Heebe’s whores: The Garland Robinette connection to the Jefferson Parish Political Corruption Scandal revealed.

Legendary wrestler Stone Cold Steve Austin has a couple of great taglines both of which are easily transferable to Slabbed.  For example Slabbed 3:16 means we just cyber whipped your ass and DTA means Don’t Trust Anyone.  When it comes to dealing with the media in greater New Orleans I’ve found that last bit of advice particularly salient, especially when it comes to the TeeVee news in NOLA and the big three media outlets, Channels 4, 6 & 8 and the web sites affiliated with them.  But alas this post isn’t about the plants, puppets and tools such as Eric Paulsen or WWL-TV “pundit”/Gambitman Clancy Dubos though the refresher helps set up this post. This post is all about radio pundit Garland Robinette, a Grover Norquist parrot that got wayyyyyy too much post Katrina media face time IMHO.  In particular Slabbed broke Robinette’s involvement in the landfill portion last December though we did not mention him by name. But eventually I did name his name in the same post that tagged Gambitman in March that is worth revisiting in part:

And this brings us to Channel 4 editorialists and Gambit man Clancy Dubos, who I think has revealed himself as a Fred Heebe waterboy when he checked in with this missive on how River Birch has a new PR firm that is somehow kicking ass. (I swear you can’t make this stuff up). The truth here is that River Birch has pretty much gotten its ass kicked in the PR arena despite throwing big money out on full-page ads, hired gun economists and the like. After reading Clancy’s story I was left with the impression Loren Scott was a PR shill instead of an economist but we already figured that out for ourselves. I can’t wait until Scott’s work product is produced by River Birch as I suspect we’ll have a copy for everyone to examine here on Slabbed once it becomes part of the court record. A deposition of Loren Scott is likely also in order and maybe we’ll all find out how much money Scott’s wife at Blue Cross made underwriting insurance for Tim Whitmer to sell River Birch.

Finally, I also now wonder who else Team River Birch was paying as consultants, especially other members of the local media whose land dealings with Team Heebe have been the subject of federal subpoena.

All I know is with all the events that are unfolding……

There’s no controlling the unrolling of your fate, my friend,
Who knows what’s written in the magic book.

I can not lie I knew something big was coming this week as I sensed a disturbance in the force.  This morning Paul Rioux over at the Times Picayune solves the mystery for us in a story that shows exactly how Heebe was pulling the strings of his media puppet Garland Robinette. It is a must read folks.  Here is a snippet as we welcome back our old Slabbed fav Dane Ciolino:

WWL talk radio host Garland Robinette received $250,000 from the owner of the River Birch Landfill in October 2007, after Robinette routinely used his show to criticize the reopening of the rival Old Gentilly Landfill to dispose of Hurricane Katrina debris, his attorney confirmed. Federal authorities investigating River Birch flagged the monetary transfer and interviewed Robinette several times late last year, said Robinette’s attorney Dane Ciolino, who said the money was a loan.

A loan indeed.  Garland has some property to sell and Heebe was there to help.  If memory serves there was a total of 5 real estate transactions look at by Team Fed where ol’ Garland was associated in one way shape or fashion and Rioux expertly fills in the details as we continue:

“They asked him a lot of questions, and he has cooperated fully,” Ciolino said Friday. “He has been told that he is not a subject or target of the investigation.”

Embattled River Birch owner Fred Heebe loaned Robinette the money through a company Heebe owns, Ciolino said.

“Fred Heebe is a personal friend of Garland’s” he said, “and it was a personal loan.”

Ciolino said the loan was to be repaid once Robinette and his wife sold a vacant lot they own in St. Tammany Parish. He said he believed Robinette, an avid painter, used the money to build an art studio.

Ciolino said he did not know whether Robinette has repaid the loan or whether he has been paying interest.

The disclosure involving one of New Orleans’ most prominent media figures is the latest development in the 20-month investigation of River Birch, which allegedly paid $460,000 in bribes to a former state official to lobby for closing Old Gentilly.

