, it may not be recorded. That is not the way you really want to do things,” Stebcow said.

FOX 8 also learned in February, the vacant lot owned by Rhett was transferred to her LLC, just months after Robinette was questioned by federal investigators about the $250 million loan.

Sterbcow calls it an added layer of protection.

“When you put a piece of property into an LLC, it becomes a separate entity, separate and apart from the personal assets,” Sterbcow said.

There are implications here that Garlandfill nor his lawyer Dane Ciolino evidently ever considered and it was Pres that laid it out bare in comments this morning:

So let me get this right Garland….you take out a $250k loan (unsecured since its not recorded in Courthouse) on a lot in you & your wife’s name. Then you transfer the lot into a LLC owned by your wife. Seems to me that the $250k loan was extinguished because the property was transferred from them personally to a new entity (the LLC). Unless there is some papertrail that says that Heebe was okay with the LLC transfer and Heebe still has interest in the property then this was a $250k cash giveaway. He doesn’t have to pay back the $250k legally unless there is an addendum to allow the transfer to take place.

That’s right folks, no recorded mortgage means that loan is secured by nothing. And while Ciolino points to the time frame between Garland’s bashing of the Old Gentilly Landfill and Heebe’s payola to Robinette that does nothing to eliminate the fact extending an unsecured interest free loan is a sweetheart deal and from all appearances was Garlandfill’s bone for being a good stooge for Heebe and Team River Birch.   And of course none of this counts the sweetheart property tax assessment on Garlandfill’s wifey’s lot.  What we saw yesterday was pure spin folks and not very good spin at that, but as our readers no doubt notice our posters that actually practice in the legal profession do not have much professional respect for Ciolino’s capabilities as a lawyer.  Slabbed has none for his sense of legal ethics.

So now that we have identified the bullshit we should also examine what other plants in the media are saying.  Normally we’d turn to Clancy Dubos for this honor but we’ve yet to hear from him but there is always Jeff Crouere and Steve Sabludowsky of Bayou Buzz for that so let’s check it out:

On Jeff Crouere’s radio show this morning, when questioned about this controversy, I said that we should wait until we know more about the facts before we judge this matter and that Robinette would be talking about it during his morning show.

I also said we need to know more details about the transaction such as if there is a paper trail. We also must know the time relationship between the comments and actions taken by Robinette against Gentilly and the communications regarding the loan and the consummation of the loan itself.

Numerous callers on the WGSO radio show criticized me and opined that Robinette had engaged in payola or some sort of payback. That appears to be the overwhelming comments after the NOLA article.

This is a classic tactic Sabludowsky uses, trying to convey the need to keep an open mind on a subject where there is more than enough information to form an informed opinion.  Granted it is a better approach than the one he used back in 2006 to defend Greg Meffert and Mark St Pierre as he left himself a bit of wiggle room but at best the perception Garlandfill created is terrible. With documented payoffs to Henry Mouton as the backdrop here is there any question why a man who was helping advance Team Heebe’s cause on the radio got a sweetheart deal on the back-end of the bashing.

Something tells me there are more details that will emerge.  For instance a reader noted last night that Paul Rioux’s original story indicated that Robinette went above and beyond on this issue becoming a defacto lobbyist for River Birch going so far as to visit the Times Picayune in person in a futile effort to steer their coverage of the Old Gentilly Landfill.  It is frankly damning.

Jeffrey at Library Chronicles joined me in posting the link to file a FCC complaint on this matter as it appears Garlandfill very well could have broken the law. We gotta make some noise folks to make a difference.  Jim Letten got what he wanted as Robinette is neutered and will be unable to shill for Team River Birch when the indictments hit as his credibility is shot.  But that still leaves the problem in place and we can’t have paid hidden agendas on the public airways.


15 thoughts on “Garlandfill you can bullshit some of the people some of the time but here at Slabbed we’re immune from your cheap wordsmithing tricks.”

