The word straight from Nunnyville is………

I noticed the Plaquemines Citizen came up on the open thread a few months after he commented with us on the doings in Plaquemeines Parish.  As I recall we encouraged him to keep up the drumbeat and sure enough the mushrooms in the peanut gallery have held up their end of things.  The citizenry have Jiff’s press release up for instance as we await word on the federal investigation involving Nunny and his curious way of handling Katrina rebuilding contracts.  I’ll add there are lots of rumors swirling about regarding the Jiff Hingle portion of the broader scandal in Plaquemines Parish.  Like I said the possibilities are delicious.

Not that I want to raise or lower expectations regarding soon to be former Sheriff Hingle but it is not unheard of that taking a powder is a resolution of sorts in and of itself.  Until we have enough info to divine the tea leaves I think it wise we keep all the possibilities on the table.