Today is G day in Jefferson Parish. Garbage/Landfill contract to be let at todays council meeting

Did someone tell me the lobbyists for Jefferson Parish and IESI are one in the same and involve someone with the last name of Coulon? I thought so.

Godspeed to the M&M sisters at today’s meeting and for holding the crooks on the council feet to the fire.


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  1. Las Vagas, Nevada – You can sense blood in the water here and the Council Clowns are pumped up with arrogance from their corner aides, Bonano – Porteous – Lawson. They are going to fight for their double agent lobbyists to win for IESI ,which since the last fight was postponed has obtained and bought out Pretty Boy and his lemon fresh SDT.

    In the other corner sit the angelic Sistas appearing calm and confident ready to bring mighty TRUTHFUL punches.

    Gotta go help with the carnage and triage about to occur.

  2. The fix is in! T-P reporting that the Council of Clowns has selected…wait for it…wait for it…IESI for the landfill contract and Coventry for the healthcare. Ughhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!
    Excuse me while I go toss my cookies.

    1. Sure enough Von Zippa. I had another reader send word they contacted IESI inquiring about same and were told IESI was unaware of who its lobbists are in Louisiana. Luckily for us the Ethics website has a complete list. Scroll to page 98 of the 244 page report or search for IESI.

      Page 105 lists Jennifer Ansardi and Chris Coulon as lobbists for the Parish.

      And of course Coulon's employers is our old fiends at Adams and Reese, likely the dirtiest of the large law firms in NOLA.

      The T-P story:


  3. I don't live in Waggaman but I have done some research on landfills and landfill companies. Not judging the merits of Waste Management vs IESI but I am concerned that 2 Interim Councilmembers that were not elected by the citizens of Jefferson Parish, along with 3 term-limited Councilmembers (and 2 non-term limited Councilmembers) that received thousands of dollars in contributions from IESI, voted for a 10-year contract and removed the current operator that has operated the landfill for 25 years and sued the parish when the parish tried to move the business to River Birch.

    It is also disappointing to me that there was more public comment, both pro and con, than comment from the Jefferson Parish Council.

    I understand that we can't hold up the people's business (although this was deferred from June already), but, if the contract isn't expiring before the next council will be sworn in, why take action now?

    I also find it difficult to believe that, the largest landfill operator in the country, WM, is intentionally violating the contract that it has with the parish. Is WM unresponsive? Maybe. Could they do a better job? Maybe. If there were problems/issues shouldn't they have been considered or included in the new contract? Perhaps a 3-year review or some other time benchmark.

    When you have a bid that is scored significantly higher than the others as was the case with WM vs IESI, that will save the parish several hundred thousand dollars, but the Council chooses to look the other way and thumb its nose as their own scoring system and chooses a company that has contributed thousands of dollars to political campaigns, how is that the open, honest and transparent government that we want in Jefferson Parish? And, just so there is no question from anyone, I have not received any political contributions from either WM or IESI.

  4. Honest and open; perhaps not. Transparent as glass. Did anyone expect anything less than the highest bidder (contributions)?

  5. Up and until the moment US Atty Letten has mini-me Roberts indicted or files a Bill of Information charging this profligate Jefferson Parish Politico Mafioso with illegally spending monies from his campaign fund similar to that of Eddie Price…these Thugs will continue to flaunt their delusional mandate to do as they please…

    Aaron’s boyfriend, mini-me Roberts, is consuming the mantle as Jefferson Parish’s present ‘Littlest Napoleon’… as though that's a surprise…

    I would suggest that like the Danzinger Bridge victims who persevered for some 6 years to await Justice, the victims of the Jefferson Parish Scandals begin to bombard the doors of the Justice Department in Washington, DC and demand an independent investigation and prosecution of those Politico Thugs who have RAPED THE TAXPAYERS under the protection of JP District Atty Paul Connick and his handmaiden, US Atty Jim Letten !!!