  1. Does Eric Paulsen have a hidden agenda because of Trout Point, Nova Scotia et al? Didn't I read somewhere that he was in a real estate deal with one of the principals or something? So no WWL on those issues.
    And then there is Ms. Sneed over at WDSU whose sister is married to Fred Heebe and whose father worked for Mike Yenni and Tim Coulon at Jefferson Parish and now is with Heebe et al. So no WDSU on those issues.
    Geez…is there anyone in MSM who isn't conflicted out? Oh right, first they have to know what a conflict looks like.

  2. Garlanette is on the precipice of an imploding dilemma …

    The money he received from Heebe is real money and not just paper accounting … and by now I would guess the IRS wants their share in real dollars !!!

  3. – Something tells me there are more details that will emerge. For instance a reader noted last night that Paul Rioux’s original story indicated that Robinette went above and beyond on this issue becoming a defacto lobbyist for River Birch going so far as to visit the Times Picayune in person in a futile effort to steer their coverage of the Old Gentilly Landfill. It is frankly damning.

    And therein lies what, I believe, to be the most egregious factor in the story. Upon approaching Amoss, he was playing lobbyist….pure and simple. How can he explain that away?

    Also the fact that anyone is actually referencing Sabludowsky is pathetic. He actually pulled the story he wrote in defense of Meffert off of BB and Google even pulled my original link to it but it is still archived on my blog.

    Not trying to hijack your blog, SOP, but I think it's important to show just how ironic it is that Sabludowsky would even weigh in.

    This is turning into a classic circle jerk.

  4. Great minds think alike Dambala as it is that exact link that I used with Sabludowsky in my post. The question in my mind isn't the why he chimed in but rather his connection to the scandal. Some of these people and that includes Jeff Crouere do not have their own opinions IMHO, at least not on the air or in their writings.

    I'm enjoying seeing all the chatter about Garlandfill and I'm more than happy to highlight the other blogs I run across that are covering it including that old post on Sabludowsky. Running that sold out sanctiminous a-hole Robinette off the air is a privledge I'm proud to share with other area bloggers that share the same goals we do of making this area a better place for everyone and not just a select few.

    I can't wait until the invites go out to the folks in Jackson and we can get us a 2 state 2 step going. 🙂


  5. You bloggers deserve a medal for digging around in this cesspool of humanity. Robinette should have been fired or at the very least suspended WITHOUT pay until he can clear his name.

  6. Welcome to the deep south Novelle. Garland maintains he has done nothing wrong. You see perceptions only matter when he is not the subject matter.

    Pres I have Karre up listening live on the internet but he is talking Tulane football right now.


  7. Kaare's awful. If his father had not been Phil, he would have no broadcasting career at all. He's a retread (yes, I said retread). I can't listen to him, even if I sometimes agree with his opinion.

  8. Karre Johnson lost me several years ago when he called all persons that had moved from New Orleans to Jefferson or the North Shore "racists". Maybe I am but it is none of his damn business!

  9. Just a matter of time before "Filet Robinette" becomes charred beyond recognition.
    This self praising hypocrite deserves a good grilling.

  10. keep up the good work. The sooner that self-absorbed, serial horn-tooting, name dropping buffoon is off the air the better. Can the whole talk show crew–from Delgiorno the Senile (whatever happened to Monica Pierre?) thru Spudster the Fat. Throw in Tommy The Toad Tuckuh and David Blake and I might just start listening again.

  11. Thanks sop. It has been a while. Time moves quickly with little ones, home and work obligations, etc. Tempus Fugitaboutit

    1. Time flies indeed Sydney. It is scary how much more is out there and I have some serious catching up to do. Jim Letten is appealing Judge Ginger on the search and the Waste Management suit continues to advance. That doesn't count the suit against Dell in Baton Rouge where Mark St Pierre is getting cornholed civilly. There is lots going on.


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