Citizens for Good Government tells the Jefferson Parish Council to stop defending the indefensible. An Open Letter to the Citizens of Jefferson Parish.

Following is the text of the speech given by the Citizens for Good Government’s Margie Seemann at the August 31, 2011 Parish Council meeting:

My name is Margie Seemann and I am Vice-Chairman of Citizens for Good Government.

The Jefferson Parish government corruption scandals, which have been under investigation for some time, have not been in the news much lately. However, on August 25th, former Asst. Parish Attorney and whistleblower Anne Marie Vandenweghe filed a lawsuit with the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Louisiana against the Parish of Jefferson and former interim Parish President Steve Theriot, which very much refreshed our memory of the scandals.

There was an article about this lawsuit in today’s Times-Picayune by Rich Rainey. Although Mr. Rainey’s article didn’t name names from the lawsuit, Ms. Vandenweghe’s lawsuit does name the names of many current and former Jefferson Parish employees. Since the entire 21-page lawsuit is available online through the SLABBED website, we were able to read the entire lawsuit, which was fascinating reading indeed. Although I intend to talk about the lawsuit, I am not, however, going to name any names today.

Among the charges made in the lawsuit is that time and again Ms. Vandenweghe brought to the attention of her supervisor criminal violations of Louisana Revised Statutes and Jefferson Parish’s Code of Ordinances, such as criminal conspiracy, injuring public records, filing or maintaining false public records, forgery, payroll fraud, illegal political activities, and malfeasance, and her supervisor did nothing about it. Furthermore, no steps were taken to protect Ms. Vandenweghe from reprisal and retaliation. Continue reading “Citizens for Good Government tells the Jefferson Parish Council to stop defending the indefensible. An Open Letter to the Citizens of Jefferson Parish.”

Heebe’s whores: The Garland Robinette connection to the Jefferson Parish Political Corruption Scandal revealed.

Legendary wrestler Stone Cold Steve Austin has a couple of great taglines both of which are easily transferable to Slabbed.  For example Slabbed 3:16 means we just cyber whipped your ass and DTA means Don’t Trust Anyone.  When it comes to dealing with the media in greater New Orleans I’ve found that last bit of advice particularly salient, especially when it comes to the TeeVee news in NOLA and the big three media outlets, Channels 4, 6 & 8 and the web sites affiliated with them.  But alas this post isn’t about the plants, puppets and tools such as Eric Paulsen or WWL-TV “pundit”/Gambitman Clancy Dubos though the refresher helps set up this post. This post is all about radio pundit Garland Robinette, a Grover Norquist parrot that got wayyyyyy too much post Katrina media face time IMHO.  In particular Slabbed broke Robinette’s involvement in the landfill portion last December though we did not mention him by name. But eventually I did name his name in the same post that tagged Gambitman in March that is worth revisiting in part:

And this brings us to Channel 4 editorialists and Gambit man Clancy Dubos, who I think has revealed himself as a Fred Heebe waterboy when he checked in with this missive on how River Birch has a new PR firm that is somehow kicking ass. (I swear you can’t make this stuff up). The truth here is that River Birch has pretty much gotten its ass kicked in the PR arena despite throwing big money out on full-page ads, hired gun economists and the like. After reading Clancy’s story I was left with the impression Loren Scott was a PR shill instead of an economist but we already figured that out for ourselves. I can’t wait until Scott’s work product is produced by River Birch as I suspect we’ll have a copy for everyone to examine here on Slabbed once it becomes part of the court record. A deposition of Loren Scott is likely also in order and maybe we’ll all find out how much money Scott’s wife at Blue Cross made underwriting insurance for Tim Whitmer to sell River Birch.

Finally, I also now wonder who else Team River Birch was paying as consultants, especially other members of the local media whose land dealings with Team Heebe have been the subject of federal subpoena.

All I know is with all the events that are unfolding……

There’s no controlling the unrolling of your fate, my friend,
Who knows what’s written in the magic book.

I can not lie I knew something big was coming this week as I sensed a disturbance in the force.  This morning Paul Rioux over at the Times Picayune solves the mystery for us in a story that shows exactly how Heebe was pulling the strings of his media puppet Garland Robinette. It is a must read folks.  Here is a snippet as we welcome back our old Slabbed fav Dane Ciolino: Continue reading “Heebe’s whores: The Garland Robinette connection to the Jefferson Parish Political Corruption Scandal revealed.”