Lots of Garland chatter in the area blogs…..

Clay over at NOLA-dishu is linking some of the new media coverage of the Garland Robinette payola scandal.  Each post lends greater insight into the thinking of the peeps on the state of the media in metro New Orleans.  I’ll chime in and say I agree that Bob Delgorno really stinks so I tune to MPB or slip in a CD when I’m behind the windshield.

The TeeVee is where I depart from Dambala.  Yeah there is competition but each station is sold out in one way shape or fashion.  And while I like reporters like Lee Zurik I wonder what would happen if he pissed in the Cheerios of one of Tom Benson’s cronies.  Val Bracy isn’t gone for nothing folks.  At WDSU Amy Sneed staffs the assignment desk.  Have they done anything on Sis’s hubby Fred Heebe? And at WWL you have the Toolman that is completely dicked into the Aaron Broussard social/business network.  And speaking of Zurik will he ever do anything harder hitting than highlighting a few political hacks misusing credit cards in the JP VFD? The contrast with the person he effectively replaced is striking that way folks.

We’re all subject to cognitive bias and the media including the new media does not have an exemption.  Bernie Goldberg does a good job explaining how it works in his book Bias though I hope by now everyone is smart enough to understand the concepts cut across the entire media, not just the so-called liberal media. In a way Robinette is just the tip of a much larger iceberg folks.


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  1. Calling WDSU's Investgative Team with Amy Sneed at the assignment desk is like calling John Young 's Whistleblower Hotline which is like calling Inspector Clousteau , which is like AGWOFT (A Gigantic Waste Of Fu#*king Time).

    If you think Bob Disjointo is bad his totally disjointed son does most if not all the area's car commercials where he's talkin' so fast it sounds like you put an old 1930's record on 45 PRMs.

    WWL needs to send the stale, burnt father-son dago pizzas back to Chicago to contaminate their air again.Oh, and don't forget to export Bob Disjointo's ole lady back there too cause she's a nut and 1/2 herself.

  2. What the hell, I might as well go on and write this after reading about Robinette’s bullshit. Who knows what else these fuckin’ hypocrites have been up to. Might find out by looking down into this HellHole of all hellholes.

    Since that selective investigative reporter Zurik took over at Fox 8, Val Bracy was fired and any reports about corruption scandals in that hellhole Jefferson Parish don’t get aired So I’m gonna ask the question about this rumor that has floated down here in this hell hole for some time now.

    Can anyone tell me how much, as in dollars, was the loan amount that the racist devil Benson negotiated with Heebe to give to Zurik ? Or did Lee do that for himself on the side ?

    Just asking … it would make hanging on the rim of this hellhole easier that's all…

  3. Lee Zurik and Fred Heebe have long been reported to be 'friends'. How close is anyone's guess.
    Did I read somewhere that Lee and Freaky Freddie went to Isidore Newman Highschool together back in the day?
    Zurik's aunt is the Mintz whose gun 'dropped' in Galatoire's while certain notables were dining there. Not sure what that was all about.
    Zurik is the Reggie Bush of Fox 8…lots of hype, little production and waaaaay overpaid.

  4. Aunt or cousin Sharkpuppet? I suspect Freaky Freddie is older than Lee Zurik but I too have heard rumors of their off air friendship. From reading the T-P it appears Freddie courted the media in total so this should not surprise.

    Lee Zurik does great work on the topics he covers but an alien watching NOLA TeeVee news would easily conclude there are no problems in the largest parish in metro NOLA. So while you see Zurik beclowning Jiff Hingle (and rightfully so) the footage of Newell Normand cussing out Val Bracy at a Debbie Villio campaign fundraiser never sees the light of day.

    Like I said in Heebe's whores DTA in the TeeVee news. I'd love to see someone like Lee Zurik prove me wrong but I'm not holding my breath.


  5. No offense to the Lee Zurick conspiracy theorists here but this guy and his staff are underwater with the investigations they are currently working on. You can't expect him to pick up every story out there. The hinge/Bennett/Ellis/etc story is massive and much deeper than what has been reported. Lee & crew are the targets of some serious political retribution right now against them. Not just from what's been reported either. They just dont have the manpower to go after Jeff Parish the way they would like. The investigations they do take typically 6 to 8 months before they air and involve tens of thousands of documents and verification. Not an easy task when you limited time and corruption all over the place. Lee is being unfairly castigated here.

