“There is still nothing more palpable in the Faulkner landscape than the arrogance of privilege.” A Tom Freeland Assault and Trespassing Update.

Patsy Brumfield of the Daily Journal lived up to her twitter moniker @realnewsqueen yesterday with her gavel to gavel coverage of yesterday’s misdemeanor trial of the century here in Mississippi. Her rolling account of Freeland’s 5 hour trial was both rough around the edges and thorough beyond all expectations.  Today she followed that grand performance with an edited story that confirmed my suspicions it was them pesky text messages that doomed Team Freeland. It is another must read.  Through time we’ve sent several 3 figure clicks out to other websites and today Patsy Brumfield joins an elite list of journalists so honored by our readership with her rolling account that I linked yesterday. I’ll add she is a smart journalist for making sure the readers of the Daily Journal got the news they were thirsty for exceeding all expectations in the process. Kudos to Patsy.

Unfortunately for Mr Freeland’s victim Susan White, her ordeal will continue with news of Team Freeland’s appeal to circuit court. Hopefully she’ll take solace in the fact the entire Slabbed Nation stands behind her in her the quest for justice and will remain there with her each step of the way on this very difficult journey through the historically less than transparent judiciary in North Mississippi.

Finally we’ve made a few new friends covering this story from the northern end of Mississippi that have proven themselves loyal readers of this little project.  This story has captured the imagination of the legal community in 2 states so it is only right we highlight a second source of coverage on the Freeland trial in the Oxford Crime Report.  Tim’s account of the trial is also very insightful and he reports the most damning text message that didn’t fit with Freeland’s account of the events back in March:

One text message in particular does not seem to fall in line with Freeland’s expoused intention to merely assist White safely home. It is labeled as text message #387 which reads (I’m leaning on P. Brumfield as record here folks):

“And I don’t know why I am sitting so close to you, but so far off.”

The bottom line here folks is this story won’t die with yesterday’s trial so we’ll be having more on this including at least one trip down memory lane.


16 thoughts on ““There is still nothing more palpable in the Faulkner landscape than the arrogance of privilege.” A Tom Freeland Assault and Trespassing Update.”

  1. There are a lot of unanswered questions here. Why didn't Joyce take her friend home if she was so concerned? Why didn't they include Susan White in their conspiracy to take her home? They had obviously been drinking just as much or more that Susan. Where was Joyce's car? Where was Tom's car? Why did Tom take her to his office, if he did. Why didn't he just take her home and then how was he going to get home from her house? It just doesn't make sense. They abused Susan here again by bringing up confidential information and using it against her so that no one could ask them specifics of their whereabouts and their cars' whereabouts and how Tom was going to see that she got home by driving her there, but then, again, how is Tom supposed to get home? None of their testimony had to do with the events of that night except for weaving a web of lies.

  2. On edit: How was Tom supposed to drive her home without the help of Joyce? I know! I know!! He wasn't! He's lying. The only thing that makes sense is the testimony of Susan White. This guy was drunk, drunk, drunk! Slobbering drunk and nasty.

  3. typos:

    I'm not entertained by folks mis-fortunes unlike some who've chosen to spend their time manipulating public opinion just because someone has chosen to assert their rights to post conviction relief, after they've been in prison, and risk re-indictment by Felicia "whitewash" Adams.

  4. Judge Little should require Mr. Freeland also to take a course on blogging ethics. I’m entertained by folks mis-fortunes but Tom sure has shown that. Belle and most of you I’m sure know what I’m talking about. I don’t even have to mention it.

  5. I am still waiting to learn how the text messages (including the "damning" one) support a conviction for trespass and assault, but maybe we will find that out at the circuit court.

    Meanwhile, Tom's friends remain his friends, and pond scum remains pond scum.

    1. Waiting to learn how Anderson? You should consult with the judge who convicted Tom after hearing the evidence. And lets be clear here, Tom Freeland was found guilty as charged though it is equally clear Tom's friends are having a hard time accepting that basic reality. Such cognative bias is inherent to the human condition and your loyality to your friend is commendable.