  6. To Waste Management and it’s lawyers:

    Please fell free to contact Sop in the event you realize that you have been fucked yet once again… and may want my opinion as how to co-ordinate your next move against the Parish of Jefferson and the individuals who have conspired to award IESI this latest ‘illegal’ garbage contract …

    And yes, your (WM) allegation that there was and is a conspiracy by Jefferson Parish Officials, both elected and appointed, to award River Birch a contract for an illegal landfill monopoly…IS ABSOLUTELY FACTUALLY TRUE !!!

    IESI is a shill … it smells of a Westbank scam … a scheme that will come to light “As River Birch Churns”…

    And frankly my offer extends to any company who hasn’t monied down with a ‘pig fundraiser’ … or hired Coulon and Ansardi as their lobbyist …

    Walt’s comment about awarding such a ‘long term’ contract, with 2 of the present Council members voting having been appointed and not elected, raises potential legal issues that have not and were not factored in…as usual we can thank hypocrite mini-me Roberts…

  7. Discussing the ethics of Dane , turd polisher extraordinaire ( Patricia, how about a Golden Turd Award for Dane), gives pause to discuss the ethics of double agent lobbyists like Chis Coulon and the newly approved Waste management contract for Jefferson.

    Despite IESI not wanting to admit that Chris Coulon is a lobbyist working for their benefit we have internet information that he in fact does.We are also led to believe he still works for Adam and Reese, current lobbyists for the Parish of Jefferson to the tune of hundreds of thousands per year.

    I wouldn't think lobbyists could ethically play both sides of a governmental issue and not violate any ethical code. Chris, if you are in the Slabbed audience could you give insight on our suspicions.

    And whats happened to the IESI- Bordelon lobbyist connection which had prevailed for so many years. Is there still a relationship there or is Chris IESI's new water boy.

    And did anyone read where George Peterson from Waggaman ,running for Lee's council district, endorsed IESI after commenting about the odor allegedly coming from the Parish dump managed by Waste Management. While Waste Management stated at the Council meeting the odor was coming from the River Birch dump close by. Maybe we should recommend Bob Breck track the wind direction in Waggaman to answer this confusing highly technical puzzle.Then again ,with IESI acquiring Pretty Boy of SDT maybe he can fly a copter over the Parish dump and spray some nice lemon scent.

    Now Mr. Peterson you better not receive any money now or later from IESI cause it would completely destroy all your credibility whether you win the councilship or just remain a regular speaker at the Council meetings.

    Finally, Walt Bennetti you took the words right out of my mouth about the SET UP conspiracy of non – elected THOMAS and non – elected TOWNSEND as councilmen pushing and voting on issues of the dump when the Federal litigation with Waste Management and River Birch is still being intentionally stalled by the Parish and all parties till after the Parish's October election. Thomas was appointed by the Council to fill Tom Capella's seat over Diane Hollis because of the dump issue and Thomas's recent appointment of his brother, Jack Capella, to the Parish's Charter Commission a few weeks back. Is Jack going to change a few things for the politicos?

    This is why the Parish desperately needs Walt on the Council to help break up these unanimous SET UP bullshit scenarios on the Council that the politicos create when they want certain contracts , political appointments or or favors approved.Thomas also pushed and passed a resolution , over objection from Young , to hire a Council contract analyst so the Council can further control wording of contracts. Boy Thomas, you sure are a strong boy and can carry a lot of bullshit uphill for your politico brothers.

    It's going to be fun watching what the politicos give their strong ,bullshit bucket boy, THOMAS, after the election . I'm sure THOMAS is expecting a big PIG of a salary as a Council aide or appointment to the EJ or WJ Hospital Board.

  8. "Just some good ole boys….never meaning no harm.." (although I'm unsure about the second half of that sentence..but, of course, the good ole boy network is ALIVE & doing WELL..)..

  9. The JP junta is well scared of the IG position being created.

    1. They push back the date of the approval of the IG plan so that it would not appear on the April ballot. The idea being to let people cool off and get further away in time from the scandals.

