Citizens for a Better Kenner calls bullshit on the shithouse dealings with the Kenner Convention and Visitors Bureau

Kenner politics is a whole other Jefferson Parish political snakepit folks, one I have mostly resisted visiting in the interest of time management but luckily for us Walt Bennetti over at ClickJefferson is smack dab in the middle of the shit storm and he, along with the Citizens for a Better Kenner have been holding certain political feet to the fire and the effectiveness of Walt and his group is best measured by the blowback from the Yenni Administration against both Walt personally and along with his fledgling political campaign for Jefferson Parish Council.

While I found the Times Picayune beat reporting to be decent on the scandal at the KCVB but last week Walt distilled the real issues in play with the scandal and subsequent announcement by Team Yenni the City was pulling out support for the KCVB. It is simply a must read because Mayor Yenni certainly knew of the hijinks over at KCVB well before it became public knowledge as he has held a high-ranking position in City government well before he became mayor of the place. The bottom line is the new guard led by Mayor Yenni is pushing out older entrenched political interests from the taxpayer trough.  That would be a good thing if the taxpayers were to realize the savings but that is not what is motivating Mayor Yenni IMHO as he no doubt is looking for sources of political patronage to start the pay to play game so favored by the Jefferson Parish political classes to his self benefit.

Against that backdrop Walt and the Citizens for a Better Kenner is calling for an investigation into the whole KCVB mess by the Louisiana legislative auditor and this is a smart move considering there exists a possible audit failure as evidenced by the shithouse financial doings at KCVB and certain of their projects. The scam has been around since before ENRON but ENRON became the poster child for creating separate entities to house the shady transactions away from the public eye.  As a CPA with more years of experience doing single audits than I care to admit to anymore I’ll add it is clear the KCVB is a component unit of the City and as such should have been subject to the same statutory audit as the city itself.  And while I do not profess to know Louisiana Home Rule statutes I’ll add IMHO sight unseen public records requirements likely should also apply here. Continue reading “Citizens for a Better Kenner calls bullshit on the shithouse dealings with the Kenner Convention and Visitors Bureau”