Like I said folks the entire story is well worth reading as lots of details on how Heebe came to own segments of the local media are laid bare, including the T-P’s own Gorden Russell, the man who gave Slabbed its first MSM hat tip for our Perdigao coverage. In fairness to Russell he claims to have not received a dime from Team Heebe and I think we can take him at his word on that folks. Frankly I’m happy to see the T-P tackle this aspect of the story head on Slabbed style as Garland is MIA hiding behind Ciolino, who may be interest conflicted here due to his representation of Tim Whitmer, one of the major players in the corruption scandal.

And this brings us to my favorite subject, Slabbed.  Since we began covering news in metro New Orleans it has come to my attention there is a veritable cottage industry engaged in speculation as to this blog motivations, recently encapsulated by an incredibly ignorant remark left on NOLA recently that Slabbed was Anne Marie Vandenweghe’s “alter ego”.  What Slabbed is in reality is the distillation of a variety of sources that often have divergent opinions. In fact I seek out and listen to this select group of folks precisely because of that fact.  The political classes think people are not paying attention to their looting of the local treasuries and sadly they are correct that most folks are tuned out.  But most is not everyone and the fact is there are some people in New Orleans I do trust such as the very helpful person who got me those real estate abstracts for example. Along those lines I’ve never hidden the fact I’ve spoken with AMV as she is a great source and frankly given the skins we’ve hung on this topic I hope that fact is self-evident. Even more important than the information I distill from a diverse group of observers, Slabbed is really about the commenters and an illustration of the true power of community sourcing.  As always there are no sacred cows as we’re going to get to the “truth” behind the corruption scandal no matter where it leads.

Oh yeah, Garland, welcome to Slabbed.

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37 thoughts on “Heebe’s whores: The Garland Robinette connection to the Jefferson Parish Political Corruption Scandal revealed.”

  1. Just an awesome post. I do commend the TP for exposing some of their own internal machinations. It tends to lend credibility to the story. BUT, you the man SOP….on the leading edge. The AMV comment cracked me up too! I think any moron with a small semblance of investigatory skill could have figured out who SLABBED is and why it was originally started. En fuego this morning……

  2. From Garland Robinette's radio show with Gret Meffert, when Stacey St. Pierre calls in…Garland gets all indignant that someone would DARE QUESTION his INTEGRITY!

    When I ran my own company if I had a client & there was the slightest perception of somebody in my office who was doing something corrupt, they'd have been off that case, off that client.

    WAIT WAIT WAIT just a moment. Wait just a moment. You can say anything, but don't even consider tryin' that. Greg Meffert (Garland pronounces it Greg Merfett) is sitting across from me right now talking to me & I'm giving him every opportunity. I don't know who you're working for, but don't you dare call up here & tell me that I'm not giving somebody the other side of the story. Don't you DARE! Who are YOU with that you would call up here & tell ME that I'm not allowing the other side of the story to be told.

    Let me explain it from my point say something to the millions of people who listen to the show, the reason I'm doing this show & I've waited a long time to do it. I've watched the Times Picayune, I've listened to Gambit, & all the others is, "I don't care who gets this contract. I could care less. I care about two things, the perception of this city & state, when it comes to getting help. ok. From the articles written from the press the perception is there is something wrong going on.

    Give us what we paid for. Protection.
    But, I truly believe I reflect the people out there when we say, "We're tired to death of all this CRAP that continually goes on with the city & the state, perception wise & why can't we sit down get the damn cameras on the poles & make a difference in crime.

    ***************I'm just sayin'.**************

  3. Hey Patricia you see the comments to the T-P story, now up to 96 and counting? Garland Robinette is done, stick a fork in his sorry ass. If he would only take Hokie with him……


  4. You nailed it, bro. Congrats. Also keep in mind that the radio show they reference in the TP article had Ann Duplessis playing McEnroe to Garland's Borg. They were volleying back and forth, I wish I could have seen them look each other in the eyes while they were performing that delicate ballet. AD, CWL, and Shepard are in that number with Garland.

  5. Ann Duplessis role will be next in the spotlight. Her indictment is eminent and Landrieu is too stupid to get rid of her.