    2. They turn the dedicated tax proposal, which as a ballot measure would have merely changed the funding from one dedicated purpose to another, into a referendum on having a tax altogether as Mike Thomas proposed, and the Council unanimously accepted, eliminating the tax altogether should the measure fail, telegraphing to voters that this is really a 'new' tax as the burden will be removed should they so desire. All this knowing how JP voters feel about taxes and being [*as the Council sees it*] the ignorant saps they are all they will see is 'tax, tax, tax' and kill it in its cradle.

    3. A new legal position is created, at once blaming the council's failures on – their term – the failures of the "prior adminsitration" to adequately vet legislation and contract proposals. Together with prior statements, often coming from the same mouthpiece that is Mike Thomas, that since so many "reforms" had been made that an IG position may not really be necessary, and along with the implications of the tax measure, possibly too expensive for Parish citizens' predilections. All this fitting with the softly uttered meme 'An IG is really not necessary, the bad guys are gone, the reforms are done, the people are happy.'

    There is an organized maneuver afoot to kill the IG and they truly hate the idea of its existence, truly possibly even scared of it.

    Get the people one reformer on the Council plus a real IG position and the people of JP have a real shot at making things better.

    But the IG position is extremely important.

  10. Townsend:

    One nomination made, by Roberts.

    Work history?

    Councilmen who shall remain nameless (Ward was one of them, but it's funny how they won't even say that or any others)

    Positions with "two manufacturing companies" – WHICH ONES?

    Anyone know who Townsend actually worked for in the private sector? gee you'd think such things would be on a resume.

  11. roche, you are spot on about your comments on the IG position in Jefferson Parish…and the current group of individuals posing as a Council should be scared of such an entity going in place..hence, they will subtly try and convince the J.P. sheeple that such a position isn't needed…when in reality, an IG is perhaps the only last resort to fend for the J.P. taxpayers…without it, I guess we could always ask the state to come in and run Jefferson Parish… (in essence, perhaps even Buddy Caldwell (as distasteful as that idea sounds) might actually be better…)…

    And, we need at least three more like Walt to be elected to the Council – that gives a vote of 4 which carries a vote on important issues…unlike the current rubber stamp "FIX IS IN" vote of 7 which we have now…

    (we are so screwed…) ..

  12. Las Vegas, Nevada – BULLETIN – The M&M Sistas lose main bout on points at the Council's Circus Circus mainly due to the two floating Clown butterflies, Mike 'The Shitbucket' Thomas and Chris 'The Terlit' Roberts., who arrogantly showed the sparse crowd a version of the Ali Shuffle.

    The Council Clowns must now face the unknown independent, masked nemesis of corruption ,' The Inspector General', along with his tag teammate, Walt 'The Conspiracy Killer' Bennetti in October.

    To say the Clowns are scared of the unknown 'Inspector General' is a gross understatement. In reality, if the Clowns loose this bout they would all be forced into early retirement , geographic relocation to another third world country or solitary confinement.

    We need to all remember that the Clowns have feared no opponent up to this upcoming bout. In fact , the Connick Click, Caldwell Cowgirls and the Lettemgo Lads have all been no shows and forfeited past bouts with the Clowns..

    Management is also looking for a new ring girl as Angel never did show and was last sighted on Mr. Magoo's yacht at Grand Isle.The exact date of the bout will be announced as an extremely large anti-Clowns turnout is expected.

  13. Roche' : Interim Councilman TOWNSEND is not only related by family ( Fred's mother's mother was a TOWNSEND) to the WARDS , but he could by chance have worked for one of the WARDS' home manufacturing companies ( i.e. Willow Construction incidentally by chance built Peggy Barton's house in Stonebridge on a lot she also by chance purchased from Willow, Inc.)

    How many real estate sales and homes have the WARDS built for JP politicians are the type of woven webs that The Inspector General will break down to reveal just who is running the Parish. The Inspector General will also make John Young's Hotline pleasantly redundant.