    If you want to legitimately question someone's ethics then look at how Clancy Dubois & Gambit and WDSU. Both are in the pockets of the politicians which is why Clancy has zero respect from the good government types and others.

    1. I hear what you are saying and agree he has done a good job with the topics he has covered. The bottom line is whether this is reality or not there is a perception that Zurik is limp wristed when it comes to Jefferson Parish. Val Bracy got absolutely no help when Zurik as hired as he got all the back office resources yet she managed to do some reporting on Jefferson parish that has not been matched. And frankly as a journalist that has hung a few Jeff parish skins I'll add the fruit is low lying and there for the taking. And like Val I have no staff either.

      When Channel 8 makes me eat my words I'll happily do it but until then I stand by my comments.


  6. Pres:

    Your points are well-taken, but Fox 8 was all over the JP corruption scandal until Val Bracy got canned. Now, their investigative reporters (chief among them Zurik) have followed through on none of it. It's not as if the lion's share of documents have not already been obtained by Bracy and/or those working with her. Why don't they do anything on Heebe's filthy corruption? They rarely so much as mention Broussard, Whitmer or Wilkinson. If you think they're not intentionally laying off the JP corruption, many here disagree.

  7. That post was not meant to praise Zurik so much as it was to call out the stupid propaganda ploy to discredit him. I have no doubt that video was financed in Plaquemines Parish and it was a pathetic attempt to discredit a journalist. When it comes to attacking the messenger, I will defend any journalist, anywhere.

    For the record, I like Lee. I think he's done a lot of great work. I don't know if what you guys are saying about his relationship with Heebe is true and I'd be disappointed if it is. Also, I think he was stymied more at WWL than he ever has been under Bentsen's thumb….in fact I know that to be the case. I saw that first hand with another former WWL reporter when I was working on the Cedric Richmond stories.

    As for lack of coverage in JP, on his part and everyone else's, I agree but I think it doesn't just begin and end with MSM resources. I think the U.S. Attorney's office has been deafeningly silent since the Whitmer scandal. Letten and team dictate the news flow more so than anyone and unless the reporters are going out and digging on their own, nothing is going to surface unless it's handed to them by Letten and team. I think it's a little unfair to pull Zurik out of the pack considering the guy has been the most vigorous, MSM, investigative reporter we've had in this city for the past couple of years. If he is protecting Heebe under orders from Bentsen, or of his own volition, then that's pretty shitty but I'm not convinced that is the case.

    I know everyone on this site cares a lot about the JP issues but I would also point out that there has been little to no coverage of the ongoing tragedy which is the BP spill…people are sick, even dying, the oil is still coming up, yet no one is reporting it. If we're calling out MSM conspiracies, I think we could start with the influence of the Oil and Gas industries in the state and their influence on media outlets. If you haven't watched this video from Rising Tide yet, http://vimeo.com/28288304, I would highly suggest you do. I was amazed at Bob Marshall and David Hammer's candor in discussing the issue.

    I think it's also important to point out that more often than not, it's not the lack of vigor on the reporter's part, it's the machinations of the station/paper. As I said earlier, I've seen that before….firsthand. I think that video above is a testimony to this reality.

    SOP, maybe I misinterpreted what this post was implying in the last paragraph but I hope you're not suggesting I'm in Garland Robinette's number. I am highly biased, so are you, but I ain't gettin' stroke for what I write. That's not to say I wouldn't take a professional gig if I had the chance but AZ has been a labor of love for me for 5 years. Biased yes…paid no. Other than the ads on my site and donations which may total 20 bucks a month if I'm lucky..and that mostly comes from my aunt who won't stop donating even though I begged her to stop.

    There is, indeed, a much larger iceberg….but I'd like to think our blogs and others are free-floating chunks of ice in the media ocean with very sharp edges. Small but deadly. I flow wherever the hell I want and that is bias, no doubt. But I take great care to make sure everything I write is true and if I'm wrong I'll be the first one to point it out. I may be wrong about the intent of that Zurik video…maybe it is just a joke….if it turns out that way I'll eat crow. But my reasoning behind railing on whoever made it was not so much to praise Zurik as much as it was to call out anyone who starts attacking the messengers.