  6. I was able to asertain the Book of Magic looks like there is nothing here a case of wild turkey 101 and baseball bats couldn't solve. Just saying.

  7. Pres, not true. The admin. has no way of knowing if she has or hasn't been contacted by the Feds about it other than to simply ask her. She has denied any contact from the man on the matter ergo she keeps her job until something surfaces. I think she may even be telling the truth (about not having been contacted) but I think she certainly knows that if Mouton has rolled, she is most likely toast. That's just my theory.

  8. And Patricia, the irony that he called out Stacey St. Pierre for astroturffing for Meffert on his show is too sweet. That conversation between Duplessis and him will now live in infamy just like the St. Pierre call-in. Wow…give somebody enough rope…

  9. Garland is the real honey badger. Like the turd he is, he'll come floating to the surface somewhere else. I bet Heebe will produce a promissory note. Hint to the U.S. Attorney, if he even gives a shit about this; have a forensic computer analyst find the original version of the document, which will show when it was created.

  10. I don't think it matters if they produce a note. It's over for GR. He has not credibility. All he can do is hope his art sales increase in the twilight years of his life. He won't face any criminal issues but his reputation as a journalist is shot to hell.

  11. Dambala…I, for one, would love to have more of your attention focused on the Jefferson Parish Politico Mafioso … your rout of Mark St. Pierre (a JPPM himself who happen to cross Parish lines and therefore not afforded protection by the cover-up duo of Connick and Letten) was no less than outstanding…

    Your bloodhound determination to find and expose the factual truth should serve for all of us as an audacious example of the potential of 'new media'…

    Would the felon Peggy Barton be of interest to you ?

  12. I'm still concentrating on the issues at hand in OP. This site has JP covered like a blanket. I realize they intersect on multiple levels but I like to stick with the devils I know. Having said that, I do have some pretty big revelations in the coming week which will absolutely intersect with the Slabbed nation….should be a fun week. And we got football!

  13. Sock: what they should look for is the METADATA which can be found in the side margins of the computer generated versions of the document. They would need to have a copy sent from the originator not something copied or faxed. E.g. if Heebe's hoods sent the purported document by email attachment the METADATA would be attached in the margins and discoverable by just about any computer geek. This has been a big issue in legal circles for years in that many contracts are sent back and forth between parties as attachements to emails which allow the opposing side to see all versions and comments and who did what …the only surefire way to prevent this is to print out a copy of the latest version, then scan it back into a folder and then attach it to the outgoing email. All the filters and other stuff is not 100% against a good geek. Printing , scanning and then sending is the only 100% foolproof safety system.

    BTW: Let's remember that Mark St Pierre is son of Ray St Pierre who was on the Jefferson Parish School Board for years. Did Papa divert any goodies to SonnyBoy over the years to give him his start in the IT contracts arena? Mark did seem to move pretty quickly through those ranks n'est-ce-pas? Just saying.

  14. WTF is going on down there ? It looks like the devil is alive and well at that Catholic University's Law School.

    What else could anyone expect in that Hellhole called Jefferson Parish ? Hell, probably all of south Louisiana.

    Robinette's reputation as a so called journalist has going to shit since he got a case of the hellish rash named the Heebe-Sneedies.

    Dano's Inferno should be the subject matter for Garland's next painting because all I see is that he's get's fucked over and over as he descends into this hellhole of all HellHoles of corruption.

    1. This gets better of course View…

      Seeing in comments to Rioux's story about Tom Benson and Fox 8 being part of the nonsold out answer is beyond wishful thinking. Nope folks, since Tom Benson got rid of Val Bracy we've seen lots of Lee Zurich but little on Jefferson Parish. Fact is Benson is dicked in with the Jefferson Parish power brokers about as badly as Clancy Dubois and Garland Robinette.

      Nowdy would refer to such truth hurts moments as a punch in the gut. From an observational standpoint watching the sentiments in comments to Paul Rioux's story and on the subject on twitter is classic case study in the human condition.

      The emperor has no clothes!