      But all this raises additional questions in my mind such as why this wasn't treated as a felony for one and is there a pattern of Tom Freeland having problems relating constructively with women?

      And that does not count the chatacter flaw Freeland himself admitted to in court in trying to bed the wife of a long time friend that had hit a rough patch in their marriage. With "friends" like that who needs enemies huh?

      I appreciate the diversity of opinion including your viewpoint and the fact you took time to post with us.


  6. Looks like Anderson is picking a fight with Hendry. Are you going to take being called pond scum, Hendry?

    1. Hey Sock, Belle sends word she is setting daily traffic records over at her place. Living proof that every Southern Belle has her day.

      We're elevated but no where close to Marty the Who Dat judge.


  7. I'm sorry. I ain't biting. I have have no beef with Anderson. The world really needs subhuman pieces of shit to be moronic sycophants for the likes of lower than a snakes belly, dandruff in the eyebrows, flies buzzing around his face like electrons about a U-235 nucleus Tommy Freeland.

    No loyalty to his wife, his friend and colleague, no sense of duty to his first wife (was CS on the receiving end of his genetic material for his first divorce?)

    Did you ever see her? If it matters anybody who would donate his essence thereto hates his penis in a way very very difficult to put into polite conversation. It worked to threaten his first wife with his dad. Didn't work Wednesday.

    Let's see, he stiffs the serving staff at City Grocery, fucks his clients to death, compromises their interests (waives 2255) in federal court, publishes their plea agreements, completely scuttled up the Blind Pig rapist defense, holds himself out as some kind of authority about something or the other. Turned down $25,000 during his last civil trial in OXford, suffered a counter-judgment. He has an IAC claim pending in the Southern District. He has trouble getting current on his income taxes, $56,000 in arrears at the time of his divorce. What that means folks is that while you pay taxes he stiffs the USA just as though they were the waiters at City Grocery and YOU pick up his slack.He's upside down on his residence, on the office that his dad sold to him cheaply.

    He takes Zack Scruggs to task for standing by his family, particularly his father, and then exposes his own family to this kind of shit, including his pitiful doddering, octogenarian, gap-toothed father, blundering around city court on Wednesday, as if to say, "He's a good boy your Honor." (no he's not Hal, he's vermin, sorry sir) He marries a pitiful disgusting critter whose self-esteem is such that SHE covers for his perversion, and still anybody with a problem about this self-aggrandising piece of shit is "pond-scum." If that is really what this is about, I am proud to be cyano-bacteria.

    Are we allowed to talk about Robert Moore and Chris Garcia? Tommy had no problem slandering those guys and then "losing" the posts. He has no problem shaming his family's name. Who would you rather have for a son, Zach Scruggs or Tommy Freeland? Seriously. One guy stands up for his dad to his own detriment, the other shames his father and namesake with no regard for anybody but himself. Leave out the attractive wife, successful marriage, cute kids part. They're both convicted criminals but Zach has a little more class, now doesn't he?

    I call that narcissism. I may be wrong. Dunno, don't really care. Anderson, I don't know who you are. Frankly I don't give a damn. Mainly I ain't biting. You can be loyal to whoever you want, however flawed. I know a little something about lead-mining in Sonora. Not much else.

  8. Hey, Anderson, Tommy . . . you there?

    I’m sorry. I had a little too much to drink last night and posted some things I probably shouldn’t have. It was that bad Sock Puppet who got my goat and the next thing I know the venom is just spilling out. “Cyanobacteria” Are you kidding? When was the last time you heard that in a sentence?