    This is a slippery slope we're on with Garland. Robinette is undoubtedly guilty…but Gordon was also named in that story and now his credibility and reputation has come into question. I don't believe for one second Gordon would knowingly take a gift from anyone to influence a story. I think his bosses would, but not him. But even the insinuation that he did can be mortally damaging to his career. This concerns me greatly….greatly.

    Do you find it curious that the Zurik video was sent out one day after the Garland scandal broke? If there is a concerted effort to attack the messengers…and I'm not saying there is but if there is…..I'm circling the wagons.

    Before anyone starts piling on MSM reporters, I would just point out a couple of things. For them, this a career, it is their livelihood….it's what they have chosen to do with their lives for whatever reason. Their credibility is everything….everything (unless they go to work for FOX national).

    For someone like me, I've got nothing to lose with AZ….nothing. If the blog was hacked and it disappeared tomorrow, I would go on 2-3 day bender, cry, then go on to the next thing. I am a gutterpunk in the world of N.O. journalism and if you hit me I'm just going to bleed on you and infect you. I have nothing to lose. When you have nothing to lose, it's easy to throw stones at the guys/gals who are trying to do this professionally.

    There is also the question of whether or not Garland should even be considered a journalist. Is Rush Limbaugh a journalist? I would just point out that there is a world of difference between a Garland Robinette and a Lee Zurik in regards to their responsibilities and the challenges they face.

    I went off on a little rant, sorry. I am just worried about what the fallout of this GR scandal could be and I don't want to see good journalists strategically destroyed by the bastards they are exposing. Whether you like Zurik on not, I would just ask that you keep in mind there may be a lot more at play here than what we're aware of.

  8. Sop

    Problem is there are just as many low hanging rotten fruits in St Tammany, Plaquemines, St Bernard, tangipahoa, etc. Rich Rainey & folks at TP are covering Jefferson Parish so overlap dilutes others areas where parish political corruption continues unfettered. One thing for certain though is that all of these investigations touch each other. Hinge touches St Bernard which touches Strain/Core which touch Heebe. Everything touches everything so dont think Lee & crew aren't investigating the Jeff stories, they are but they are investigating from different angles which always mesh up with those highlighted on this blog.

    Hingle story leads to Nagin

  9. No way Jason would I ever suggest you are in Garland's number and I have no problem with you exposing that nasty video of Zurik as a hit piece because it is. But that doesn't change the fact we're all human and subject to congative bias because we are. No one saw this about Robinette coming except a few savvy readers of Slabbed and others I shared the info with and yeah there are others in the media in NOLA that have the same ethical problems as Robinette. A step further and I'll add there are few ppl that better understand what it means to be a blogger with a sack than you friend and you also know what it means to be burned.

    As I've said it 3 times now I think Zurik does good but I'm also perceiving a media bias from the only TeeVee outlet that really did great work in JP once upon a time. You wanna see the extended interview with Aaron Broussard? You can't because it has been pulled. Jennifer Van Vrancken still has stuff up at Fox8live (she now works for Jefferson Parish). Try googling Fox8live: Val Bracy and see what it turns up and then do the same using Van Vrancken. What you don't see is astounding given the quality of Bracy's reporting.

    I found out about Robinette last December and have quietly been vetting members of NOLA media past people I trust that are also in a position to know. LIke the Picayune at the top, Fox 8 has a problem at the top. That doesn't stop me cheering on Rioux because what we are seeing now at the T-P is despite of powers that be there not because of them.

    Before Slabbed I blogged almost exclusively on finance boards where paid shills and bashers were a given so none of this surprises me. It was also on the finance boards I learned to be very aware of my own biases because those that don't are ignorant at their own financial peril. Robinette was post Katrina fashionable appearing in places like Spike Lee's documentary so this news is no doubt a gut punch to many people.

    And that is the point I'm trying to make because we're not in Kansas anymore. Everybody needs to ask themselves how much of the truth they can handle because the shit that is coming will no doubt result in a few more community gut punches.


