The market is getting hammered today but Entercom is really getting hammered.

Right now the broader markets are down around 2% while the parent company for WWL 870 is down over 8.5%. Folks one thing sold out whores like Robinette and those that employ such ethicless scudda beans understand is the benjamins which is why I’ll be posting over on the Yahoo Entercom Investor Board so that would be investors know exactly what kind of company they are buying.


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  1. The Assassin has struck. and blood is flowing over at Yahoo's Entercom Investor Board.

    Garlandfill says he believes in Rninoshield and its 25 year protection and I believe I hear him spraying his entire ass heavily with it now.

  2. The Assassin is moving to level 2 while Garlanfill is requesting mo' Rhinoshield.

    Stay tune folks this is emerging as The Battle of The Stink Tank and only one victor will be climbing out of the tank today.

    Also, you don't want to miss the parading, geriatric ring girl, Angelick Hill, who may be slipping some brass knuckles to Garlandfill.

  3. Garlandfill just did a Freudian slip move and stated " I running out of problems I mean time".

    The Assassin is thinking about a combination 1-2 punch and is looking for an opening in the Rhinoshield.

    Stay tuned the big Great Dane is in the corner flexing his jaws and may be jumping in soon.

  4. Garlandfill is talking to a U.S.Postal Service official in audience and he is thinking about putting a $69 stamp on his Rhinoshield ass and getting mailed out of the Tank.

    Sorry Garlandfill, the Postal Service does not except toxic goods.Think again.

    Garlandfill's voice is breaking up and the referee is checking him over to see if he may be on the verge of going postal.

  5. Garland needs to do himself a favor or Entercom needs to do a favor for him and take him off the air today. This show is godawful and the metro crime commission needs to find a new station to advertise.

  6. The Assassin is constantly talking trash to Garlandfill bout' his 401 retirement dropping fast.

    Garlandfill is now talking about possibly a Fed Ex pickup, is constantly circling away from The Assassin's rhetoric but suddenly has lifted his right hand to hear something bout' the FCC paying a visit to his corner soon.

    Garlandfill's corner man ,The Great Dane, was chewing on a $1,000 bone but stops and shouts, "Don't worry you haven't done anything wrong."

    The bell rings, end of ROUND ONE. Adults are shielding the eyes of their children while the ring girl parades her stuff(ings).

  7. The bell rings and The Assassin runs to Garlandfill and delivers A Bobble Headshot made famous by Douglas on Tyson years ago and as just memorialized by SockPuppet.

    It's HIGHNOON for Garlandfill as he is staggering all over and avoiding all rhetoric and questions shouted from the audience.

    He is headed to the ropes now with hands held high and looks like he's going to do a Rope A Dope.The Assassin is pounding on his midsection.

    The Think Tank management has a towel in its hand while The Great Dane has just finished his $1,000 bone and is working over his new $5,000 bone.

  8. The Tank's audience is getting rowdy and promoters have called in the Chief of Police to restore order.The fans of The Think Tank just don't like the Rope a Dope move by Gar and are booing the Chief.

    The Chief has climbed i his fat ass into The Think Tank and is checking the ring girl's stuffings, as rumor has it Gar will use whatever means possible to win.

    The Mayor is rubbing his head worriedly and signaling the Chief not to intervene while the audience is cheering on The Assassin to end this massacre quickly.

    Oh, another Bobble Headshot to Gar's jaw just as the bell rings. The Great Dane is barking wildly and wagging his tail at The Assassin while dragging Garlandfill back to his corner.

  9. This is strictly business here Dambala. 😉

    As this news sinks in with the investing community there is a real possibility ETM will test its recently set 52 week low. Greed has a terrible price as Robinette is placing the jobs of his co workers at risk.

    And yes we have new hedge funds reading us today. The pros will not let emotion enter into their buy/sell decisions and will chop management's dick off when it becomes clear they are not discharging their fiduciary duty to the stockholders by keeping this bought and paid for shill on the air.

