About the chances that Trout Point Lodge will be bankrupt within a year…..

Obviously the girls at Trout Point Lodge do not have a stellar business record folks from their failed Washington Parish Exotic Cheese Farm to the defunct Nova Scotia Dairy farm to the ill fated Cerro Coyote Hotel project, all of which were at least partially paid for with other people’s money.  After Aaron Broussard’s fall from grace and the end of pay to play Nova Scotia style things just got plain worser for the girls at Trout Point who tried everything, from marketing the lodge as gay friendly to rolling out all the PR stops.  Without the ferry service from Portland Maine it simply isn’t worth the very long trip overland to the lodge, which is stuck out in the middle of no where.  And of course once you get there the hidden charges are a real bitch as this disappointed guest points out at Trip Advisor, one of the travel sites where the girls advertise heavily:

We rented River Bend which is a huge cottage. There were 3 couples traveling and this was perfect in size. Trout Point is about 35 to 40 minutes from any town, so you will want to bring food. When we open the front door there was mouse droppings, lots of it! Now we are out in the woods so we weren’t too upset but the Innkeepers could have swept it up before we arrived. The Innkeeper gave my husband the extension to call the front desk to make breakfast reservation. She gave us the wrong number! I had to drive back to the lobby to make the reservation. Breakfast was fine, nothing special, potato cakes, waffles and fresh fruit and 1 muffin that was very good. We were expecting more because of the culinary reviews. After breakfast we asked the cost for dinner. We were infomed that breakfast was $22.50 and dinner was $143.00 for two. We opted not to have dinner. Dinner in town for a full lobster and mussels runs about $30.00. The next day at check out we were hit with a 18% gratuity on the whole bill!!! and breakfast was $22.50 per person!! When I say whole bill, I mean including the lodging. No one ever came and cleaned our rooms when we were out. We stayed two days. So why the 18% gratuity on the lodging?? All the information we read about Point Trout never mentioned the 18% additional charge and I am in the process of contacting my credit card company to reverse that charge. If you have any questions about the area or about the Inn then you will have to look for the Innkeeper because they are never at the front desk.

We will not stay here again. It was a beautiful place but this place is very deceptive in their charges.

River Bend has some ownership questions but there is no doubt the girls were the interface with the guests in Nova Scotia. But it gets better because the pressure of being scrutinized by Slabbed is evidently showing. Late last week I spoke with a nice gentleman from New York who heads a large media company that for now will remain nameless. What he described to me indicated Team Trout Point has some sort of mental disorder that goes wayyyyyyy beyond my limited capabilities to diagnose them from here at the registered office in Mississippi. That said he was very nice and just yesterday shared his experiences with Chuckie and the gang over at Trip Advisor under the lede “Hire a lawyer”: Continue reading “About the chances that Trout Point Lodge will be bankrupt within a year…..”

Rut Roh! Forfeiture…….

Oh the memorie$$$$$$$$ but I’m rule 301 so I ain’t sayin’.

That said we get word today from Hammerman that Judge Fallon has placed what is left of Mark St Pierre’s nuts in the ol’ forfeiture vice to the tune of a cool $3.2MM.  This news means Stacy’s chances of going cougar while hubby is away doing 20 plus have taken a real hit. IMHO Marky Mark is finding out first hand that covering for Ray Ray the Chocolate Guy is hazardous to ones freedom and financial well-being.

I wouldn’t want to spoil any futures surprises for Team St Pierre but Uncle Sam has a staff of repo men at the ready. They are also known as US Marshals and them guys are pretty adept at their trade.  I’d be nice to them if it were me.


The Plaquemines Citizen issues an Amber Alert for Nunny! Last spotted stinking up Alexandria….


The Plaquemines Citizen has issued an amber alert for Nunny and we have found a lead on his whereabouts courtesy of our friends up Alexandria way at We Saw That. Simply put in between campaign stops Nunny is engaging a letter writing fetish for his “psychic” friend Rachel Adams.  I’m sure there is one helluva a back story here on Nunny and Mrs Adams folks.  Of course we know Nunny best for attempting to stiff Gidget on a 5 figure prostitution tab back in the day but we had no clue he was into the occult.  Here is a snippet from The Town Talk article on Mrs Adam’s quest to begin fortune-telling in Alexandria:

Billy Nungesser, president of Plaquemines Parish, sent an email to Alexandria Mayor Jacques M. Roy on July 14 asking that city officials work with Adams to allow her to open her business so that she could move with her family to Alexandria.

“Ms. Adams seems to be a person who dedicates her life to her work and family,” Nungesser wrote. “She has already found a house she would like to purchase but is unable to do so if she can not open and operate her business. Continue reading “The Plaquemines Citizen issues an Amber Alert for Nunny! Last spotted stinking up Alexandria….”