Thursday Music: It occured to me I never properly welcomed the girls to the Warren Suite here at the Do Slabb Inn….

I bet the girls didn’t know Slabbed had its own 5 star cyber hotel affectionately known as the Do Slabb Inn. And at the Inn we have a special suite named the Warren after Warren Buffet who was the first occupant.  One difference between our Warren and Trout Point Lodge is at the Do Slabb Inn there are no hidden charges and free speech is welcome, in fact it is encouraged.  Few that check in ever check out…………. 🙂


After scoring her those no bid Katrina contracts Uncle Boss Hogg told Rosemary to “be careful”. She now swears he said “Bill FEMA Double”. A Rosemary Barbour taxpayer ripoff update.

Well folks, what can I say except Judge Christine Miller is getting warm when she labeled Rosemary Barbour “bumble headed” in a court of claims opinion that lays bare Barbour family greed in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.  To catch everyone up, after the Hurricane the Gov’s niece landed some big fat no bid minority set aside contracts despite the fact the sum total of her business experience was being a political hack and expert shoe shine girl.  Despite that, ol’ Rosemary was not content to do the work and collect the fat profits no sir. She stiffed her employees on overtime and billed FEMA for nonexistent work in a way that would certainly make Mark St Pierre and Aaron Bennett proud.

But folks this is the United States version 2.0, where to get in trouble for ripping off the government one must steal just a few thousand dollars and of course not be politically connected.  I mention this because Maria Recio’s McClatchy DC article makes it clear the Useless Attorney’s office here in Mississippi wouldn’t know fraud if it bit their sorry asses off.  Meantime the taxpayers are left with the bill while the Barbours remain as greedy as ever no doubt planning their next taxpayer-funded scam.

Judge Miller’s must read order can be found here and is damning IMHO, both towards Barbour and the government for aiding and abetting her crimes.