  10. Looks like an extended case of cabin fever is giving everyone itchy trigger fingers. Nobody digs to the truth like you two guys. The Zurik video is a joke, even if he was cited for trespassing (and that has not been verified). But Sop's point about the drop off in JP corruption by Fox 8 once Bracy got the hook cannot be disputed. The question is WHY. I am not assailing Zurik or his talents, I am merely asking why. And if it's because he has some friendship with Heebe, LTFO.

  11. Agreed.

    I am just concerned because I smell something here which I don't like. I don't think most people…hardly anyone….is aware of the forces at work behind what they see in the MSM. I know you are aware. I'm just putting myself on double-secret-probation in regards to what's hitting my mailbox.

  12. Jason on this we will always agree … I will always defend the messenger/whistleblower given he/she has legitimate contextual reasons for being in that lonely position …

    However the fact remains … Zurik HAS NOT produced on the Jefferson Parish scandal front … and given all of the advance hype of his "award" winning talent … isn't it odd, given the circumstances surrounding an intense Federal Investigation of not only Heebe and River Birch, but Whitmer, Broussard, Wilkinson et al, that Lee is missing in action for the most part as it concerns these major metropolitan corruption stories …

    Frankly I am curious and would welcome Mr. Zurik's explanation as to WHY !!!

  13. sop, keep the truth alive ..continue your hard work to air the truth..the J.P. politicos are as arrogant as ever because they now feel they are bullet proof…& they are subtly & systematically attacking those factions who are exposing their agendas..as they are seeking to eliminate any threats to their respective fiefdoms.

    ..without outlets such as Slabbed, these nefarious agendas often go undetected among Jefferson voters..who, at some point, must rise up and recognize we can do better AND must do better in selecting our elected officials.

  14. The truth and fact of the matter is that Lee Zurik is not charged or obligated to be the "messenger" of corruption in Jefferson Parish … it is the sworn duty of JP District Attorney Paul Connick, Jr. and US Attorney Jim Letten to investigate and prosecute corrupt politicians and businessmen, and in this, both have failed miserably.

  15. Dambala…you are correct ..Paul Connick Jr. is responsible for stamping out Jefferson Parish political corruption…and you are also correct..nobody who follows J.P. corruption is holding their breath waiting on Connick to do anything about it. As far as Connick is concerned with a breath issue – his is , most probably… bad.

  16. The merry-go-round of reporters and support staffers getting on and off at competitors' shops was fast and furious when Val Bracy was out there swinging her bodacious microphone into the politicians faces. She was forced to rely on non-MSM types for her research and support because Fox was stalling everyone else on the Fox 8 team to insure their golden boy with the high price tag looked like a Golden Gloves champ when his contractual exile was over. No one at Fox 8 pretended otherwise.
    That Val Bracy was able to get out as much as she did as quickly as she did is a testament to her journalistic ability and to her ability to instill trust in those who chose to deal with her.
    Jefferson Parish would not have imploded as fast as it did without Val's Parish President Aaron Broussard interview, or her interview of Debbie Villio outside the Harahan Senior Center when Villio admitted she'd broken the law and would do so again because she did it for her family (brother). Then there was her interview of Parish Attorney Tom Wilkinson which many of us on the sidelines believe was his demise. Then back to Villio's fundraiser courtesy of Sheriff Normand and the Connicks (?) at the Balcony when Val cornered Villio and Villio begged off promising to return as soon as she had addressed her adoring crowds; only the next thing Val encountered was Villio-sponsor, Sheriff Normand strong-arming her and her cameraman out the door saying something to the effect that ' your kind are not welcome here'. Val chose not to make that debacle into a racial 'thing' but no doubt it was meant to convey many meanings on many levels.
    So don't tell me Lee Zurik didn't pull punches and stories on Jefferson Parish. And don't tell me Fox 8 couldn't reinstate Val Bracy, pay her what they pay Zurik, give her the support staff they give Zurik and then be able to cover all the major stories out there. It is a question of priorities, biases, and covers for friends, family and business associates. Bite the hand that feeds you and you are a gone pecan. Ethical reporting by unbiased MSM Investigative Reporters is a thing of the past if it ever really existed in Jefferson Parish. Names come to mind that remind me of the past and suspicious reporting by MSM: former TP reporter Emile Lafourcade becoming Ed Muniz's Administrative Assistant and mouthpiece was long suspected of 'planting' stories against political foes of Ed to distract and discredit them. TP reporter Kim Chatelain was just a bit too tight with those 'wonderful' folks at the top of the Jefferson Parish and Kenner administrations. One quote heard rattling around during the worse part of the Jefferson Corruption scandal came from one such ‘reporter’ who replied to the question “ How could you not have known what was going on all these years?” with : “ Well everyone we talked to at the Yenni Bldg raved about the Administration and what a great group of guys they were.” When a follow-up question was asked “ Did you speak to anyone below the level of Director?” there was a deafening silence. Of course they did not…those folks cannot afford Champagne and Steak.
    Ask James Gill how many times he drank/dined/hung out with Tom pOrteous over the years they were friends…was it his obligation to expose Tom’s ugly underbelly? I don’t know. And I don’t know if it is Lee Zurik’s obligation to expose his friends’. What I do know is that the deafening silence in the MSM as it relates to Jefferson Parish corruption is familiar. And I believe that at the very least they should issue a Disclaimer stating that they are friends/related to/dating/hating/whatever certain folks and will or will not be covering them or their stories. Just be open and transparent like you want the system to be.
    Now we have VanVranken, and NOPD wife and former MSM TV anchor Chrissy Fairbairn as John Young’s mouthpieces.
    Tous ca change tous c’est le meme chose. Money still talks.
    Anyone who expects to retain their job and salary while investigating and exposing the bosses’ friends, family and/or business associates is delusional. And any of us out here following reports in MSM of any type delude ourselves if we think MSM is not censored, slanted and used for gain by those who control it.