    God Bless America!


    1. As of 12:52CDT the price of Garland Robinette's greed is $19,122,400 based upon the current trade price of $5.18/share and 9% plus loss. I've also noticed ETM has a very healthy short interest outstanding that grew significantly as of the last reporting period (8-15). This very well makes Garland the best friend of those that short his company.

      If this stock stays under $5 for a protracted period it could lose the ability to be margined. $5 is a big time magic number in stocks.


  10. The Think Tank corner is waving their towel calling for a conference with a forensic financial analyst as Gar looks pretty bruised up and is checking his android for a stat quote on his 401.

    The ring girl has not appeared so the Great Dane parades instead with his normal, polished turd grin of arrogance.

    The bell has rung and The Assassin pops up yet they are still conferencing in Gar's corner. Will he come out for the final rounds to answer the audience's rhetorical questions? Stay tuned while Gar landfill does another Rhinoshield application.

  11. NEWS ALERT ************The Battle of The Stink Tank to be continued ?, its bedlam here folks! Quick, someone in the audience call John Young's Whistleblower Hotline.

  12. Which news station does the best job covering the River Birch/Robinette scandal?

    Fox 8
    WDSU 6
    WWL 4
    WGNO 11

    I'm going to be glued to Fox 8 then watch WWL 4 to see who they handle this issue.

  13. I wouldn't look for anything from Channel 6 or WGNO. Best bet is Fox 8 and they did give indication on Twitter they were following this story.


  14. Once upon a time, Fox 8 really went after stories like this. Let's see if they're as hard-hitting as they claim to be, despite the players involved. That's what I'm hoping for today.

  15. Channel 4's coverage was weak and involved Angela batting her eyes. Kim Holden at Fox 8 has gotten our attention though with her interview with Marx Sterbcow on the matter and Marx took Garland out to the woodshed. You go dude. 🙂


  16. So let me get this right Garland….you take out a $250k loan (unsecured since its not recorded in Courthouse) on a lot in you & your wife's name. Then you tranfer the lot into a LLC owned by your wife. Seems to me that the $250k loan was extinguished because the property was transferred from them personally to a new entity (the LLC). Unless there is some papertrail that says that Heebe was okay with the LLC transfer and Heebe still has interest in the property then this was a $250k cash giveaway. He doesn't have to pay back the $250k legally unless there is an addendum to allow the transfer to take place.

    1. I'm a bit late to the party today but I'll add it is nice that we hav readers that understand the UCC and how the legalities of various forms of commercial paper work. I once remember helping a client close a loan and the loan officer with the bank left the original loan in the conference space we were using (that was not at the bank branch). Pressed up against the end of the year to get the deal done there were some very frantic phone calls made on New Years eve close to quitting time. The bottom line is no note no loan. No mortgage recorded mean the the loan has no collateral. The topic deserves its own post.


  17. Pres: There has been several reports on reporting that Garland purchased a residence for $235,000 in Tammany Parish in 2005 and in first tax assessment year it was taxed at $125,000 by Assessor Core. In addition to that possible Payola payout the property tax has since been challenged 3 times till it was lowered to $97,000.An investigation by WVUE is needed to verify and report if this Payola is true.

  18. Seems like Patrica Core, the assessor has more problems that profligate spending on Parish credit cards. Sounds like Garland was shown a little favoritism here. Also, one would have to question, with decreasing valuations on the property which purportedly secured the note, why Heebe did not call the note, a la Bank of America or Countrywide. Seems ole Garland was upside down on this deal.

  19. Did anybody catch the shot Bob Breck took at Lee Zurick at 9:00 ? Bob was talking about the tropical systems and then started discussing the remnants of TS Lee. He went on about how much discomfort Lee is causing then looked at the news desk and stated a lot of people are upset with Lee. There was snickering from the news desk.

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