Ok people here is the lowdown on the Robinette Grand Jury subpoena

Hopefully this information will advance the quest for the truth in the Garland Robinette portion of the widening scandal in Jefferson Parish.  I remembered it wasn’t just Robinette and Heebe but included other names that should be very familiar to Slabbed lifers like Dominick Fazzio. So without further adieu.

The grand jury subpoena listed Jim Ward, Nancy Rhett, Fred Heebe, Jennifer Sneed, Dominick Fazzio and Garland Robinette. The properties are 7 Riverdale, 4 Honeysuckle and 22 Catalpa in Covington and 6017 Patton in New Orleans are/were owned by Robinette/Rhett. 5423 Camp in New Orleans was also listed.

I am digging for another tip in my email folders on this and will update in comments.


A month of Slabbed and what a month August was…..

I used to do this type post way back when and last month was typical for Slabbed. Here is what you folks are reading in no particular order:


While I’m on legal topics: Hark! Did I hear that legal ethicist and Slabbed fav Dane Ciolino was DQ’d as an ethics expert after a Daubert hearing…

As pronised John Countach (That one set a 2011 daily download record that was then broken by…….)

BREAKING: Anne Marie Vandenweghe sues Jefferson Parish and TheRiot!

Please pardon my interjection. Juvenile Court isn’t cheap fodder for journalism. From the Busted Files (Updated)

“There is still nothing more palpable in the Faulkner landscape than the arrogance of privilege.” A Tom Freeland Assault and Trespassing Update. (The backstory to this post is delicious)

Finance – Went viral nationally (Thanks Google :-): Continue reading “A month of Slabbed and what a month August was…..”

Lots of Garland chatter in the area blogs…..

Clay over at NOLA-dishu is linking some of the new media coverage of the Garland Robinette payola scandal.  Each post lends greater insight into the thinking of the peeps on the state of the media in metro New Orleans.  I’ll chime in and say I agree that Bob Delgorno really stinks so I tune to MPB or slip in a CD when I’m behind the windshield.

The TeeVee is where I depart from Dambala.  Yeah there is competition but each station is sold out in one way shape or fashion.  And while I like reporters like Lee Zurik I wonder what would happen if he pissed in the Cheerios of one of Tom Benson’s cronies.  Val Bracy isn’t gone for nothing folks.  At WDSU Amy Sneed staffs the assignment desk.  Have they done anything on Sis’s hubby Fred Heebe? And at WWL you have the Toolman that is completely dicked into the Aaron Broussard social/business network.  And speaking of Zurik will he ever do anything harder hitting than highlighting a few political hacks misusing credit cards in the JP VFD? The contrast with the person he effectively replaced is striking that way folks.

We’re all subject to cognitive bias and the media including the new media does not have an exemption.  Bernie Goldberg does a good job explaining how it works in his book Bias though I hope by now everyone is smart enough to understand the concepts cut across the entire media, not just the so-called liberal media. In a way Robinette is just the tip of a much larger iceberg folks.