  17. Sock: Since Isidore Newman is a Pre-K through 12 school Lee Zurik and Freddie Heebe could have been there at the same time despite any age difference of less than 12 or so years. I don't know.

  18. Let's try this one more time !!!

    I address this to both Entercom Corp. and Loyola University of the South … ENOUGH is ENOUGH !!!

    These men are ethically challenged if not morally bankrupt … read this:

    “Attorney Dane Ciolino said the October 2007 payment was an interest-free loan from River Birch owner Fred Heebe, who is under federal investigation for allegedly bribing a former state official to lobby for closure of Old Gentilly.

    Ciolino said Robinette has not paid back any of the money but plans to do so by the end of October”

    Robinette to discuss $250,000 loan from River Birch owners on his WWL radio show
    Published: Monday, September 05, 2011, 6:36 PM Updated: Monday, September 05, 2011, 6:56 PM
    By Paul Rioux, The Times-Picayune http://www.nola.com/politics/index.ssf/2011/09/ro

  19. Whit: In order to know what is wrong you must first know what is right. These sorry excuses for men have no moral compass as you so astutely point out, and what is more damning is that they probably don't think anything they have done is unethical or immoral.

    We seem to live in a society that celebrates the person who wins at any cost…there are no rules of engagement, no integrity, no sense of shame. If you get away with it then good for you. If not try to spin it, lie and just hope someone else screws up worse within the 15 mins alloted to your crime.

    And sop regarding your obsession with linking Paul Connick with the song Afternoon Delights: it has long been well known that what delights him can occur morning noon or night…he is not so limited except by what excuse he can offer for his 'disappearance' for the time it takes. His bidness as long as it doesn't interfere with his enforcement of his duties.

    The U S State Dept long ago stopped forbidding GAYS from serving because it was discovered more damage was being done to US interests by the blackmail of State Dept gays who feared for their jobs if 'outed' than if they were allowed to be all that they could be. If Connick's afternoon delights don't interfere with his responsibilities then I personally don't care what he does during afternoon tea. However, the duplicitious nature of illicit affairs when one is an 'esteemed' public official lends only , IMHO, to the real possibility that he is, was and will continue to be subject to pressure.

  20. So as memory serves the Connick boys used to use their families trips to the islands as covers for beach front prostitutes to visit them in their cabanas for afternoon delights. While the wives and children were otherwise occupied shopping and or napping the 'boys' had a little frolicing with the local natives … no secret these perverse little escapades…just boys being boys…what I never got was the wives going along with it…especially since it was the wives' money that got them where they were…or so I have been led to believe.
    I guess maybe if it made the boys leave the wives alone it was all A-OK. Hmmm.