  14. Bun, gottaluv the constant 7-0 votes. No one disagrees? Ever? Not one scintilla of dispute, not even a question? That is impressive… or something. I would love four reformers on the Council but just one person to raise questions and discuss facts in public would be extremely beneficial or at least refreshing.

    Lock, thanks, I remember now that item about Doskye Townsend Barnes (m Sidney William Barnes, daughter Wille Dee Barnes Ward m Jim Ward), but there is also a Heebe-Russo and Dominick Russo in the Ward family, and I wonder if they are related to Peter Russo the old Connick hand. There is also a Nicolosi (as in Nicky Nicolosi & Beverly Nicolosi?).

    If JL ever gets to this he will among other things need a genealogy consultant.

    I have a feeling there are little old ladies sitting in their west bank bungalows and in the front rows of Gretna and Harvey churches who know more on this score than the feds.

  15. I've got to say that John Young's "hotline" is TOTALLY USELESS. I contacted it to inquire how the Council could have voted unanimously, more than once, since Hurricane KATRINA, while litigation in which the Parish of Jefferson was a defendant, to instruct the "Department of Inspections and Code Enforcement" to issue "Building Permits" to non-landowners to build on my Family's batture property. In doing so, the Council "bypassed" the normal permitting process (ie. the Council DIRECTED the Department of Inspections and Code Enforcement what to do: ISSUE BUILDING PERMITS TO WHOMEVER WE TELL YOU TO ISSUE THEM TO). and the Council did not require the non-landowners to provide ANY proof of ownership of the land on which they proposed to build (IMPOSSIBLE, because they do not own the land). So after getting "nowhere" with a "flunkie" assigned by Young to field calls to the "hotline", I was contacted by Parish Attorney Deborah Foshee, who "talked a good game", but who gave me and my Family NO SATISFACTION WHATSOEVER, even after one "face-to-face" meeting, and numerous telephone calls and E-mails. The "squatters and trespassers" remain on our land, aided, abetted and enabled by: (1) the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers; (2) various agencies and political subdivisions of the State of Louisiana; (3) the former East Jefferson Levee District; (4) the Parish of Jefferson through the Council and Parish Attorney's Office; and (5) private entities who supply the squatters and trespassers with electricity and water (they have NO sewage facilities up there, and most of the squatters and trespassers are discharging human and other waste DIRECTLY into the river, just upriver from the main water intake for the East Bank of Orleans Parish). THIS IS A DISGRACE FOR MORE THAN ONE REASON, and John Young's "hotline" is one of them. Ashton O'Dwyer.

  16. The tandem machinations of mentor Roberts and protégé Thomas could best be described as diabolical. The ‘reform’ ruse concocted by these two bumptious Machiavellian Clowns to cover-up Roberts’ and Gandolfi’s part in the River Birch fiasco is ludicrous. We should be alarmed at the ability of these two ignoble characters to be given such un-vetted PR by the T-P’s reporter, Rainey…

    No doubt Roberts is bipolar, both mentally and figuratively; Thomas is a thief and political whore. Both Roberts, as District 1 Councilman, and Thomas, as Capella’s Council Asst, were well aware of and parties to the criminal conspiracy to award River Birch an illegal landfill monopoly !!!

    To ascribe the action by Roberts and Thomas in this matter as being disingenuous would truly be an understatement. Hypocrisy is the proclivity of these Politico thugs; such perfidy occludes the truth.

    mini-me Roberts’ lap dog, ‘louting’ Thomas, has in the past few weeks, fronted for the elected Council Clowns in having introduced and passed a resolution tying the IG funding to taxes…wording that will most probably be the death bell of the IG proposition; and together with an array of meaningless pseudo reform measures. Thomas even had the gall to couch Roberts’ and Capella’s each garnering 7% of the registered voters in the last election as some overwhelming mandate. Possibly his thievery is related to his personal inability to reconcile economic situations, comparable to his inability to reconcile election results.

