We have a winner and he is still a loser after all these years…..

Vaughn Perret and Charles Leary of Trout Point Lodge

What can I say folks, he was a grifter in the exotic cheese biz down here and evidently remains the same in Nova Scotia as Slabbed literally trips on all the skeletons in the pasts of the girls at Trout Point Lodge. He remains a loser because he still doesn’t know how to properly serve his frivolous lawsuits:

At its most rudimentary, this case involves alleged damages resulting from the purchase of “diseased” dairy goats. Plaintiff has alleged causes of action based upon: (1) tort; (2) breach of contract; (3) civil fraud; and (4) breach of warranty.

Specifically, in August, 1994, Allen Bitter (herein “Bitter”), a dairy goat farmer in New York, received a call from Mr. Charles Leary (herein “Leary”) of Mt. Herman, Louisiana. Leary told Bitter that he was assisting plaintiff, Jeff Condalary, in es-tablishing a dairy goat herd and requested Bitter’s assistance in locating dairy goats. Continue reading “We have a winner and he is still a loser after all these years…..”

The market is getting hammered today but Entercom is really getting hammered.

Right now the broader markets are down around 2% while the parent company for WWL 870 is down over 8.5%. Folks one thing sold out whores like Robinette and those that employ such ethicless scudda beans understand is the benjamins which is why I’ll be posting over on the Yahoo Entercom Investor Board so that would be investors know exactly what kind of company they are buying.


All eyes on the Stink Tank

Last night Paul Rioux us gave the good word that Garland Robinette will be indeed taking to the airwaves on his show the Stink Tank to explain things this morning at 10:00AM CDT.  This is a must listen as Robinette is hanging it all out in order to salvage the tatters of his media reputation.  Luckily for members of the Slabbed Nation in far flung locales such as Nova Scotia and OxPatch, you can listen over the internet by clicking over to the WWL AM870 website and click the listen live icon on the left of the top toolbar.  I’ll update my thoughts in comments.