  21. The way I see it, the same majority of apathetic registered voters who don’t vote and are responsible for these corrupt politicians and businessmen thriving at the taxpayers’ trough are the very same people who whine on the radio about these same corrupt people with these corrupt has-been re-threads like Robinette pander their ignorance.

    So let’s see, the lowest rated radio market is supported by a listening audience of the lowest common denominator of citizens who prefer to whine rather than vote.

    Do y’all see it now ?

  22. Okay, I had to come back to this because we know Dane Ciolino lurks out there in the slabbosphere. Dane Ciolino is ethically blind. He’s a smug, talking head who would not be able to try a case as lead counsel with a Glock held to his head. Scummy wrongdoers like the pious hypocrite, Robin Garlinette, hire this phony Ciolino to be their legal PR guy. It’s shameless (or shameful, I never can get that one right). I say he’s a PR guy because if, and when, his scummy clients (i.e.: Whitmer) might ultimately be indicted and have to stand trial, the Great Dane will be like the elephant standing on the stool holding up his skirt to stay away from the ferocious mouse.

    I talk to many Loyola Law School alumni, who are embarrassed that Ciolino is permitted to carry on these various side-shows while masquerading as a “professor of ethics.” Two preaching, condescending hypocrites; Ciolino and Robinette are a match made in heaven.

  23. I’ve seen enough. Everywhere I look, hypocrisy blurs my vision. Well sock puppet I made a decision today to sever my ties with the several Loyola Alumni associations to which I belong including the Law School.

    I find it morally reprehensible that a person whose charge is to teach legal ethics, is at the same time, allowed to practice subterfuge on those very same moral principles that is the foundation of ethical conduct.

    I suggest that the judgments of both The Board of Loyola University of the South and Mr. Ciolino have been compromised by this unholy alliance. This arrangement is beyond rehabilitation and I for one will not be a part to such a conflicted facilitation.

    So what are his students to take away after reading and watching media coverage ? Talking out of four sides of your mouth to rationalize a high profile client’s conduct that is either immoral, unethical and/or illegal is acceptable ? Is it all just about the money and the spin to win ?

    I now have no doubt that the Dane Ciolinos of this world have contributed, exponentially, to the furthering decay of both the bar and the judiciary. Simply stated, a Justice system that is morally bankrupt; broken beyond repair short of a physical revolution.

    If you have any doubt about my assessment of the sorry state of our legal profession, please read this latest assault:

    Former Al Copeland attorney seeks reinstatement of law license
    Bob Ross, The Times-Picayune
    Posted: 09/06/2011 5:21 PM http://www.nola.com/crime/index.ssf/2011/09/forme

    Bryan White, the former Al Copeland Investments Inc. attorney who was imprisoned and disbarred in the Operation Wrinkled Robe investigation of Jefferson Parish Courthouse corruption, has successfully completed the first of a three-step process to regain his Louisiana law license. A three-member hearing cmomittee of the Louisiana Attorney Discilplinary Board agreed that White's license should be reinstated.

    Bryan White was a corporate attorney for Al Copeland, the multimillionaire businessman who had a divorce and child-custody case before Judge Ronald Bodenheimer of the 24th Judicial District Court in Gretna.

    He met several times with Bodenheimer, at the judge's request, to talk about a variety of matters, including the Copeland divorce case. None of those conversations included the attorneys for Copeland's ex-wife, Luan Hunter.

    In addition, White was aware that Bodenheimer intended to trade favorable rulings in the court case for business opportunities and other favors from Copeland.

    Unknown to Bodenheimer and White, however, the FBI was eavesdropping on the judge's phone calls and had secreted a video camera in his chambers.

    Bodenheimer, White and 12 others eventually were convicted in Wrinkled Robe. White pleaded guilty to misprison of a felony in 2003 and served one year and one day in prison. His law license suspended, he returned to work for Copeland Investments after his release fromprison.
    The Supreme Court disbarred him in 2008.

    In April, however, an Attorney Disciplinary Board hearing committee took testimony on reinstating White's license from Chief Deputy Craig Taffaro of the Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office, Orleans Parish Criminal Sheriff Marlin Gusman and former State Police commander Wiley McCormick, among others. Luan Hunter also wrote two letters supporting White's reinstatement effort.