      Great Facebook link Patricia!


  15. Those comments suggesting that Benson buy the station jumped out at me too. Benson, another phony catholic who puts money above all else. As if he's any better than Robin Garlinette. I wish we had some stats on Fox 8's coverage of JP corruption post-Bracy.

  16. Rumors from within the east political elite say that duplessis is working with Feds in an Ollie Thomas sort of way

    1. You'd have to be pretty dense to go to jail for Heebe. This post has set a post Marty single day traffic record for 2011. And yes Virginia there is still more to come.


  17. Sop, there is a parallel story … Heebe’s ‘PIMPS’ … Fazzio is a given … however the person who stands out most prominently is that star progenitor, B.K. SNEED … father of three daughters, all of whom play a prominent role in the political, business and social intercourse of Jefferson and Orleans Parishes interchangeably… one daughter, elected to the JP Council twice, only to resign a short time after her re-election to marry Fred Heebe; another daughter who is presently Deputy Mayor in New Orleans Mayor Landrieu’s Administration; and another daughter who is a Executive Producer at a major TV Station here in New Orleans…

    Of late, my only interest in B.K. was his $5,000 campaign contribution on 09/08/2010 to John Young during Young’s successful run for Parish President in 2010. I thought it odd at the time that Young would accept such a large contribution from Sneed considering the intensity of the on going Federal Investigation of River Birch and it’s principals, Jim Ward and Fred Heebe … really ?

    But it was a conversation I over heard a few weeks ago while attending an East Bank Council meeting at the Yenni Building that jarred my memory of Sneed’s ascendence into the upper echelon of the Jefferson Parish Politico Mafioso…

    B.K. Sneed happens to be former 1970’s JP Parish President Doug Allen’s brother-in-law. The same Doug Allen who had been Mamoulides’ law partner. During the Allen Administration, B.K. became Director of Roads and Bridges under Peter Russo, who was head of all public works. During the Joe Yenni era, Russo retired and Sneed moved on up to replace him; Russo was then hired as a ‘consultant’. Add that period and thru Mike Yenni’s tenure as Parish President, Sneed was to remain the Public Works 'guru'. I should also note that Jennifer Sneed was then hired to perform public relations for JP by her ‘friend’ Tim Coulon who became Parish President beginning with his appointment to fill the position for the deceased Mike Yenni, and subsequent election for the term beginning January 1996.

    We now know that B.K. left his Parish position to work for River Birch, and his daughter married into River Birch.

    What did I accidentally over hear you ask ? Well it seems as though B.K. Sneed, along with Bob Westerlund (who is a story unto himself in the annals of JP politics) have in fact aquired Hartman Engineering, Inc.; retaining Steve Hartman for a period of 3 years to ‘front for JP business’. It just so happens that Hartman Engineering has the lion’s share of contracts with Jefferson Parish.

    What did I learn from this chance encounter ? That two of the old line, major Mamoulides players of the ‘quid pro quo’ merry-go-round … icon campaign contributors for contracts… B.K. Sneed and Bob Westerlund are still in the mix … Hmmm …

    So I ask myself… why? … these people never make moves like this without some ulterior motive … which generally costs the taxpayers a hell of a lot more money than it should … anybody remember the ‘pumps in the weeds’ scandal !!!

  18. Guilty plea by Whitmer requires Jeff Parish contractor info. B. K. Sneed now owner of Hartman needs to be indicted for knowing of all payroll fraud along with his daughter Jennifer Sneed who knew of payroll fraud. BOTH need prison time. This link to Fred Heebe and River Burch would assist our Gov't to indict and convict Freddy who will without question give up everyone in Orleans, Jeff and other parishes to keep Freddy's time in his orange jump suit down to ten years or so.

  19. And as per a post here on Slabbed a few months ago wasn' t it exposed that Peter Russo is part owner of a very large warehouse on the westbank that has a contract to store all the westbank voting machines and which property pays very little property taxes.

    Oh yes, the famous re-election of Lil' Napoleon, saved from defeat only by the outstanding vote count of the good old westbank.

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