    Racist Republicans they are; fiscal conservatives they are not…

    Create another position for a political crony (probably Thomas himself) at an obscene salary of $130,000 Dollars; or award the garbage contract to the highest bidder !!!…it doesn’t matter…it’s not their money and they do what they want anyway…

    Young should veto both these measures if only to bring them back to the forefront and center of public attention…then maybe, just maybe, the media and the taxpayers can re-examine these unanimous acts of wasteful arrogance !!!

    Jefferson Parish Council, John Young administration at odds over hiring legal analyst
    Published: Tuesday, August 09, 2011, 4:14 PM
    By Richard Rainey, The Times-Picayune

    Despite criticism, Jefferson Parish Council creates new, high-level legal analyst post
    Published: Thursday, August 11, 2011, 7:30 AM
    By Richard Rainey, The Times-Picayune

    Jefferson Parish Council selects new firm to run parish landfill
    Published: Wednesday, August 10, 2011, 12:34 PM Updated: Wednesday, August 10, 2011, 1:22 PM
    By Paul Rioux, The Times-Picayune

  17. I wonder it the overtime pay of Jefferson Parish employees is ACCURATE?
    I mean…it these people were PAID for THIS MUCH OVERTIME….
    WOULDN'T the STENCH have SUBSIDED & the STREETS have not FLOODED?…What do these people do to substantiate OVERTIME PAY?

    This is just a tiny snipet of similar overtime payments
    SALARY : 37,926.10
    OVERTIME : 33,337.25

    SALARY : 68,096.91
    OVERTIME : 21,716.81 28

    SALARY : 66,786.93
    OVERTIME : 17,356.12 30

    SALARY : 37,920.06
    OVERTIME : 20,792.33

    CASCIO LUCIAN : Water – Public Works Warehouse WAREHOUSE SUPERVISOR I
    SALARY : 40,904.03
    OVERTIME : 20,326.17
    SALARY : 53,232.09
    OVERTIME : 20,081.57

    SALARY : 38,372.05
    OVERTIME : 15,897.75

    SALARY : 55,294.93
    OVERTIME : 25,314.17

    SALARY : 26,394.99
    OVERTIME : 21,967.97 3

    SALARY : 63,605.98
    OVERTIME : 12,282.37 26

    SALARY : 63,605.98
    OVERTIME : 12,282.37 26

    SALARY : 60,899.90
    OVERTIME : 20,105.30 34

    SALARY : 65,845.10
    OVERTIME : 35,709.26 18

  18. The $64,000 question is do these people retire on their base salary or their base plus overtime that they are permitted to make.The real crime of this is most of these people appear to be superintendents and/or foremen who are usually lazy observers and not the grunt workers who actually do the dirty work.

    NEW PARISH AD : Why go to college when you too can work and earn $100,000 safeguarding the Parish's water ( separating river turds and chemicals) from terrorists wanting to put in harmful things and guaranteeing Parish turds flow back swiftly and odorlessly to the river.

    Can the Parish afford to pay the retirements of these gold plated water/sewage observers
    and the platinum plated politicos too.

    Art Carney – Ralphie was spot on when he told you to go work for da' Parish.


    “ … In preparing its case, Waste Management took depositions from Councilmen Louis Congemi and Mike Thomas on Sept. 27 and Councilman Byron Lee on Oct. 5. …”

    Man would I love to read those depos !!!

    My advice for the 4 remaining Council Clowns … Elton Largeass, mini-me Roberts, ‘the Black widow’ Lee-Sheng and some political hack whore appointee named Townsend … jackasses who not only do not talk to the public at Council meetings … now want to waste more monies on legal fees on a losing motion so they won’t have to talk in legal proceedings …

    The fact is that these 4 shameless ingrates have this alternative … TAKE THE 5TH ASSHOLES !!!!!!!!!

    Jefferson Parish seeks to limit legal questioning by landfill operator
    By Paul Rioux, The Times-Picayune | Wednesday, October 19, 2011, 10:15 PM

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