    The three committee members, after noting the impressive testimony regarding White's character and actions since being disbarred, recommended that he be readmitted to practice law in the state. The committee members were: David Halpern, Jaime Crow Waters and Roy Richardson.

    The next step is a review by the full Disciplinary Board, followed by a decision by the state Supreme Court, said Charles Plattsmier, chief disciplinary counsel for the board.
    . . . . . . .


  24. I sold that white elephant that had been sitting in my living room listening to Garlandfill talk trash… who bought the elephant ?…why the newest, littlest Napoleon of the JP, Council Clown Chairman, mini-me Roberts…tells me price is no object because with election time around he’s got plenty money in his campaign chest so he can continue adding attractions to his Mardi Gras Parade…says he has no hard feelings toward me even though I still write about the HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS he has illegally funneled from his campaign fund to buy things, personal things, needed for his Krewe of Porkus …he wanted the white elephant no matter what….

    What does this story have to do with Garland ? … Everything … Roberts believes he has done nothing wrong … Robinette believes he has done nothing wrong … and Letten wants us to believe they have done nothing wrong … end of story.

  25. WTF is going on here ?

    I am a true believer in redemption and hopefully Mr. Smith has been afforded that grace; however redemption can be achieved without his re-instatement to the bar. The action taken so far by the committee is irresponsible…for Plattsmier (ODC), and with the further concurrence of the Supreme Court, to allow Mr. Smith being re-admitted given the circumstances of his disbarment would be unconscionable !

    The shameless gall of Mr. Smith to petition for re-instatement is evidence enough for me that he NOT be given any consideration. The fact that this matter has ‘passed’ the first step is proof positive of the decadence of the legal profession as so persuasively set forth in the previous comment by eyewigger above.

    So what am I to deduce from this ridiculous BS…tell Plattsmier fuck you, take your best shot and disbar me if you can…or succumb to his un-acted upon threats and resign.. this process is really fucked up…if I’m disbarred I can petition to be re-admitted…if I do the honorable act of resignation, I can NEVER petition ! Tell me where the justice is in this perversion ?

    I’ll bet that if I wanted to read the testimony of these three POS character witnesses you know what I’d be told…NO… it’s a ‘SECRET’…and that my dear eyewigger is the evil root of this process and any other process of review which allows for proceedings to be held behind closed doors, shrouded in secrecy !!!

  26. Eyewigger:

    Great comment. I did the same with Loyola several years back for different reasons, but the Ciolino shit only fortified my resolve. He's a wannabe TV star who obviously will say and do anything for money. Then he can go justify it to impressionable law students who think he is just the greatest. We call bullshit here. Has he ever gone the distance and tried a case for one of these clients he so steadfastly believes in (Garlandfill excluded)? He won't do it for Whitmer either. Every time I see Ciolino or read something about him, all I can think is "fraud" and/or "poser."

  27. Wait a minute; a lawyer seeks to influence improperly the outcome in a domestic case by essentially bribing the judge, then seeks to practice law again! I don't care if Jesus Christ had written a glowing letter on behalf of Bryan White, he does not deserve to be re-admitted to the practice of law. I mean, he did it once and still has connections to the sleazy Copeland empire (they have maintained him and hiw wife in grand style as a non-attorney flunkie while disbarred), so what's to say he won't take another stab at illegal and unethical conduct when another Copeland legal dispute arises?

    I am so sick of the corrupted process I just can't take it anymore. Ciolino, as Sock and Eyewigger point out, is the tip of the iceberg of depravity and illegal and unethical conduct in this State. People, revolt!

  28. What I find fascinating is that Luann Copeland , the victim of Lawyer White's illegal and unethical behavior, wrote two letters on his behalf. WTF?!!! Has she succumbed to the Stockholm Syndrome or is she just a bigger person than the rest of us who believe he should not be allowed to ever again hold himself out as a Counselor at Law.
    I too am at wit's end IAMANGRY. Hopefully the Mayans, Nostrodamus and the other ancients are correct and 2012 is the end of the calendar as we know it. Brighter days maybe? Yeah right. I despair. Only a miracle can fix this. Pray.

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