Please pardon my interjection. Juvenile Court isn’t cheap fodder for journalism. From the Busted Files (Updated)

Folks I shook the St Tammany tree and managed to confirm certain aspects of the story of 22nd JDC JudgeMary Devereux’s chambers leaking a confidential juvenile hearing transcript to Times Picayune reporter Claire Galofaro so I could not let the latest mention of this budding saga on the pages of the Times Picayune go unmentioned. This is a tough subject because from what I gather there is a gag order in force so the parties to the case can’t talk about it.  And a salient fact omitted from the first Times Picayune Op-Ed on the case  is this case, while serious in the alleged planning of a school shooting, is in fact a matter involving juveniles and confidentiality rules clearly apply here. It is good to see the Times Picayune acknowledge this in their unattributed report today.

I laugh when I hear the so-called pros wring their hands while opining about unwashed bloggers and the perceived deficiencies in our craft.  I mention this because the Times Picayune didn’t bother with words like alleged to qualify their reporting on the matter in St Tammany that is the topic of this post. No sir they published the names of the kids and flat-out stated they did the crime and alas this is something they share in common with Slabbed in our Grand Isle coverage.  Some folks would label this type of reporting slander but perhaps it means the gang calling the shots at the T-P grew some nuts after Leary and the girls shook them down for money last year after they hung Rich Rainey out to dry on his Trout Point reporting.  Or maybe it means they are mad because the lawyer for one of the kids, Jack ‘Bobby” Truitt caught Judge Devereux passing confidential hearing transcripts to the T-P beat reporter out of the back chamber door.

I had no clue who was representing whom in this case before today because I just don’t blog much on St Tammany.  So I googled Truitt up and sure enough he appeared on 2 websites that I read, Slabbed and TulaneLink. He appears to have qualities the Times Picayune editors are now trying to exhibit such as having some sack as Truitt helped take out crooked Judge Alan Green of Operation Wrinked Robe Infamy.

I’d like to see the law that allows a Judge to leak confidential juvie transcripts from her chambers.  I think this one will be a fun topic to watch on many levels.


The problem with lying is keeping all of them straight. A Jefferson Parish Political Corruption / Trout Point Lodge Scandal Update Part 3

There is no doubt the timing of Rich Rainey’s series of articles on Trout Point Lodge and Aaron Broussard’s connections thereto could not have come at a more inopportune time for the three owners of the lodge, Danny Abel, Charles Leary and Vaughn Perret.  While Rainey focuses his articles on the curious Nova Scotia connection involving Broussard and the complaint to the Louisiana Ethics Commission, Rainey’s articles contained some damning evidence of potential wrongdoing involving Leary and Perret in Canada and it had nothing to do with Broussard per se. In fact I’d submit to this day neither Rich Rainey or his employer know real reason why Leary and Perret went postal on them after his story on Trout Point appeared in January, 2010 but that changes today. Our first stop is the courts in Nova Scotia and the suit against one of the girls business misadventures there, La Ferme D’Acadie by the Canadian Government through the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency. The first published opinion has salient case background:

In June 1998 the plaintiff, the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency, made a “repayable contribution” to a partnership involving the defendants, in order to assist in the startup of a cheesemaking and tourism business. The partnership was subsequently dissolved and incorporated by the former partners, and part of the business was moved to another location. In September 2001, the plaintiff declared that the partnership was in default of the repayable contribution agreement. The plaintiff launched an action in June 2002, the defendants being Mr. Leary, his former partners and the partnership itself. I note that Mr. Leary acts both for himself and for the partnership on these applications; when Mr. Leary is referred to, the reference includes the partnership, La Ferme D’Acadie, where appropriate.

We covered this part of the case in detail late last April and as usual our commenters filled in more than a few of the blanks. But before we get to that we need more background from the courts in Nova Scotia: Continue reading “The problem with lying is keeping all of them straight. A Jefferson Parish Political Corruption / Trout Point Lodge Scandal Update Part 3”

We have breaking news from Nova Scotia!!!!!!!!!!!!

Folks a quick programming note. I’m working on Part 3 of my series on Trout Point Lodge and how it fits into the broader Jefferson Parish Political Corruption Scandal but just received word of new developments in Nova Scotia. These are not my developments to break but here is a hint:


All eyes on Oxpatch for today is the misdemeanor trial of the century…..

Public interest is intense folks while Hendry asks if it OK to use the word “fisting” on Slabbed. (Of course it is)  As soon as I get word I’ll pass along same as today promises to get a little wild and wacky here on Slabbed. Stay tuned.