    What it was, I had been drinking some of that Cavie’s Corner Tokay and feeling pretty good. Then I stumbled onto some pals under the overpass with a gallon of Prestone – not the Auto Zone generic ethylene glycol but the good stuff. It goes down pretty smooth, I will say that for it. Of course it makes me crazy as hell. That’s when I went on-line at the library, posted that ugly stuff and got into a fight with the fat librarian. She called the law and the next thing you know I’m in the ER on dialysis with a slow ethanol drip in my arm. A little battered, but feeling just fine, thanks very much.

    You see the cop knew me, smelled the antifreeze. He figured out what I’d been doing and drove me to the ER. The idea is keep the alcohol dehydrogenase in what’s left of my liver from degrading the ethylene glycol into formaldehyde and killing or blinding me. At least until the dialysis filters the antifreeze out of my blood. As do I, the enzyme prefers ethanol to ethylene glycol It worked . . . this time.

    So I’m real sorry about what I said last night. I know, truth is a complete defense to libel, but still and all there is no excuse for being ugly. And I was pretty ugly.

    Too many damn cowboy movies when I was a kid. The bad guy always smacked the girl around and the good guy came to her rescue.

    Remember in One Eyed Jacks when Harvey Johnson was man-handling the senorita? “Chico,” she said, “you’re hurting me.” Marlon Brando interposed himself, “don’t be doing her that way.” Harvey Johnson got all snotty but then the Ben Johnson character, smoothed things down.

    “Harvey Johnson’s gonna be a famous name in these here parts, he’s gonna get hisself kilt by a man named Rio.”

    That’s all I was trying to do. I wanted to be Rio to Tommy Freeland’s Harvey Johnson. I wanted to help the girl in distress and beat up the bully. I was wrong and I am sorry for the hurtful things I said.

    You see the part they left out of the movie was the sexual gratification that Harvey Johnson got bruising up the little Mexicana. It’s hard to show that in a movie. But it’s not hard to imagine. Particularly if you watched Tommy’s face during his trial the other day, when he was reliving the experience as told by his victim. You could almost hear him panting a little like a dog.

    Again, I ain’t Marlon Brando, I’m only a drunk with an internet problem. And I’m real sorry if I hurt anyone’s feelings. I promise to do better.

  9. I've observed this buffoon attack better men than him on his pissy blog for several years now. He does a pretty good job on legal analysis at times, but his attacks on individuals are almost always due to political motivations. Either he is trying to win someone's favor, trying to influence public opinion, or more often than not, being used by the real powerbrokers who consider him a useful idiot. Of course he has a few ardent followers who share the same idealogy, but all in all, for most locals he is a punchline.

    I admit to some satisfaction that he is getting a dose of his own medicine. It's unfortunate that there had to be a victim for this bozo to be public humiliated. It must have been horrible for her, being attacked by an internet troll come to life.

  10. Anderson is a Freeland HACK!! Even Charles Manson has loyal followers. Anderson I guess if there was a video that clearly showed the attack you would be on the "That ain't Tom Freeland"! team.

    I have blogged with many people on Tom's site and even back to Folo when it was around and there are some good people that blog there. Look at the traffic on Tom's blog since the details of this story came out. I think not only did the judge get it right, but the public did as well.

    The appeal of this case will be interesting because everyone thinks the Freelands will win and drag this poor women and her family through he mud. The Freeland's might want to be careful with this tact as ALL of Tom's past will come out as well. I know for a FACT that as recently as early this year Joyce Freeland was shopping for divorce lawyers in Oxford (She approached a very good friend of mine about it.)

    Susan White will now file a civil suite against Tom and that will also be hard for the Freeland's to win. This is a common sense case and no experts are needed. Anyone who read the details KNOWS what happened to Mrs White.

  11. "This story has captured the imagination of the legal community in 2 states"
    …and further afield 🙂
    What I really want to know is, did Mr. Freelunch sweat under questioning?

  12. Oh my the Man from Porlock himself! Tom did not sweat but I have it on very good authority several anuses puckered up and twitched uncontrollably when this post was published.

    Would love to know which reporter Mr Freelunch had the hots for….


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